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Marine parts collections below

Marine Supplies US brings you a wide range of anchoring, docking, and mooring gears for your boat’s safety. It might happen that you have to position your boat at one spot so that it doesn’t drift away due to mechanical issues. This is where lines and fenders can help the boat to stay safe and steady. We have a wide range of anchors, ground tackles (chains and attachments), lines, and fenders to fit any size boat. Our anchor and docking department have a diverse collection of mooring and anchor ropes. We stock nylon-, braided-, and double braided ropes in different lengths and thickness. Nylon ropes are less expensive and often splice easier. Similarly, braided ropes are more robust than nylon but a little rigid in terms of flexibility. You can also go for chain lines as they have added weight, high strength, and wear-resistant properties. Chain lines often come with galvanized steel, but a stainless-steel and vinyl coated chain are better for the deck. Meanwhile, double-braided ropes are expensive but provide better strength per diameter. Finally comes the length lines for the boat. For mooring gears, you can go for a simple slip as per your boat size. For the anchor line, you need to consider the water’s depth. It’s advisable to keep the line five to seven times longer than the water depth. If this is your first time purchase, and you need expert advice, we will be more than happy to guide you. E-mail your requirements, and we will help you make the ideal selection for your vessel.