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Sailing on the open water is no small task, so you need to equip yourself with only the best of outdoor marine supplies. Marine Supplies US offers a variety of boat accessories that will fit any boat or yacht owner's needs- from magnetic compasses and coolers for your day trips out in nature, to backpacks and foul weather gear for those long voyages along rough seas. We carry major brands like Caframo, Camco, Forespar, Wildgame innovations, etc., so product quality is guaranteed. We have the perfect solution for any pet owner who wants to take their pets with them on an adventure. With over 10 years of experience, we understand how important it is that you are prepared and equipped if something goes wrong. We offer a variety of dog life jackets at our store as well as Adventure Medical Dog series which comes in handy and packed with several essential items. They are one of the must-have items to have on deck when travelling with your beloved fur-babies! Before we ship items out for customers who have purchased them online through our boat accessories store, our team makes sure every last detail has been noticed with a double check. We operate from two large marine supply warehouses in the USA, which is just one of our many innovations to ensure quick and free delivery every single time. If you're looking for a great deal on outdoor marine accessories, look no further than our extensive outdoor boating range. We've got everything from gear to apparel and even boat covers so that your vessel is always protected! You'll learn about the latest trends in boating with us - we have new items coming out all the time! Don't forget to often check back as they are being updated constantly. You can also take advantage of Marine Supplies US fantastic discounts when you purchase more than one item at once, or other discounts that come coupled on a regular basis.