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children fishing

What to know before you go fishing with your kids

on November 06, 2020

Enjoy a day fishing with your kids, spend quality time together! What to know...

kids fishing

What to know before you go fishing with your kids

first fishing trip with young children

Fishing is all about spending some quality time with your friends and family!

There is nothing better than spending a holiday out on the water with your kids and loved ones. And when you incorporate fun with a sport like fishing it is just awesome for the whole family.

If you have your fishing license and a fish bites on your rod on every fishing trip, and to catch fish is a sport to you, you should pass the thrill down to a young angler.

Get your GPS screen reader, break away from the hustle and stress of school and work, let the fish bite, and go catch that break you need!

If you ever plan on taking kids fishing with you, here is what you need to remember before this fishing adventure:

1. Educate them on primary fishing language

Familiarize the kids with simple fishing terms and jargon like; rod, live bait, reel, and more of the common words you'll be using to avoid having to explain on the spot while fishing.

Show them what everything looks like and make sure they do not get the terms confused, to avoid accidents on fishing trips.

It will make the experience a lot easier and will keep you away from the frustration of a communication barrier.

Also, it will help the new angler with their fishing terminology and it will help them to get familiar with the fishing gear they will be used to fish with, for example, a tackle box, a small bobber, a hook, a rod, and suspending plugs.

teach the next generation of new anglers

2. Watch fishing videos and tutorials before the kids fishing trip

Get the young anglers to use to fishing and the fish in the water. Educate them on the different fish species and show them how all of the species look.

Often, children get scared by the concept of catching fish when witnessing the process in real life, or sometimes they get too over-excited. By watching excellent and detailed videos before going, will help them to be calmer when the first time trip comes Along.

Here is a short but informative video that might help you teach your kids about fishing 

But the most effective way for first-time anglers to learn is to actually have all the equipment and show them the ropes.

Take the family to a small pond nearby. There, no matter the child's age, they can practice casting, they can target smaller fish, learn how to put live bait on small hooks.

It also gives you the chance to teach them a fishing technique or two to prepare them for their first fishing trip.

kids catching fish outdoors in  fishing spot

3. Make sure safety is on the highest priority.

There's nothing more important for a parent than to keep their child safe and sound.

Make sure you're well prepared, and all prevention measures are at their highest such as life jackets in case of a fall or a first-aid kit in case of injury.

Also, be extremely careful with the sharp knives and hooks, especially if it is your kid's other kids, first time fishing

We recommend this life vest for children.

 fishing tips for anglers

One of the biggest mistakes that are made when fishing with kids, is the absence of a first aid kit. In order to be prepared for an accident that involves a family member, you need to have a backup plan.

We recommend that you keep this first aid kit on your boat, especially when fishing with kids.

split shots

When you are on a boat offshore, the sun can be very potent especially on a hot day. Make sure your kids put sunscreen on every half hour.

Make sure the kids also have a nice fishing hat to wear while they are catching fish and having fun.


4. Plan out how much time you will spend on this sport

Let the kids know exactly what your plan for the day is and how long you will be on board the boat.

The kids should have an idea of the patience required for fishing, and you should keep the fishing time set according to the kids' patience levels.

You want your fishing trip to be a positive one that is fun and memorable. If a child gets bored they will get fussy and not have fun, they can even be put off the sport.

5. Focus on your kids while they are fishing

It's easy to lose track of your children when you are in the middle of an activity. While your hands are full holding the rod forward, you can't go chasing your child around the boat.

Before you know it, they are out of sight. Maybe they are playing with a fishing hook unsupervised, or they fall overboard.

To make life easier for you and safer for your child, have them wear a GPS tracker specially made for fishing.

We recommend this overboard alert system.

It tracks the location and sends an alarm with the location when signals are cut off, indicating the person has gone underwater. You're also alerted when the band is removed, perfect for kids fishing.

 fishing wristband

6. Don't let the kids go hungry

Fishing is a very time-consuming activity and can take hours before you even get any movement on your line from a fish. The children are bound to become hungry mid-way while you spend time on the water during your fishing experience.

Avoid the cries and whines to go back for snacks by packing a delicious meal beforehand.

It's a great idea to prepare the meals yourself, so the children feel at home during their first outing and in case you do not have a fish at the end of the day to grill for lunch or dinner.

This Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is a super fun way to pack food for your own kids.

 fishing bait


Or for some, it may be the other way around where the only thing that will satisfy the kids is a trip to McDonald's. In that case, we have the perfect solution again.

Yes, you can not order fast food in the middle of the water, but you can use the lunch cooler to keep your drive-thru meals in top-notch condition, retaining heat and flavor and keeping crunchiness intact.

It's a done deal for any angler.


 catch fish with bait on the boat

And that's it!

Keeping all this in mind, you are all set to go fishing with your kids, and you can enjoy the most splendid time with them – that's guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for go get the fish?

Create memories with your child while fishing. Even if your kid can only catch a small fish for their first fish, bring home that fish and focus on the amazing experience with your child.

If you do not know what other activities to do with your kids on the boat, go have a look at this blog about the water sports you must try this summer.

Also besides fishing tips, kids should know many other things about being on a boat. Take a look at this blog, about the things your kids should know before they go boating.

Being prepared and informed will make your vacations a lot more fun and a lot less stressful!


Enjoy a day of fish and sun with your kids, Marine Supplies US your number one marine store is here for all your marine supply needs!

Find the best boat accessories, equipment, advice, and enjoy the trip.

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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

Thank you for mentioning safety. it is so important with kiddos!


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