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ANDERSEN E1 Single Speed Electric Motor Conversion Kit f/40ST Winch - 24V [RA2040211400]
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ANDERSEN E1 Single Speed Electric Motor Conversion Kit f/40ST Winch - 24V [RA2040211400]

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E1 Single Speed Electric Motor Conversion Kit for 40ST Winch - 24V

The E1 Single Speed electric motor is a high quality European engineered and manufactured series wound motor. Carefully matched with the optimal gearbox they deliver high speed at low load for fast sheeting in, and low speed at high load for safe, fine tuning when trimming. The motors are available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt models providing smooth and quiet operation across a wide working load range. 

Electric conversion kits are delivered mounted to a stainless steel winch/deck connection plate and have everything you need for do-it-yourself mounting including installation manual, push button, cables and an RA582000 push button. 

This conversion kit fits an Andersen 40ST winch

** Before ordering, please contact us to ensure your Andersen Winch is compatible with this Conversion Kit. Refer to the Winch Product Version Number when inquiring or ordering powered Conversion Kits. The production year, month and version no. [YY-MM-VER.] are stamped on the top side of the deck flange, between the mounting bolt holes. You’ll find it, when the polished winch drum is removed. **

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester