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towable watersports

Towable water sports for the Family

on January 21, 2021

Boating is fun! Towables is even more fun! Get ready boaters to check out all fun towable!

towable watersports

Towable water sports for the Family

It is summertime, why stay indoors if you can enjoy the outdoors? Entertain your Family with Fun towable water sports!

Clear your mind, and live life out on the water!

Towable tubes are very popular amongst all boaters; it is a great way to entertain your kids, Family, and friends. A fun activity for your Family, from single tubing to double and multi-rider tubes. Let's look at some of our tubes and what is best suited for you and your family.


Safety tubing tips

Safety comes first; before we look at the super awesome tubes, let's look at some safety tips first:
  • Always wear a life jacket; one should not get onto a tube without a life jacket.
  • Before you head out onto the water, inspect the tube for damages.
  • Use the right Tow Ropes, strong, durable ropes, make sure the rope is long enough to keep the tube away from the boat at least 100 feet.
  • Boat operator, keep your distance!


Be aware of:

  • other boaters
  • Do NOT drink alcohol and go tubing.
  • Head to open water before you start tubing; find a wide-open space free from boat traffic.
  • The boat operator is in charge of operating the boat and towing the tube; you need an extra person on board to be the spotter, the spotter will look out for boats, people, and any type of hazard; the spotter is also there to assist the tube riders.
  • A red or orange flag must be raised when a tube rider ends up in the water; this alerts other boaters that a rider is in the water.
  • Slow speeds, the boat operator to ensure safe driving, always keep in mind that tubing is fun and thrilling at slow speeds. Avoid injuries and stay safe.


The recovery plan, Tube rider are guaranteed to end up in the water at some point, make sure everyone on board knows their role in the recovery plan:

  1. The flag must be raised as soon as the tube riders end up in the water.
  2. Boat operator to approach the rider from the starboard side (Right side) facing the bow (front) of the boat
  3. As the boat approaches the rider, the engine must be switched off to avoid accidents with the propeller.
  4. The engine can be started once everyone is out of the way and clear of the engine.


Tube suitable for 1 Person

Watersports Thriller Starter Kit Towable - 1 Person.

This tube is perfect if you want to enjoy a thrill ride, or you can use it as a floating tube when you feel like relaxing and enjoying the sun.

It is designed for one person only, with the adventure of a thrill ride in mind, trying to stay on while the boat driver tries to throw you off.


Tubes suitable for 2 Person

 Water Sports Macho Combo-2 Towable 2 Person

This tube is ideal for kids of all ages; even if you have a little one, mommy or daddy can be right by their side sitting next to them and enjoy the ride.

WOW, Watersports Steerable Towable - 2 Person 

With this tube, you can kneel, sit, stand or lay down; you have the advantage to steer this tube, so you are in control, Fun and exciting tube for those who seek adventure. 



Tubes suitable for three persons

WOW, Watersports Super Bubba Pro Series Towable.

This tube is very popular designed with a flat base, for smooth riding on the water, with a high backrest and sidewalls, and secure seating – this tube is perfect for a relaxed joy ride on the water.

WOW, Watersports Jet Boat - 3 Person 

The jet boat tube, something different!

It is great for three people, with the older designs, the jet tubes tipped over quickly with the new design the riders sit down inside of the tube instead of on top, this lowers the center of gravity of the item and keeps it fast and upright on the whips and turns.

This added stability is excellent for those that want to go fast but also for those that want a safer, less eventful ride. 


Enjoy your summer's day outdoors with your Family! Tubing with the Family is a great way to clear your mind and re-focus your energy; tubing is also a full-on physical activity! A great way to exercise while having fun! Be safe and enjoy the ride!

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While a captain does tow a safe speed should always be kept to ensure that the rope does not get tangled or snaps while a person is behind the boat as this can lead to serious injury.

When done safely and properly water sports can be loads of fun.

If you are an impatient persons there is no need to wait long periods of time as there are loads of towable tubes currently in the market, some even fitting an amount of 5 people.


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