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Airmar MM-8G Mix  Match Cable f/600W Non-CHIRP Transducers [MM-8G]
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Airmar MM-8G Mix Match Cable f/600W Non-CHIRP Transducers [MM-8G]

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MM-8G Mix & Match Cable for 600W Non-CHIRP Transducers

Mix and Match 600W transducers are made as a common base transducer with a short (2m) cable attached, plus an interchangeable longer (8m) brand-specific adapter cable.

The short pigtail attached to the transducer ends in an Airmar 5-pin female connector. The adapter cables have a matching Airmar 5-pin male connector (shown below) at one end and the correct connector for a specific brand of electronics at the other end.

Both parts are needed for installation. If the user changes equipment brand at some later time, the transducer can be left in place and the adapter cable replaced.

Mix and Match 600W transducers include the B117, B45, B60, P319, P66*, P79, SS505, and SS60. (* not all models)

A 12m (40') extension cable (part MM-5P-5P) is available with one male and one female 5-pin connector.

Note that 600W Mix and Match cables cannot be used with 1kw transducers.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester