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For a hassle-free boat accessory shopping experience, Marine Supplies US is the way to go. We are one of America’s largest suppliers of marine navigation instruments - including everything from essential vessel accessories like charts, compasses, binoculars and GPS units to special add-ons such as fish finders. We offer all this in a wide variety for you to choose whichever suits your vessel type best. You can also request custom marine orders by consulting via email with our expert team without any fuss! Are you worried about a problematic transducer? Our experts at Marine Supplies US will help resolve the issue with simple alternatives. Marine fouling is one of the most common causes for transducers to malfunction, but there are many ways that foul-free antifouling has been developed and applied to work perfectly in all conditions. Pro-speed’s application provides endless benefits and is a simple, cost-effective alternative for your vessel's safety. We offer great deals on marine equipment such as navigation systems like AIS Systems or Autopilots; Cameras including GPS units which can monitor boat movement from up-top while anchoring in international waters, and Marine Monitors designed specifically for boaters looking to keep an eye on their vessel's safety when out at sea. We also deal with major trusted brands including Accu-steer, B&G, Furuno, Garmin etc., When you choose to shop with us, we make sure that your needs are met. We offer a warranty on our products and certificates of authenticity, so if there are any issues within the warranty period that need assistance, you are welcome to contact our after-care service, and we will happily help solve it! Furthermore, we have two marine warehouses in the USA, so when ordering from Marine Supplies US, you can take advantage of our free shipping services.