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                    Boat Outfitting - Shore Power (87)

                    Camco 30AM/15AF Power Grip Marine 12" Dogbone - M-Locking/90F Adapter [55616]


                    Camco PowerGrip Locking Adapter - 15A/125V Male to 30A/125V Female Locking [55635]


                    Marinco Locking Receptacle - 15A, 125V - Yellow [4700CR]


                    Dock Edge Shore Power Clips - 4-Pack [91-200-F]


                    Marinco P30-15 EEL 15A-125V Female to 30A-125V Male Pigtail Adapter - Yellow [P30-15]


                    Marinco 7715CRN Weatherproof Cover w/Threaded Sealing Ring [7715CRN]


                    Marinco 7715ELN Weatherproof Cover w/Easy Lock Ring [7715ELN]


                    Marinco Y30-2-30 EEL (2)30A-125V Female to (1)30A-125V Male "Y" Adapter - Yellow [Y30-2-30]


                    Marinco Straight Adapter - 15A Male Straight Blade to 50A 125/250V Female Locking [S15-504]


                    Marinco Pigtail Adapter - 15A Female to 30A Male [105SPP]


                    Marinco Dockside 30A to 15A Adapter with GFI [199128]


                    Marinco 7788CR Weatherproof Cover w/Lift Lid - 50A/125-250V [7788CR]


                    Marinco ConnectPro 3-Wire Plug [12VBP]


                    Marinco Locking Plug - 15A, 125V - Yellow [4721CR]


                    Marinco Y-Adapter, 2-30A 125V Locking to 50A 125/250V Locking [153AY]


                    Marinco Y504-2-504 EEL (2)50A-125/250V Female to (1)50A-125/250V Male "Y" Adapter - Yellow [Y504-2-504]


                    Marinco 2018BR 12/24V Receptacle [2018BR]


                    Marinco P504-30 EEL 30A-125V Female to 50A-125/250V Male Pigtail Adapter - Yellow [P504-30]

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