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What is considered a Yacht? Yachts types & styles Explained.

on June 04, 2021

What is considered a yacht? Yach types and styles explained.

motor yacht

Types of yachts & styles Explained.

There are a variety of yachts types and boat types with high-speed performance.

All in different styles and types, to ensure you get exactly what in your sleeping accommodations, sleeping quarters, living quarters on your boat.

This blog will explore the different kinds of yachts and the different styles for a pleasure vessel. Yachts are extremely expensive and, for most of us, it is a dream to own a large yacht.

Types of yachts; cockpit motor yacht, sailing yachts, classic motor yacht, catamaran yacht.  .


All yachts are luxurious no matter if it is a sailing yacht, a cabin cruiser, a catamaran yacht, an express cruiser, or expedition yachts.

If you don't own a yacht or a boat and you are saving up money to buy one or just take a trip on one, it is definitely an experience worth saving for!

Trips can also be expensive, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience living in such an enclosed living space.

types of yachts; luxury yacht with sky lounge,  charter yachts, motor yachts

What is considered a yacht?

How do you tell the difference between a yacht and a boat?

A yacht is larger than a boat, and unlike a boat, a yacht has living quarters, usually used in a large recreational vessel to accommodate overnight use.

For a vessel to be termed a yacht, the vessel must at least be 10m in length and have good aesthetic qualities.

The commercial yacht code classifies yachts 24 meters and over as large yachts.

larger interior main deck , motor powered tri deck yachtYachts types are categorized into two sizes.


24 Meters in length and above, so if you have a sailing yacht that is more than 24 meters in length, it would be a super sailing yacht. 


80 meters and above

Megayachts & Superyachts are luxurious yachts and are mostly used for pleasure cruising, charter yachts, and can cost you a fortune for a week’s stay!

Types of yachts; multi deck vessel, explorer yachts or expedition yacht , charter yachts

Yachts are first defined under three categories:

sedan style yacht, gulet yacht

Sailing yachts

A sailing yacht uses sails and is propelled by the wind.

To be termed a sailing yacht, the vessel must be able to accommodate overnight use and must have a hull and living quarters.

This yacht must be 10 meters in length or more.

A sailing yacht is perfect to use as an expedition yacht or an explorer yacht.

Motor yachts

Motor yachts are propelled by one or more motors.

A multi-deck vessel is similar to a standard motor yacht.

A motor yacht is also similar to a sports cruiser.

Gulet yachts

A Gulet yacht is the best of both worlds; another term used is Motor Sailing yachts.

This Yacht can be propelled by sails or via motor. A luxury motor yacht is an awesome investment for any boat lover.

Control station, sedan bridge, motors gulet yacht

Types of Yachts

Open Yacht, Cruiser, Cabin Cruiser, Express Cruiser: 

 Standard Yacht for cruising and entertaining

Luxury Yacht: 

Yachts that are 80 feet in length are considered luxury yachts.

A luxury yacht includes high-end finishes and features.

Luxury yachts are very modern.

Luxury yachts can be sail-driven or motor-driven; they are expensive.

Luxury gulet yacht, luxury motor gulet yacht, etc.

Luxury yachts are used for entertainment purposes mostly.

Types of yachts: pilothouse motor yacht, mega yacht, sailing yacht, luxury yacht  

Sports Yacht: 

Sport yachts can be used for fishing, water sports, cruising, and entertainment; they are designed to reach high speeds and guarantee high performance! 

sport yacht

Catamaran Yacht: 

Is a multi-hulled yacht (a yacht with two hulls).

Distinctive style yacht 

Yacht Styles

Yachts are grouped according to their style, form, and function.

Cockpit Motor Yacht: 

This Yacht was built between the 1920s and 1970s.

A classic motor yacht offers style and history.

Most classic yachts have been refitted with a modern interior.

Classic yachts are typically made from wood or steel, 

Sedan bridge: 

This yacht-style offers deck space above the hull and single-level living space (rooms/cabins) below. 


Similar to the sedan-style, the flybridge yacht style, it has an open deck and a more comfortable living space above the main bridge of a vessel.

Flybridge is the term used, meaning a deck above the main bridge; it can be open or enclosed.

Day bridge: 

This is a distinctive yacht style, a multi-level yacht that is more open than a flybridge. 

Downeast Style: 

The Downeast style is a low-profile yacht style with a simple/basic layout that provides comfort and stability.

This yacht style was inspired by the traditional Maine lobster boat in the mid-1900s.


A pilothouse allows the crew to keep effective watch without being on the deck of the yacht; it offers all-round visibility.

A pilothouse is a multi-deck yacht similar to a flybridge but with an enormous interior main deck.

Sky Lounge: 

Luxury-style yacht with an enclosed area at the top of the vessel that offers a spectacular view.

Cockpit Motor Yacht: 

This yacht offers more cockpit space and less deck space.

For captains who enjoy a spacious travel experience while sailing.

Sportfish or Sport Fishing Yacht: 

A yacht designed for fishing with a large cockpit and storage space.

This yacht type has the ability to handle rougher seas.


This is a combined yacht.

This yacht can be used as a fishing yacht while still offering space for entertainment.


This is a combined yacht.

This yacht offers features of a standard motor yacht and a sport yacht.


Tri-decks are built in four levels in total, it has three levels of enclosed living space, and there is also a flybridge or sky lounge above the three enclosed decks.

Tri-decks are classified as Superyachts.

Expedition Yachts: 

Also known as explorer yacht, a large yacht for long-distance cruising with a deeper displacement hull for more stability and comfort during longer-range trips.

Owning a yacht is expensive.

Maintenance is essential, and considering the size of your Yacht, maintenance is costly.

For large yachts, you need a crew to help run the vessel, fuel is another biggie when it comes to owning a yacht.

Furthermore, insurance, mooring, and storage are more expenses to keep in mind.

Just like owning a boat, your expenses never stop.

The only difference is we are talking about a yacht, which is more expensive than a boat, and the expenses to keep it afloat are much higher.

According to sales data, Yacht prices can start at $300 000 (small yachts 40 feet) and can go as high as millions of dollars, and for superyacht/ Mega Yacht, more than a hundred million dollars.

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