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Cross ocean sail

What to Remember While Planning A Cross-Ocean Sail with A Boat

on November 28, 2020

Being on the water out in the open, surrounded by nature and marine life is the best escape!

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Things to remember while planning a cross-ocean sail with a boat

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People love a sailing adventure. However, it comes with its own intimidating factor. Yet, people overlook the risk associated with it.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to see dolphins sailing alongside a boat on social media, but what if it was a shark? Would you have been prepared?

Well, the company of aquatic creatures, the scenery of a rugged volcanic landscape alongside the ocean, and the aquamarine waves of the ocean embracing the travelers with open arms are so tempting that people often forget about taking safety measures.

Cross-ocean boating trips have become a common way to spend a family vacation.

An experienced sailor will know what to take but we rookies need some guidance.

Now, let's find out what a few of the provisions and equipment you will be needing on your boat before you set sail on your voyage.

Caribbean yacht cruising

Provisions and equipment to carry on your boat during a cross-ocean big adventure

A cross-ocean boating trip is a great adventure. However, an experienced sailor knows that, whether you are traveling on the pacific ocean in the northern hemisphere or in the Atlantic ocean in the southern hemisphere, you need to be self-sufficient.

1. Non-perishable foods

Food is the fuel of the body.

It is impossible to ignore the pangs of hunger, no matter where the person is present.

So, in such a scenario, don’t forget to carry non-perishable food items.

Nutritious food, such as bread, cheese, varieties of nuts, soup, stew, juices, pasta and spaghetti, cereals, and cookies, are some food varieties that do not spoil soon. 

But the type of non-perishables you take on your journey should be your personal preference.

The food should be hassle-free to prepare. Crackers are essential items for travelers or their companions who battle sea-sickness.

Do not carry food items that spoil without refrigeration.

Citrus fruits are necessary to avoid an outbreak of scurvy.

2. Fresh Water

A popular refrain of a poem says, “Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink.” The seawater is too salty to drink and will dehydrate you while cruising on the ocean.

So, travelers need to ensure that they carry gallons of fresh water with them for consumption. It may seem like a lot, but otherwise, thirst will be a bitter curse.

Even a solo trip requires the traveler to carry gallons of water. Make sure you have more space for enough water.

The reason is that a cross-ocean trip is bound to be hot. Freshwater is the best way to quench thirst. Sugar-spiked drinks will not help.

A calculation suggests that two people, on average, need 300 liters of water during a sailing trip of three weeks.

It is essential to abstain from taking alcohol on a sailing journey.

Water keeps people hydrated. You must keep track of the freshwater supply and not waste it. 

3. First aid kit

A first-aid kit is crucial for any cross-ocean sailing trip.

A few elementary medications should accompany the first-aid kit. No pharmacies will be available out on the ocean or at the remote sailing ports.

So, it is a good idea to re-stock the medicine box and first aid kit

An antiseptic along with cotton wool or cotton pads is very important for cleaning wounds.

Mosquito repellent will be needed when the boat is anchored near an island.

The most important thing to have in your first aid kit is anti nauseous medication. This will come in handy before you have your sea legs.

First aid kit

We recommend this first aid kit.

4. A satellite phone system

A satellite phone system comes in handy during a cross-ocean boating trip and has exceptionally high charges for incoming calls.

So, they are reserved for emergencies.

A compass, a traditional boat, also needs a sail repair kit. 

We recommend this 2-way satellite radio.

5. Repair equipment and tools

Anyone with sailing experience will tell you that natural calamities will happen and leave you with a big problem if you are not prepared.

Most cruisers have their spare parts on board, always make sure all parts are on board and in place.

Foul weather gear is also important because even with the best sailing skills, the weather conditions cannot always be predicted. During hurricane season, expect prevailing winds

Most boats have a toolbox onboard, that has Clamps, screwdrivers, and cable ties with a whole bunch of other tools.

A bundle of rope is helpful.

6. Compass

Many sailors know how to navigate but it is always best to keep a compass on your boat when sailing.

It is important for you to know how to use and how to read a compass before you rack up those nautical miles.

same direction, straight line

Have a look at these compasses.

7. Personal Traveling gear

A mosquito repellent, a small torch, and a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF are essential parts of traveling gear.

A light windcheater keeps the sailors dry during sudden showers during hurricane season.

People who sail across oceans are in the sun and the weather conditions are extremely hot. Thus, sun spray or lotion and sunscreen are must-haves.

Most of the sailors enjoy a quiet night. However, a torch that gives out bright light may catch the attention of passing ships or coastal guards if an emergency might occur.

Having solar panels to power the boat when the engine is off, spares fail when the tanks are low.

. A radio is an integral part of traveling gear. The travelers may send emergency messages to the base through it when they run out of food or medical supply. 

A life jacket is a must-have on any sailing journey.

right boat safety equipment

Have a look at these life jackets.

 8. Proper footwear

High heels or slippery shoes are the worst possible choice for sailing on the ocean. The walk from the pier to the shore may be sprinkled with bird droppings. Many careless tourists leave behind fish bones or discarded bottles.

Pebbles or stones with sharp edges often lie buried in the sand. The moment sailors step on them, blood wells up.

A remote sea beach or seaside village is not likely to have a pharmacist’s shop for tetanus.

So, it is better to wear proper shoes which keep the feet covered.

Also while moving around on the boat, you might slip and lose your balance, which can ruin the sailing experience. Prober shoes with rubber soles are the best option for sailors on a boat on the ocean.

fixed keel

9. Fishing gear

Fishing is a way of relaxation and family bonding while on a sailing journey.

Also, many doctors claim that fish is an excellent source of first-class protein.

So, fishing enthusiasts may carry a fishing rod with them along with nets, bait, and other gear.

The bait may easily be prepared on the spot. Fishing nets are a good alternative as well.

;ate november ocean

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10. ID Proof

The coastal policeman guards the waterways vigilantly.

So, it is of vital importance to carry ID proof, passport, and Visa.

They may round up solo travelers on boats in many countries.

It is up to you to prove that they are not smugglers, and have all your paperwork on hand before your journey. Hence, be prepared for anything.

cape Verde, Portuguese coast


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People often need to detach themselves from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. So, an annual boating trip is mandatory to rejuvenate the mind.

The fluctuating cellular network is a blessing in disguise because it is periodically necessary to lose touch with surroundings. The proximity to nature also keeps the health sound. 

People get back their serenity amidst flowing water and nature.

Even doctors recommend such boating trips to people who need to find themselves.

Atlantic sailing routes, earth's rotation


Plan your cross-ocean sail with Marine Supplies US follow our tips and advice and enjoy the experience!

The Marine store that cares for you!


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