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Whale Grey Waste Tank Lid Replacement w/Sensor [AK1008] - Budget Boat Things
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Whale Grey Waste Tank Lid Replacement w/Sensor [AK1008]

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Grey Waste Tank Lid Replacement with Sensor

The Grey Waste Tank enables the user to manage all grey waste on board easily, through one skin fitting. The Intelligent Control sensor integrated into the tank lid provides automatic operation of the grey waste pump. The sensor will detect water in the grey waste tank at a pre-determined level, and will automatically activate the grey waste pump. When the tank is emptied, the switch will automatically turn the grey waste pump off . The 2 sensor models include a second sensor which can be used to control a second grey waste pump. It is factory set to activate at a higher water level and will provide additional pumping capacity during periods of high infl ow to the grey waste tank. Alternatively, the second sensor can be wired to a high level alarm, warning of a high water level within the grey waste tank. 

The Grey Waste Tank is designed to collect grey shower waste water. If it is intended for use for any other purpose or with any other liquid, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the tank and switch are suitable for the intended use and, in particular, that the materials are fully compatible with the liquids to be used. The integrated Intelligent Control sensor is designed to operate at 12V d.c or 24V d.c. only. The sensor is suitable for use with pumps operating with current up to 20A, and is recommended for use with Whale Gulper® 220 or Gulper® 320 grey waste pumps.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester