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                Clipper (50)

                Clipper Wind Cup Assembly for 5 wired units [CLZ-WC]


                Clipper MOBi Man Overboard Indicator w/3 Fobs [CL-MOBI]


                Clipper BM-2 Battery Monitor w/Shunt - 200Amp [BM-2]


                Clipper MOBi Fob [CLZ-FOB]


                Clipper AIS Engine 3 [CL-AIS]


                Clipper Bluetooth Battery Monitor [BM-BT]


                Clipper AIS Plotter/Radar - Requires GPS Input VHF Antenna [CLIP-AIS]


                Clipper GPS Repeater [CL-GR]


                Clipper Wind Vane Kit Wireless Tactical f/Version 2 - 3 Wire Units [WINDVNE-WT]


                Clipper In-Hull Transducer Mounting Kit - Transducer Not Included [CLZ-IHK]


                Clipper Wind Anemometer Cup Kit f/Version 2 - 3 Wire Units [WINDCPS-WT]


                Clipper Compass System w/Remote Fluxgate Sensor [CL-C]


                Clipper Supernova Tricolor Navigation Light [SUPER-TRI]


                Clipper BM-1 LI Battery Monitor f/12V Lithium [BM-1 LI]


                Clipper Paddlewheel Spindle [CLZ-PS]


                Clipper 7m Depth Transducer Extension Cable [CLZ-DX]


                Clipper Easy Log Speed & Distance NMEA 0183 [CL-EL]


                Clipper Depth Repeater [CL-DR]

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