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                    AIS Systems (65)

                    SI-TEX External GPS Antenna f/MDA-1 [MDA-1-ANT]


                    Digital Yacht AISnet AIS Base Station [ZDIGAISNET]


                    Digital Yacht PilotLINK AIS Interface Class A [ZDIGPLINK]


                    Digital Yacht AIT2500 Class B+ 5W SOTDMA AIS w/GPS [ZDIGAIT2500]


                    Digital Yacht WND100 Mast Head Unit 20M Cable [ZDIGWND100]


                    Digital Yacht Nomad Portable Class B AIS Transponder w/USB WiFi [ZDIGNMD]


                    Digital Yacht AIT1500 NMEA2000 Class B AIS [ZDIGAIT1500N2K]


                    SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Class B Transceiver - Display Only f/Use w/Existing AIS [SAS-300-3]


                    Digital Yacht iAISTX Plus Class B Wireless NMEA 2000 Transponder [ZDIGIAISTXPL]


                    Digital Yacht SPL1500 Antenna Splitter VHF/AIS [ZDIGSPLK1500]


                    SI-TEX SAS-900 6" Color Class A AIS Transceiver [SAS-900]


                    Digital Yacht AIT1500 Class B AIS Transponder w/Built-In GPS [ZDIGAIT1500]


                    Digital Yacht AIS100 USB AIS Receiver [ZDIGAIS100USB]


                    Digital Yacht SPL2000 VHF/AIS Powered Antenna Splitter [ZDIGSPL2000]


                    Digital Yacht AISnode NMEA 2000 Boat AIS Class B Receiver [ZDIGAISNODE]


                    Clipper AIS Engine 3 [CL-AIS]


                    SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Class B Transceiver w/External GPS Antenna [SAS-300-2]


                    Digital Yacht iAISTX Class B Wireless Transponder [ZDIGIAISTX]

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