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                    Boat Outfitting - Security Systems (29)

                    Glomex ZigBoat Smoke Alarm Sensor [ZB204]


                    Siren Marine PAM4 Wired DC Relay [SM-ACC-DCRE]


                    Siren Marine Wired Micro ePIR Motion Sensor [SM-ACC-EPIR]


                    Siren Marine Wired Canvas Snap Cover Sensor [SM-ACC-SNAP]


                    T-H Marine BANSHEE Alarm Padlock [LB-TLRLCK-DP]


                    Siren Marine Audible Alarm [SM-ACC-ALRM]


                    Siren Marine SirenSat Offshore Satellite Antenna w/2M Power Cable [SM-SAT-OFFS]


                    Siren Marine Battery Power Cord - 7 [SM-ACC-BPOW]


                    Siren Marine Entry Sensor f/Siren 3 [SM-WLS3-ENTR-917]


                    Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Main Device [SM-S3P-917]


                    Albin Pump Boat Monitor System - 12/24V [01-07-008]


                    Siren Marine 120V AC Shore Power Relay - Wired [SM-ACC-ACRE-120]


                    Siren Marine Wired Shore Power Sensor Plug [SM-ACC-SHOR]


                    Glomex ZigBoat Heat Alarm Sensor [ZB203]


                    Siren Marine Battery Sensor f/Siren 3 [SM-WLS3-BATT-917]


                    Siren Marine High Water Sensor f/Siren 3 [SM-WLS3-HIWS-917]


                    Glomex ZigBoat Flood Sensor [ZB202]


                    Siren Marine Shore Power Relay - 240V [SM-ACC-ACRE-240]

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