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Pros And Cons Of Owning A Boat In 2022

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Boat In 2022

on November 09, 2022

Owning a boat might seem like an ideal dream come true. However, if you idealize the idea without thinking about its drawbacks, it might be better for you to reconsider this purchase.

You need to be aware of both the pros and cons of owning a boat in 2022 to make an informed decision on whether to buy one!

A father and son looking over a boat

The Pros Of Owning A Boat In 2022

The Perfect Getaway

The first perk of owning a boat in 2022 is just how perfect of a getaway it is. There are a lot of potential options that you can choose to unwind nowadays. Going to a resort or on a weekend trip is always possible.

However, if you choose the right boat for your needs, relaxing on it will be vastly cheaper and more effective! You will not need to spend tons of money when you can kick back, relax, and admire the gentle swaying of the water surrounding you. With no a soul in sight to bother you, either!

At least if that's what you want, considering that having company over is always an option.

A Nice Hosting Opportunity 

Speaking of company, another of the perks of owning a boat in 2022 is how ideal it is as a hosting location. After all, the pandemic has left some people reluctant to socialize in cramped quarters or in public, where they have to mix with strangers.

On the other hand, a boat provides an excellent venue, out in the fresh air and in nature, where people can relax and hang out. Whether you want to organize a party, have food, drink, dance, or chill out with your friends without a care, you can! The only limiting factor is the size of your boat.

But you can anticipate and account for that during the purchasing process!

A Font Of Healthy Activities

Unlike many other activities, practically everything you can do on a boat is good for you, at least unless you give into the urge to indulge in alcohol or similar while relaxing. Even fishing is good for you since it gets you outside and into the fresh, healthy air!

Not to mention that driving a boat and looking after it once you’ve set out can be surprisingly physically demanding if you are not used to it. That provides you with a decent workout, which will help you stay in shape and even compensate for some of your bad habits.

Now, can this replace a proper workout regime? Hardly. Still, every little bit helps.

The Freedom Of Exploration 

Finally, one of the biggest perks of having your boat is the freedom that comes with it. If you want to enjoy the sea without one, you’d be constrained by all the limitations of a rented boat. Or worse, a planned cruise.

There’s nothing wrong with going on a cruise, of course, but you would not exactly have any input on where to go or how much time to spend somewhere. The same applies if you rent out a boat.

The need to return before your rental period will always be there, hovering over you and preventing you from properly relaxing. 

The Cons Of Owning A Boat

The Cons Of Owning A Boat In 2022

The Upkeep Cost

Now, the first con of owning a boat in 2022 is the upkeep cost of it. A lot needs to be paid for when looking after your boat. Let us start with the simplest example: even just storing a boat when moving to Miami to keep it in a safe place long-term is a significant expense.

Maybe not in terms of a one-time payment. But it is still something that will add up over time. It is something you can’t just stop paying for and abandon your boat to the not-so-tender mercies of the waves. Having a boat float around on the docks for too long without use is very bad for it.

And then there are tons of other expenses to think about, too!

Depreciation In Value

The next drawback of boat ownership is its depreciation. Do not think you can just figure out how much a small boat costs. Try it out, and if things don’t click for you, sell it for almost the same amount. Nearly every day of your boat’s lifespan shaves off a little of its value.

Even a boat placed in storage under immaculate conditions will depreciate regardless. That makes it impossible to make up for the buyer’s regret through a resale of your newly purchased boat. 

Time Required

A boat demands time and attention. Many people think owning a boat is the same as owning a car or a motorbike. It is not, not even a little bit. To keep your boat in top condition, you must dedicate the time required for its upkeep.

Which can be daunting for new boat owners who think they are just buying something to satisfy their hobby or fleeting interests. That results in many boats rotting away in storage or on the docks.

The Difficulty Of Maintenance

Just like boat maintenance takes time, it also takes a lot of effort, knowledge, and even a bit of skill. As such, owning a boat in 2022 is not recommended for someone unwilling to put in the effort to learn about what they need to do to take care of their boat.

It is not enough to buy the required marine supplies for sailing and call it a day! And the enthusiastic fumbling of an amateur can sometimes do more damage than good. So, if interested in a boat, actually learn how to care for it.

Final Word

Knowing the pros and cons of owning a boat in 2022 will let you make the best decision. In the end, though, we can say the following on the subject: if your heart draws you to the water, then you should consider a purchase.

If your desire to buy a boat stems from impulse or whim, you shouldn’t do it. After all, financially speaking, owning a boat has few to no benefits.

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