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Marine Communication collections below

Are you looking for sturdy marine-grade communication product for your vessel? Let Marine Supplies US help you. We have a broad collection of communication items such as Antennas, CB Radios, Cellular Amplifiers, Hailer Horns, VHF radios, etc. Not just that, we can also supply other communication accessories like satellite telephones, single side bands, VHFs (Fixed mount and Hand Held), etc. Apart from that, we have a broad spectrum of different types of auxiliary communication devices such as antenna splitters, handheld speakers, dust covers, charging cradles, wireless RAM microphone, USB charger cable, USB charger plugs, etc. Be rest assured of their quality performance as we supply accessories from reputed brands like Shakespeare, Glomex, Majestic, TACO, Sea-dog, Lee, Scanstrut, etc. Even if you receive a damaged product or you’re not happy with the quality, you can claim refund within 30 days of purchase. We will do the rest, no questions asked. When it comes to choosing the right communication accessories, we are here to help you with our 10+ years of industry expertise. We believe that the best way to make your boat a joy and not a nightmare is by ensuring you have an expertly-designed hailer. Here at Marine Supplies US we recommend buying a weather-resistant hailer with at least 40 watts of power handling capacity to be able to communicate when there's thick fog or a pitch black night outside. Our products also come equipped with a "loud-hailer listen back" function which means we're always mindful about how difficult these conditions can impact someone like yourself as a seafarer. We offer discounts up to 40% on most of our products. T’s & C’s apply.