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Precautions To Take While Water Skiing.

on November 22, 2021

Look Before You Leap Into The Water - Precautions to take while water skiing.

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Water skiing can be fun and exciting if you are adventurous. Widely popular in the US, it is one of the most favorite pastimes of water sport enthusiasts. Hitting the cold and welcoming water on a hot, sunny day can be the best thing to do. As it is a surface water sport, always take caution and make sure wherever you ski, that the water surface is clean and without any obstacles and debris drifting around.  However, accidents and injuries can happen as cuts and sprains are not very uncommon among water skiers. Therefore, take all the necessary precautions before proceeding to the water. Herewith some safety tips and precautions that will ensure lots of fun, but also a safe day of water skiing.

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Check all your gear and equipment.

Make sure that you do take the necessary precautions by checking your gear and equipment's condition before going out for a day of fun on the water. It is essential to check that all ropes are safe to use and are still in a perfect and flawless condition. The length of a ski rope should be around 75 feet. Ensure that all shackles and ski handles are in good working order. Check the skis for cracks and most important, that your ski boots are still in a good shape with all grommets intact. Check and adjust your bindings on a regular basis, preferably by a professional ski technician. Any broken or worn out equipment must be replaced for your own safety as most accidents happen due to the malfunctioning of skiing equipment .       

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Stay within your limits.


Start with a slow speed and gradually increase your speed depending on your level of comfort. Make sure that you know your limits and abide by them as your weight and experience level plays a major roll. Prevention is always far better than cure, and the best way to avoid injuries is to communicate with your skipper at all time.

Do not exceed your speed limit beyond a point that it becomes difficult to control. 

Suggested boat speeds for adults of average weight and height engaging in recreational skiing activities:

Slalom-skiing = 19-35mph

Combo-skiing = 25mph 

Jump-skiing = 24-35mph

Kids combo skiing = 13-16mph


Hand signals to remember:

Discuss all hand signals with your driver and observer to make sure that everybody is in agreement.

Important hand signals you should know:

Thumb down = slow down. Thumb up = Speed Up. .

Flat hand out = Stop. Flat hand pointed left = Turn left. Flat hand pointed right = Turn right.

Circle with pointer finger and thumb (ok signal) = Speed OK. 

Skier ok signal after a fall: 

Holding your hands above your head to form a circle with your arms around your head signals to the driver and the observer that you're okay. 

Ready to be picked up:

When you hold your ski or skis above your head, it means you're ready for pickup. 

Back to the docking area:

Tapping your hand on your head tells the driver  and observer that you are ready to go back to the dock. 

Ready to stop skiing:

Make a motion across your neck with your hand like your slicing your throat. Signals that you're done and ready to stop skiing.


Always try to improve your technique.

Taking a few lessons will provide you the much-needed training and make you an expert on the waters. With the perfect knowledge and skills, you will be able to enjoy your water-skiing experience without worrying about injuries and accidents. A good teacher / trainer will understand your shortcomings and focus on them to transform them into your strengths.


Share your knowledge and boost your skills.

If you are already an expert in the art of water skiing, share your knowledge and experience with someone who needs it. Sharing will increase your own skills by discovering new and better techniques to become more efficient in water-skiing. 


Things not to do while water skiing

  • No drugs and alcohol while you go water skiing. This sport requires an extra  level of alertness. So, make sure you are not intoxicated while hitting the waters.
  • Never hold on to the tow rope after the fall. It will increase the chances of injury.
  • Do not go water skiing on a cloudy day. Make sure you stop skiing as soon as there is a sign of thunder and lightning.
  • Do not go water skiing in a restricted area.
  • Never go water skiing at night. 
  • Do not step in or out of the boat from the water when the propeller is still running.


Important facts to take into consideration: 

  • The water skier must be able to swim.
  • A specially designed life jacket allows for movement when skiing.
  • A life jacket serves as a flotation device in the event that the skier is injured.
  • Calmer waters are ideal for recreational water skiing.
  • Water must be at least 5-6 feet deep.
  • Skiers need sufficient skiing space of at least 200 feet wide. 
  • Communication is important between the observer and skipper. The slightest communication gap might lead to a fatal injury.

Engaging in your favorite sport on a hot summers day might be an enjoyable and refreshing experience. However, take all the precautions possible especially when kids are involved. Always put safety first.

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