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Sailing trip to the islands around Florida.

Sailing trip to the islands around Florida.

on December 14, 2021

Sailing trip to the islands around Florida.

Boat tours, ferry rides, hiking trails, art galleries, sunset cruises, fossilized shark teeth, the beach, wildlife, swimming with a dolphin, fishing, and so many more reasons to take a day trip out to explore some paradise islands.

You can also go group sightseeing at restaurants located on the islands. By cruising out for the day on your boat, you will be able to discover all these fantastic hidden gems. Get all boating and safety gear you need from MarineSuppliesUS. Always check your anchorsgpssolar chargersfishfinder, and life jackets before setting out sailing or boating for the day. Above all, make sure all family and friends are accessible at all times.


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Some Southwest Florida islands

Gasparilla Island and Little Gasparilla Island

These two small islands, off the coast of Florida and halfway between Sarasota and Ft. Meyers, are collectively known as Gasparilla Island. They are an excellent spot for anyone interested in history or nature, with plenty going on all year round.

These two small islands provide some pretty impressive scenery when considering their size. They also happen to be home to many species yet unknown here in North America. It is only reachable by private boat or the area's water taxi. Sailing through these waters is fascinating, but there is much more to discover by docking onto these islands.

One non-expensive way to see the beauty of these islands is by going sailing, or you can head out by boat, which will take about 10 minutes. With its pristine white sand beaches, Little Gasparilla Island is perfect for sunbathing or fishing. With water that rarely gets too deep and protected from winds coming overland, the water is primarily calm on the Gulf of Mexico. You may spot some shorebirds, Ghost craps, Giant sea turtles that come here to lay their eggs at certain times of the year, and lots of Osprey circle above looking for fish.


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Captiva Island

Captiva Island is a lush, subtropical paradise that has been called the Hemingway of America. It is known for its clear waters and pristine beaches. You will love spending time on this island full of natural beauty!

The scenic views are stunning. It offers everything from caves to coves with calm lagoons where kids can swim without worry while parents doze off beneath palm trees. Enjoy the perfect outdoor dining at sunset with fresh-caught Seafood right off your grill and overlooking million-dollar views like nowhere else in the world.

Sailing to Captiva Island is an unforgettable experience. The long, leisurely trip will take you through some of the most picturesque waters in Florida and provide ample time for relaxation on board. Ashore, many small towns dot this scenic route like jewels scattered across sandbar seashells washed up by tides gone out too soon.

Captiva Island is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxing getaway. You can take full advantage of this seaside paradise's gorgeous weather by heading out on board your yacht or boat. If you're feeling more adventurous, first visit MarineSuppliesUS for a wide variety of Paddleboards and lots of affordable water toys


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Pine Island

Pine Island is one of the famous islands in this archipelago. The waters of Pine Island provide not only some of the finest fishing in Florida but are a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Pine Island Aquatic Preserve is excellent for kayaking. The largest island off Florida's Gulf Coast, Pine Island, offers a small-town atmosphere amid mangroves, three aquatic preserves, acres of palm, tropical plants, and fruit groves.

Sailing to Pine Island is a beautiful way to experience nature and explore the scenic beauty of this island. The best way is to enjoy a day at sea with friends in the sun. The salty air, blue skies, and white caps are always an adventure that's worth spending some time on. 

 On the northwest side of Pine Island, you will find the Randall Research center. The Calusa Heritage Trail, a 3,700-foot interpretive walkway that leads you through the mounds and canals of the Pineland archaeological site, is a must. Experience a unique and in-depth look at Pine Island's earliest residents visiting the Calusa Indian village.

Pine Island is a hidden gem and very close to Florida. The best way to experience Pine island's remarkable sea life is sailing and kayaking. 

Fort Myers Beach, by far the most famous beach in the area, offers hot spots for snorkeling, including Blind Pass. Bring along your snorkeling gear and enjoy the shallow water while enjoying other beach activities such as swimming.  

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Palm Island

Suppose you're looking for a unique destination that then heads to Palm Island. This tiny island can be found in the middle of nowhere with nothing but nature around it, a perfect spot! When night falls, you may never want to set sail again. Many stars are shining above you on earth and up in outer space. The stars make this place feel like an infinity pool without even being wet at all times during daylight hours.

If you're looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, then take up an adventure on palm island. You can enjoy pristine beaches lined with coconuts or head out into deeper waters where whales may be waiting!

With a dinghy, you can explore the pristine waters around Palm Island. You may be surprised to learn that this was once an island sanctuary for turtles and manatees. This was before it became a clear-cut jungle again during World War II. Due to lumber shortages caused by Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor disrupting trade routes with Europe over its colonies in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

The perfect way to enjoy the warm weather and experience relaxation is by sailing through the blue waters with a yacht or boat. Palm Island is worth a visit with pristine waters for snorkeling or simply swimming in crystal clear water that is teeming with fish life, giant structures made out of corals reefs, vibrant colors all around you.


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Marco Island

As you head out to sea, the view is stunning. The sun beats down on the water, which glistens like diamonds and reflects light in every color imaginable. Blue skies stretch for miles while palm trees sway gently with each gentle breeze that blows off shoreline following behind them into infinity.

The temperature is perfect for a sunset cruise on the water.

The sky will be deep blue, and it's like you're in another world as soon as that ship leaves land behind, cutting through calm seas towards its destination, Marco Island.

Sailing to the bustling Island of Marco, you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing day with some boats. Sailing from Fort Myers Beach around Pass Lake Lucaya, then head for miles upon miles through pristine waters before finally landing at beautiful Skull Creek inlet where he will prepare lunch amongst all that stunning scenery.

You can spend your time on Marco Island in between all of the exciting things to do, like scuba diving and snorkeling.


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Are you planning a trip to Florida?

Boating in Florida - is a must-read. Plan a kayak trip. Go on cruises located on different islands. Swim the gulf and maybe see some dolphins and other wildlife. Go on eco-tours.

An important tip is always to pack sunscreen as the sun can get scorching on some islands. Hop on some Captiva Cruises and visit Charlotte Harbor for a few hours or check out Everglades National Park.


The Florida Keys are a treasure, and if you're in the area, here's what we recommend. The first stop is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to explore the underwater world of coral reefs from your kayak or glass-bottom boat. If you have time, several museums on Key Largo offer insight into this diverse ecology region. Next up might be Bahia Honda State Recreation Area for hiking trails through mangrove forests and leisurely paddling around Duck Lake Beach.

Be sure not to miss snorkeling with the sea turtles at Little Turtle Cove. Finally, don't forget about Boca Chita Key, where you can see dolphins frolic just offshore during their annual migration southward. A ferry ride to the various islands is an excellent option if you do not own your boat.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures, and we encourage anyone interested in visiting the Florida Keys to do so. It's a beautiful place with plenty of pristine beaches, history, culture, and wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

If you're ever in need of a vacation, consider sailing around the islands of this state with your friends or family members.


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