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Marine Supplies US provides an extensive collection of high-end marine entertainment systems and accessories from top-rated brands. Although ultramodern stereo systems and add-ons are not your standard mandatory sailing equipment, they indeed make your life abroad more fun and entertaining. The first and foremost part of a marine entertainment system is the control head. Try to go for a waterproof design with ample sunlight protection. We recommend more comprehensive systems with preamps, subwoofers, and multi-speaker systems for a large ambiance.Take into consideration the number of zones and the size of the vessel. A large sailing vessel comes with more than one zone above deck. Therefore, you may need at least 2-4 coaxial speakers and a subwoofer. Spec subwoofers are pretty great in offering extra bass. For below decks, you may need an extra pair of coaxial speakers and a subwoofer. For smaller boat sizes, you can go for a couple of waterproof speakers. Another important consideration is your audio source. Are you playing through a CD/DVD player or streaming via wifi? Marine Supplies US is the go-to place for all your marine entertainment needs. We sell an extensive range of marine entertainment accessories, amplifiers, TV antennas and satellite receivers. Our sound division stocks stereos, the latest sound systems, speakers for your computer, subwoofers, customized systems and equipment as per your budgetary requirements. We have everything that every boater could need to create the best sound experience on the water. If you need expert advice on our products, we are more than willing and capable to help you. Our industry experts have 10+ years of boating and sailing experience and can help you make the ideal selections for your vessel.