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                Outdoor - Weather Instruments (55)

                Davis 6322 Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite w/Standard Radiation Shield [6322]


                Davis Rain Collection Heater [7720]


                Davis Vantage Pro2 Wired Weather Station [6152C]


                Davis Sensor Mounting Shelf [6673]


                Davis AeroCone Rain Collector w/Flat Base [6464]


                Davis 4-Conductor Extension Cable - 200' [7876-200]


                Schaefer Hawk Wind Indicator f/Boats up to 8M - 10" [H001F00]


                Davis Complete Wireless Soil Moisture/Temperature Station - Includes Sensors [6345CS]


                Davis 6322C Wired Integrated Sensor Suite w/Standard Radiation Shield [6322C]


                Davis Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Kit [7747]


                Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Console/Receiver - 2nd Station [6312]


                Davis AeroCone Rain Collector w/Vantage Pro2 Mounting Base [6466]


                Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus w/UV & Solar Radiation Sensors [6162]


                Davis Soil Moisture Sensor [6440]


                Davis Turbo Meter Electronic Wind Speed Indicator [271]


                Davis 6327C Wired Integrated Sensor Suite Plus w/Standard Radiation Shield [6327C]


                Davis Temperature Probe w/RJ Connector [6477]


                Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor [6420]

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