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Camping gear collections below

Embarking on an Adventure is one step closer to something challenging, exciting, and exhilarating. Why not take a hike and set up a camp at the top of a mountain? Marine Supplies US offers an extensive range of camping gear, equipment, and accessories especially for our adventure lovers from leading brands for a safe and long standing experience. We are all set up to equip you for your next big break as a leisure camper, active rock climber or ace mountaineer. Tents are one of the most crucial components of camping. We stock highly durable tents crafted for a single person to a family of six. All our tents are high peak tents, ensuring you can easily stand inside them. Always check the temperature rating while choosing your sleeping bag. A summer bag is ideal for fair-weather camping, whereas, for cold weather, you should go for a super snug sleeping bag. You will also need a sleeping pad for resting. A high-tech insulated airbed can be equally comforting and warmer. We also stock a wide range of necessary camping equipment such as lighting, stoves, coolers, cutlery, camp chairs, and many more. If you are gearing up for a camping trip, make sure you have all the right equipment. You can take our expert opinion to know which products would be best for your application. Plus, take advantage of our free home delivery and guaranteed discounts.