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HoseCoil Expandable 75' Hose w/Nozzle & Bag - Budget Boat Things
HoseCoil Expandable 75 Hose w/Nozzle  Bag [HCE75K] - Marine Supplies US
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HoseCoil Expandable 75 Hose w/Nozzle Bag [HCE75K]

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Expandable 75' Hose with Nozzle & Bag

The expandable hose shrinks to 1/3 of its length for ease of stowage and is built with double-layered rubber inner tube and durable Dacron outer cover. Dacron is known for its tough and elastic properties. The expandable hose easily coils and feels just like a quality 3/4" braided dock line.  

Kit Includes:

  • Expandable hose that shrinks to 1/3 of its length
  • 2-tone nylon and mesh storage bag
  • Spray nozzle with comfort grip

The nozzle has an adjustable spray tip, trigger handle and rubber over-molded comfort grip.


  • Type: Tools & Accessories
  • Box Dimensions: 4"H x 9"W x 10"L WT: 2.25 lbs
  • UPC: 659988119572
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester