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When it comes to fishing, a bad trip can ruin your whole boat ride. Marine Supplies US strives for the best customer experience possible by providing customers with top-quality gear and accessories. Whether you're looking forward to catching some sumptuous seafood or stalking largemouth basses like never before, we have everything that will make this passionate endeavor of yours successful! Fishing is often seen as an easy hobby but in reality, if not done properly it can destroy your entire boat cruise - so don't forget about us when searching for high quality gear and supplies at reasonable prices too! Rods and reels are the basic necessities for a fishing trip, but if you're looking to catch something big then landing nets might be just what you need. Keep in mind that nylon can injure fish so rubber mesh or rubbery coating is best when handling them. We also have a collection of manual downriggers and accessories, allowing you to troll your bait over depths of 100+ feet! At Marine Supplies US, we understand the importance of fishing from a boat. Therefore our line-spreading outriggers are engineered to provide you with an easier and more effective way to catch multiple fish at once preventing the lines from tangling together. Made from quality materials like aluminum and fiberglass, our collection includes outrigger poles in various sizes, release clips which accommodate different types of halyards, base kits that accommodate a fast range of boats from inflatables, canoes to fishing boats and everything in between. Along with the latest collection of fishing rods and reels, Marine Supplies US also presents an extensive range of related gear, fillet and bait tables, bait tanks, lobster and crabbing gears, downriggers, trolling motors, and rod holders. All our products are available online with a single click.