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Relaxing on pontoon boat

Pontoon boats explained

on August 15, 2021

Fun and exciting! If you're thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat, read this article first for information on what makes a good pontoon boat. Find out about the different types of pontoons available to purchase today.
Pontoon boats explained


A pontoon boat is a flattish (Flat bottom) design that relies on floats/ tubes to remain buoyant/floating. The most common pontoon designs are a Catamaran with two hulls or a Trimaran with three hulls, pontoons with three tubes are called tri-toons. 

Pontoon Boats (Two-Tubes)

Pontoons became popular in the 1960s, floating on a pair of tubes and supported a flat deck. These boats were modestly powered and intended for low-speed cruising on flat water. 

Tritons (Three-Tubes)

In the 1980s, a center tube was added to the pontoon and was termed Tritoon.

The center tube improves performance, comfort, and handling. A pontoon with three tubes will are capable of higher speed and is better suited for watersport.

Both Tritons and pontoon are equipped for fishing, they are ride efficient.

How much does Pontoon Boats Cost?

Buying new pontoon boats can price anywhere from $18000 to $60000, depending on the Size, engine, features, and quality of the boat. Used pontoon boats can price anywhere from $5000 up to $55000 depending on the Size, age of the boat, and engine quality; if accessories have been added to the boat, the price can be higher. This is a affordable price for a lifetime of joy. It is always good to have a good chat with the owners, get into a conversation with the owners and find out more about the boat and the history of the vessel and why they want to sell. Always find more than one dealer , different dealers means different prices and easy for you to compare prices and you are guaranteed to find the best deal for you, get some advise from dealers if you plan to purchase privately. Request to take the vessel out for a ride!

Pontoons do depreciate in value, just like a car, in the first couple of years, the resale value of a pontoon vessel can drop by 30% in price the first two years. Since pontoon boats do not hold their value, the time you spend on it with family and friends are worth it, and that is the real value of spending quality time with your family and add some excitement to your every day life! 

A new pontoon vessel will typically last you 10-20 years before you need to start with any major repairs.


Are pontoons safe and easy to drive?

Pontoons are very safe; they are very stable in still waters with smaller waves; however, it can be dangerous when a severe storm hits or when the water/ waves are rough, and they intend to dive into a wave instead of over them. Keep in mind with the design of a pontoon boat, It is very unlikely for it to tip over, and if you head out for the day, check the weather prior to your planned trip, and be sure to look for signs when a storm is on the way. Click here for more information on Bad weather while boating.

Pontoon boats are considered as one of the easiest vessels to drive; they are perfect for beginners who have never driven a boat before.  Enjoy the ride, it is perfectly safe! If you are looking for power and performance, keep in mind this is not a sport vessel, although it does have power to enjoy water sport, but not the power you need for speed performance. If you want speed, go for the sport model pontoon, with powerful performance and speed.


What are pontoon vessels used for?

These vessels are versatile and used for Family trips, enjoy Fishing, water sports, and entertainment for the whole family; because of their style and layouts, you can change the layouts to suite your style and they offer great space to move around and are perfect for everyone. Discover beautiful lakes on your day cruise!


Pontoon boats have a great life span and are easy to maintain; you have plenty of customization options so you can add some style and look at different layouts, add some features like  lights and Entertainment accessories. Adding features like lights on the deck can be a romantic gesture and it gives your vessel a luxurious look, you can add features like rod holders for a neat look and to make your fishing experience easier. Add features that will give your vessel extra style like a bimini top or spotlights on the deck, for night fishing, discover the nigh life. Pontoon boats offer great storage space and are perfect for the whole family to enjoy as you can take on more passengers. 

Fishing rods


water sport

Pontoon boat comes in different styles and sizes, and you have the option to create a basic lake cruiser, a luxury entertainment platform, Fishing, and water sports.  


What Size Pontoon boat do you need?

The Size of the boat depends on the number of passengers you want onboard. Most people use Pontoon boats for family fun vacations and also use them to make money, as you can take out other families for a day trip. 

17 to 19 feet pontoons can take up to 8 passengers and are best suited for small bodies of water that are calmer. Seating for eight

20 to 22-feet pontoons can seat up to 13 passengers and are suited for lakes and rivers with smaller waves. Seating for thirteen

23 to 28-feet pontoons can take up to 15 passengers and are capable of cruising through rough water. Seating for fifteen.

Enjoy the sun, with your family and friends, these boats offer great seating, everyone can enjoy a day out in the sun! Contact your friends and go enjoy a luxurious day boating spend the day away from the world and all the stress!

Clean your vessel with quality marine products, keep the deck clean, visit and find all marine products you need.

 Marine products

Pros and Cons of pontoon boats


  • Pontoon boats offer comfort & are spacious. 
  • You are free to customize your boat just as you want, create different layouts.
  • A pontoon boat can be used for water sports. (Yes, they are fast enough)
  • Great for Fishing and fishing is exciting and everyone can enjoy.
  • Safety advantage, Pontoons are very stable boats
  • Easy to maintain and cost-effective making this boat affordable
  • you can take a break from the city!



  • Not for rough waters, you can use it in the ocean where the waves are small; you cannot go into the deep. 
  • Speed, it is not a racing boat.
  • Not ideal for sharp and sudden turns
  • Outboard engine noise


Are pontoon boats worth the purchase?

Yes, they most definitely are; boating with pontoons is great pleasure for the whole family, and offers a variety of uses like Fishing, water sports, cruising, and taking into consideration the number of passengers it can take, the whole family can enjoy a day out on the lake together. Not only can you use pontoons for personal fun and entertainment, but you can also take other families out for a day trip where they can discover and explore Fishing, watersport, and a luxury cruise, adding extra money to your pocket, create exclusive packages in your local area! "Exclusive to locals" You can enjoy a perfect sunset dinner on your pontoon! Start the day with breakfast on your pontoon boat, and enjoy the sunset with a nice dinner! 

Take a break from the city and class, center yourself with nature!

Customize your pontoon boat with Marine Supplies US; the marine supply store just one click away, add some accessories to your boat, and make it your own!

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