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Boating in winter

Top Winter Boating Destinations For You

on December 02, 2020

Who says you should stay indoors during the winter season? We have listed winter sailing destinations for you so that you can get out there and enjoy winter boating!

Boating in the winter

Top 5 winter boating destinations.


In the winter months, many sailors head off to warmer climates. But if you are looking for great winter sailing destinations, consider these sailing destinations for adventurous sailor.

There are many places to sail in the summer but what about when it gets cold?

Sailing is not just a hobby, it can be life-changing! Sailing is an amazing experience. You can meet amazing people from all over the world no matter the sailing season and make life-long friends.

That being said, here are five of the best winter sailing destinations for someone looking to get away from it all this year

1. the British Virgin Islands

Sailing the British Virgin Islands is one of the best winter sailing destinations and a great way to see this beautiful destination.

Named after Queen Elizabeth II, whose official title of Her Britannic Majesty represents 60% ownership by UK law and 20% through private ownerships.


Boat ride on big lake


The sun shines brightly on these beautiful virgin islands and has a warm winter climate throughout December-March when temperatures hover around 80 degrees Fahrenheit with refreshing trade winds that make for a comfortable ride at sea and a relaxing time on beautiful beaches.

The British Virgin Islands offer an unforgettable experience for those who love adventure at sea as well as relaxation on land.

With palm trees swaying gently backdropped by crystal clear waters you will soon find yourself dreaming about your next sailing trip.

You would be a fool not to capture yourself and all the wonder around your winter sailing vacation, so invest in this GoPro Camera Adapter for your GoPro camera.

It can even be used to get above the crowd if you attend any festivals!

ecotourism trips

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2. Thailand

Sailing Thailand during the winter is a great way to explore this beautiful country and take in some of its unique cultures. I recommend you book your trip for December or January since water temperatures will be warmer than in other months.

This time you will miss the winter tourism rush because many other parts are covered by rainforests with their own natural attractions worth seeing!

Phuket coast, sandy beaches and sea kayaking


As we all know, sailing on any kind of boat doesn't just require flawless weather conditions but also careful consideration about how much time each day requires as well as what activities can happen while out at sea such as fishing, scuba diving, doing hiking trails, etc.

so do consider those things before deciding where exactly you would like to go on your next sailing destination.

waterfront restaurants and stunning beaches

 south-east Asia is an amazing sailing destination year-round.

The people are friendly and the culture so diverse, you will find yourself smiling from ear to ear as soon as you lay your eyes on their breathtaking beaches.

The beautiful scenery of Thailand's coasts will be a bonus for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle during winter.

In contrast, the water can often become choppy due an increase in waves caused by strong winds or currents near shoreline areas where boats anchor up high on beach fronts as people enjoy their vacations with friends and have family fun- all while sipping coconut drinks made out there too!

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3. California

Winter in California can be the most gratifying season of the year with a comfortably warm climate. Lake Tahoe, being the second deepest Lake in the entire United States, cuts through Nevada and California itself with a length of a whopping 22 miles.

Being a major tourist attraction, many water sports enthusiasts come here to enjoy activities such as parasailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and boating.

California sailing holiday

There are even boat shows held for the true boater in you. Shasta Lake is also a similar experience with many activities to enjoy.

If you really have a zest for fishing and wouldn't mind taking home some great bass to ravish, visit Lake Oroville.

With a sport fishing license, you can fish for Catfish, Brown trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Mackinaw, and an abundance of more fishes and you can take part in fishing tournaments.

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Rod holder

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4. Arizona

Sailing Arizona during the winter is an experience like no other.

With cold, gray skies and crisp air that bites into your skin as you set sail across open water, it can be hard not to feel exhilarated by this majestic land disappearing beneath us before our very eyes every day of our lives afloat on your own boat.

The sound waves bounce off mountains in muffled claps tumbling over one another with barely a whisper between them making for perfect conditions if you are looking forward or trying desperately but failing miserably not wake up whoever might still sleep below deck!

Arizona is a popular destination year round

As a first-timer to Arizona, you should definitely experience the winter.

The cool weather and clear skies make for some incredible views of sailboats dotting each horizon as they navigate their way through this beautiful state's waters!

The combination of the desert and aquatic body is one of a kind you will not find anywhere else. Whilst other states may be below freezing, Arizona pleasantly keeps things hot even in the winters. Which makes it the perfect winter sailing destination.

The top advantage of boating in Arizona is the amount of great holiday camping spots you can encounter here, such as Roper lake, where you can book a cabin too, or Patagonia Lake, which is said to be one of the state's best-kept secrets.

If boat parties are more your thing, try out Lake pleasant, said to be a retreat for party lovers who'd rather take the scene out onto the waters.

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Magma grill

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5. Alabama

So, you're looking to head out on the water this winter? Well look no further than Alabama. This state has everything that everyone needs for their perfect day: beautiful views and warm waters!

Might as well go ahead and book your trip now because we promise these conditions will not last long at all.

Sailing in the cold, wintery waters of Alabama is not for amateurs. You have to be willing to get wet and go through ice-clumsy territory if you want any chance at success!




Just the northern side of Alabama has 13 lakes to choose from, all equally beautiful and perfect for boating on. If you'd like to try your hand at catching some sky-jumping smallmouth bass, give Pickwick Lake a visit.

This Lake runs through not just Alabama but also Mississippi and the Tennessee River.

Alternatively, if you prefer something bigger, Lake Guntersville will give you just that. The largemouth is in abundance during winters.

 intercoastal waterway

So here are our five first-class winter boating destinations for all kinds of boaters.

You're guaranteed to have the most unforgettable experiences at these breath-taking destinations, whether you prefer hot climates to spend your winters in or downright cold weather to get the full-on feeling that winters are here.


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