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Underwater Boat Lights

A Guide To Underwater Boat Lights

on May 31, 2022

A Guide To Underwater Boat Lights

Whether you're looking to add a touch of style to your boat or want to increase your visibility on the water, underwater lights are a great option. They make your boat more noticeable, but they can also enhance its appearance.

In addition, they can make diving safer by providing a clear view of the underwater landscape. Most products are easy to mount and come with waterproof housings for LED light bulbs.

So when it comes to choosing the best underwater lights for your needs, there's no shortage of options available on Marine Supplies US.

A blue underwater boat light

Types of Underwater Boat Lights

HID (High-Intensity Drainage)

This is the most popular type of underwater lighting. The light's fame stems from its incredible brightness. It may also be utilized as a heat source to keep algae and other light-related issues at bay.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lights are more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs. They generate less heat. LED bulbs give out the same amount of light as HID fixtures while consuming less power.

LED gives you flexibility in terms of color; you may modify it as needed.

Wireless Lights

There are no holes to drill with wireless boat lights. They may be secured using marine glue or double-sided adhesive tape. They can also be battery-powered, which might reduce light output.

Wired Lights

Underwater lights may be connected to the power source through the wires.

A view of the bottom of a boat while it's in water

What To Look For When Buying Underwater Boat Lights

If you're looking for underwater boat lights, it's essential to find a brand and model that suits your needs. There are many different options out there, and it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for underwater boat lights.


Color is also essential, even if you're not considering the appearance. Select a color that works for your specific circumstances and application. Marine-grade lighting comes in a variety of colors and styles. You may manually alter the colors using a simple switch or a mobile app.

The most popular hues are red, green, blue, and white. The portside or left light is on when another vessel is approaching.

  • Green is for the port side.
  • White repels insects and is ideal for sandy bottoms and shallow water; it's also suitable for fishing.
  • Blue light is soothing.


The installation of marine-grade lighting does not need extensive expertise. If you pick the correct product, you may install it yourself. Underwater boat lights are simple to set up and only take a few minutes.

A light that doesn't require much drilling is preferable. Simply putting in the screws and mounting bracket is sufficient in most situations.

Lumen Brightness

The term "lumens" refers to the quantity of light produced by a light source. The lumen rating is critical. A brighter lamp has a higher lumen rating. Lights with lower lumens have fewer lumens. For navigation, at least 600 lumens are required.

You can also choose a lesser rating to create a striking or soothing effect.

Beam Width

This is the perspective from which you're seeing the lighting. In larger vessels, more illumination is required, especially in darker settings. It can range from 90 to 120 degrees.

So, to pick the correct beam width, think about whether you want a shallower or broader light. You'll need a wider beam to catch more fish for underwater lighting.

Controlling System

There are many different types of underwater boat lights on the market, each with its own unique features. To help you make an informed decision, here is a brief overview of three of the most popular types of controls: twist method, pushbuttons, and remote control. 

Twist method

This is a straightforward approach. To turn off the light, twist the light head in. It's as simple as twisting it just enough to turn on the lightbulb. This method is easy for the manufacturer and significantly lowers the light's price. 

Push Buttons

The most common technique of using video lights is to use one or two buttons to switch the light on and off and change modes. This is completely safe and dependable.

Remote Control

A single master remote controller that controls the fibers in a bundle can control numerous lights at once. This makes it simpler and faster to individually set each light.

A boat with an underwater light illuminating a pool of fish

Understanding Filters

Yellow Filter

Big Blue lights are known for having a yellow filter. It helps with warming light, resulting in a brighter, higher-quality light. The camera also modifies the WB to match the temperature of the light.

UV Filter

Some lights can be attached to a UV filter to create the fluorescence effect. In this case, you'll need a yellow filter and mask for your camera.

Red Filter

If you're looking for a way to change your light to a night red, then a red filter is the way. Red filters are commonly used in underwater boat lights, and they're an excellent way to focus your light underwater.

They help you to see better underwater, but they also help preserve your night vision. When using a red filter, it's essential to be aware of the color of your light source.

Blue Filter

Underwater boat lights can be handy when trying to get a clear view of what is going on beneath the water's surface.

However, without a blue filter, the light from these underwater boat lights can make it more difficult to see what is going on. The blue filter helps correct the ambient light, making it easier to see what is going on underwater.

As a result, underwater boat lights with a blue filter are much more effective at providing a clear view of what is happening beneath the water's surface.


