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Living on a boat

Ten Items you do not think of for living on a small boat

on September 18, 2021

Sailing or living on your sailboat? Life on the water is full of adventure! What items do you need to live on a small boat?

Living on a boat, sailboat


10 Items for Living on a Small Boat


living on a small boat


Certain must-have items are required aboard your vessel if you plan on spending some time on it. Not only do you need maintenance and safety equipment on board, but you need some personal items that could keep you occupied aboard the vessel, while you dock and when in the marina.


An avid boater may have come across specific items they may need for their sailing life. But most boaters only think of emergency items, this list consists of some emergency items and some personal items, we think should come on board for a comfortable, relaxing experience.

living aboard a sailboat on the water

There are many items required by law that you must have on your vessel but we did not cover these in this list. 

The safety equipment you need is set out in a blog on our website.

Also, there is no need to mention that the boaters should bring a cooler for storage and pack a fishing pole for their adventure.

Look at these top ten fishing gadgets.

The list of must-haves is long, but you are not required to cover everything. There are a lot of things that you would think are crucial to spend some time comfortably on the boat.

on board miles away

It would help if you kept in mind that the mentioned items will make your living more tolerable and pleasant. However, they are mentioned recognizing the limitations of safety and energy. 

Tide Temp Compass Watch  

Tides can occur at any point in time. Hence, you must know when it is about to occur while boating to move to the safe side. The Timex Tide Temp Compass is elegant in design and encompasses several functions: a temperature sensor, electronic compass, and tide tracker.

It is one of the essential most and ultimate accessories for tech-savvy professionals who are adventurous. 

The watch has an analog compass and is water-resistant, thus making it a perfect choice for boating. The case design of this compass is one of the most favorites of many.

This watch's look is excellent and is one of the best solutions for watermen and surfers who look forward to having temp, tide, and compass. 


Compass watch


Satellite Communicator 

 Although the device is not cheap, it is recommended as one of the essential elements. With this, you can communicate through emails or text with your friends, family, or kids.

The best part? You can do this even from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

These are go-anywhere portable devices, and you can use GPS facilities and share the journey of your progress with friends or family. You will stay connected, even without having regular mobile services.


boat life



One of the best-recommended devices includes Spot Gen4 Satellite GPS Messenger.

It furnishes a life-saving line of communication when traveling beyond boundaries. 

Solar Oven

Cooking in severe offshore conditions is challenging. The sun is very hot during the day, and you cannot stay in the kitchen.

absolutely essential for food

A solar oven becomes useful, and you can cook almost everything using the sun's energy and power—

Cook delicious and healthy food even when onboard. 

Video Camera 

Are you going on a sailboat? You cannot exist without capturing those beautiful memories. Don't forget to take the video camera with you or else you will regret it later. 

boat life, sailing

Don't miss out on the sights, sunsets, swimming dolphins, epic adventures, etc. Pick a high-quality, lightweight, and affordable choice as your go-getter option. Don't invest too many inexpensive ones and for a go-to option. 

Spot Light and Flashlight

Sailing through the night becomes difficult for a sailor, and a headlamp becomes one of the crucial gears.

Sailing in the dark, you should try it at least once since watching the sunset from a sailboat underway is pure bliss.

Navigation lights are required on all boats, especially if you are out boating during the night.


 cruising adventure be sure to packs lights


Solar Device Chargers 

It is is another crucial component of sustainability.

The solar power device chargers are beneficial in saving onboard energy and allowing the sun's energy to charge almost all your devices.

There is a wide variety of options available that you can use to obtain great success. 


Solar power device

It would help if you kept in mind to keep the connected ports safe since saltwater can damage them. They are one of the best ways to stay connected without the utilization of onboard energy. 

 Whistling Kettle 

 The item may seem silly to you, but it is one of the significant components that is used the most while sailing. With this kettle, you will not need a separate soup pot or coffee pot. 

You can effortlessly boil your water in a teapot by placing it over a butane/propane stove. Get hot water at any point in time, either for doing your dishes or bathing.

essential for hot water

Look for anti-heat and anti-slip handles. Also, a heavier kettle is better as it will not move when the boat is heeling. 

E-book Reader 

Sailing is fun, but if you spend a few days aboard a boat, you could need something to keep yourself busy and stimulated. Saltwater and the humid air damage books, Moreover, they will add to the weight that you w

onboard living, must have aboard your vessel

An e-book reader comes in handy with which you can easily read anything of your choice. An e-book reader is one of the most favorite things of many.

An E-book reader is small, lightweight, and can also handle the glare of the sun. 

Waterproof Bag 

You cannot survive on a boat without this. Waterproof is one of the essential features of your belongings that will keep you and your things well-protected.

A durable and entirely waterproof floating bag comes in handy. You will need it to support your laptop, camera, mobile phone, and other essential items. 

Waterproof bags are an excellent choice for canoeing, kayaking, and several other outdoor activities.

Thank us later for this one of the most crucial things that you will surely need while sailing. 

Dock Edge Arms 

It is one of the most economical alternatives for your watercraft upgrade.

These arms come in handy and furnish a base bumper profile. With these arms, you can keep a safe and convenient distance from the face of the base dock.

It also minimizes all possibilities of damage from ignition, wind, or waves. The mooring arms are easy to install and apply vector-based forces to the boat's stern and bow that allows effortlessly and freely to follow the wave and water action.

The Dock Edge Mooring Arms are practical and are one of the best options to plan to sail. Sail safe and keep the craft at arm's length base surface. 


Docking edge mooring arms

The Bottom Line

These ten items make living on a small boat easier. While you will not have to bring all items to the boat, a few of them are essentials.

You can use this list as the foundation of one of the best sailing kits with which you will not feel isolated. 

Living on a houseboat or a sailing boat is not easy, and you will need plenty of things as per numerous situations.

With a perfect boat, you need all the perfect items to have the best time while sailing.

Get more information about living on a boat from our detailed guide.


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