Light coverage is necessary since you want to get as close to your subjects as possible. Macro lenses are used on tiny subjects, while wide-angle lenses are utilized on everything else.

As a result, we may keep the subject in very close proximity. A strobe that has a horizontal illumination angle of at least 80 degrees is required if you are using a wide-angle lens with an area of 80 degrees horizontally.

Wide-angle work is best done with strobes with a coverage angle greater than 100 degrees.

The strobe light can be used as a diffuser to soften, balance, and spread the illumination. The available light will be blended with the strobe light through the diffuser.


When choosing underwater boat lights, size does matter. You want to make sure you select a light that is the same size as your boat. A small light is best for small boats. For small boats, three to four inches should suffice.

However, for larger boats, we recommend going up a bit to ten inches. This will ensure that your underwater boat lights are bright and visible and will not be easily obstructed by waves or other submerged debris.

Durable Design

Durability should be a top priority when it comes to underwater boat lights. After all, you don't want your lights to fail when you need them most. To ensure that your lights stand up to the elements, look for features like professional waterproofing, overheating protection, and shockproofing.

Company warranties can also give you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is protected. Additionally, choose lights that are made with corrosion-resistant materials like metal alloys.

These materials will help to prolong the life of your lights underwater. With so many options on the market, there's no excuse for choosing lights that aren't built to last. We even from a few that we would recommend that would last you a while;

A man cleaning his boat

Maintenance For Underwater Lights

Underwater lights can be damaged by marine life, particularly barnacles and algae. Furthermore, if the light is not made of marine-grade aluminum, bronze, or marine-grade stainless steel, it will rust faster than other comparable materials.

Here are the things you can do to ensure the light performs at its best.

  • Regularly inspect your lights for damage.
  • Make sure the installation is done correctly.
  • To clean the lighting, wash the boat with mild soap and water.
  • The light wires should be kept clean.
  • Make sure you choose a suitable cleaning material. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  • Keep your underwater lights safe if you use them for boating.

An underwater light

Pros and Cons Of Underwater Lights

Pros of Underwater Lights

Enhance Your Boat's Aesthetics

Whether the lights are white, green, or blue, your boat will look fantastic in the dark. It will be a focal point and draw attention to your vessel even at night.

Ensures Safety

Boating at night is hazardous. When another boat is not readily visible, collisions may occur. Lights can help you see better. This is a signal to others that you are there.

Essential For Attracting Baitfish

The lights assist you in attracting fish near your position. White and green lights are the perfect colors for this. We suggest trying out the OceanLED 3010XFM Pro Series HD Gen2 LED Underwater Lighting

Improves Water Clarity

When the sun goes down, use a marine-grade light to improve water clarity and go swimming. When there is adequate lighting, it will be simpler to see underwater.

It's more secure, but it also allows you to enjoy the beauty of the aquatic environment.

Cons of Underwater Lights

Drilling Holes

Lighting installation may occasionally necessitate the use of a drill. The number of holes needed will vary depending on the size of the light. These holes could allow water in if you're not careful.


Underwater boat lights come in a variety of styles and sizes. Many high-quality lights may be costly. Fortunately, there are also many low-cost choices available at Marine Supplies US.

The side view of a boat

How To Install Underwater Boat Lights

It doesn't matter if you have a flush-mount, surface mount, drain plug, or another type of boat light. The installation steps will vary. Here's how you complete the installation.

  • Place the boat in a dry area or where you can comfortably work.
  • Find the best location to mount the boat light. After drilling, mark the exact location and ensure that nothing is damaged.
  • Drill. Connect the power supply to the hole by running the wires through it. For wiring underwater boat lights, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The power box should be placed in the best possible position. It would be best if you chose a dry area with adequate ventilation.
  • Check the light. Check that all connections are correct if the light doesn't turn on.

The underwater lighting category should have everything that you’re looking for to help set up your light, we have everything you need. In fact, here are a few products that we recommend;

Marine Supplies US has a wide variety of underwater boat lights. You can find everything you need for your boat here, including lights, filters, etc. Check out our selection today and get everything you need to make your vessel shine.

Questions And Answers

What underwater boat lights are best for fishing?

White and green lights are the perfect colors for this, these lights assist in drawing fish towards you. 

How can underwater boat lights improve your experience?

Underwater boat lights can help you enjoy your time boating in a number of ways. For one, they can add to the beauty of your vessel as it rests in the water. Secondly, they can provide valuable illumination when you are swimming or diving near your boat. Finally, they can act as an effective security measure, deterring would-be thieves or vandals. 


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