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Sailing With Your Little Ones

Sailing With Your Little Ones? 10 Things You Must Teach Kids about the Sailboats

on September 12, 2021

Sailing with your little ones is full of adventure and great skills development!

Boating safety, keeping our children safe is our main priority!

Sailing With Your Little Ones


How will you keep the kids entertained in the summers?

No need for another boring summer camp that the kids will dread. Instead, take the little ones on a new adventure this summer.

You could take your family on a fun sailing trip out at sea!

The whole family will be making memories in the sun with the wind in your hair, on your amazing vessel. They are less likely to get bored because while sailing there are plenty of fun things to do, swimming, water toys and loads more fun!

But before getting the children all excited for this family adventure, you need to teach them the following need-to-know things to ensure their safety on board.

1.  Life jackets

Life jackets are an extremely important sailing safety accessory while boating with kids.

Just like children are taught to wear seatbelts while driving in a car, your kids must be taught about the importance of wearing a life jacket while sailing on a boat. Parents should make this one of the main safety rules on board.

Kids need to know how to put a life jacket on and how to inflate it on their own.

Adults need to ensure that each family member on the vessel has their own life jacket and they should ensure that each of the life jackets fits the owner properly.

Before going boating or sailing, make sure the whole family tries on their life jacket to make sure it fits. A life jacket should fit like a nice dinner shirt, not too big and not too small.

Kids do not like wearing a life jacket, they find it restricting and this makes it extremely difficult to play and have fun while wearing the life jackets but luckily for parents there are comfortable, lightweight life jackets available nowadays.

We recommend taking a look at these Life Jackets from Marine Supplies US.

child wearing life jacket while sailing

While on the boat, all adults should keep an eye on the children and make sure they have their life jackets on at all times.

2.  Watch those hands

Kids are naturally curious. They are always full of questions and absolutely love tough things they should not be.

Imagine the kids play sailors out at sea, one of them might touch a button or switch they aren't supposed to. It is the parent's job to give their kids a lesson on boat accessories and point out to all the children on board, whether they are toddlers, young kids,s or teens, that the boat gear isn't toys. This should be another one of the important safety rules aboard.

Parents should teach their kids that touching the wrong button can be extremely dangerous. Here is one of my tips, to make this easier, give the kids space on the boat where they can play as free as birds. Make sure it is near the adults so they can have their own space for fun while being supervised.

They can play and have fun with their friends without touching important gear or breaking any rules aboard.

fun boating tips  for children

In addition to not touching important things on board, kids should keep their hands in the boats at all times. Being out at sea makes all of us feel free and you just want to stick your hands in the water. But kids should be taught that this is a bad idea. They could accidentally fall overboard or touch a propeller and get really hurt. Soo, teach them these rules as well.


3. Swimming lessons

While wearing a life jacket will keep your children and their friends safe, kids should be taught to swim from a young age, especially if their parents are boaters. Swimming is one of many key skills to have while boating.

Keep in mind that all passengers, no matter what age, should know how to swim before climbing aboard a boat.

swim lessons  for children before sailing

Knowing how to swim could save your toddlers, young children, and teens' life. Also, let your kids practice swimming while they call for help.

Children are also taught safety rules at their swim lessons. Adults should watch toddlers and other kids while the kids are in the water. Kids and toddlers should never be left unsupervised while they swim especially while out at sea.

4. Seasickness

Calm waters are not always guaranteed when sailing out at sea and the little ones could get queasy on the boat.

Teach children about seasickness and inform them that it completely normal. This way you avoid kids panicking.

Another one of the tips I have is to pack sea sickness prevention and bring it aboard your boats. Bumpy water can be lots of fun for kids but the fun is all over when one of the children gets seasick.

Don't keep your kids from having fun by not being prepared on the boat. Make sure children know to call for help when they are not feeling well while on the boat.

5. Sun protection

A key practice to teach your kids, is to apply sunscreen and to wear a hat, this should actually be a part of the family boating rules. Out on the water, it gets very hot on the boat, and there is no place to hide from the sun and heat while sailing.

Make sure kids understand that when they get wet from swimming, sunscreen washes off. Sunscreen should be re-applied every 20-30 minutes, so the tip is to always keep some near. Teaching them to apply sunscreen from a young age will ensure their skin safety.

All family members, young to old, should apply sunscreen regularly and cover their heads with a hat.

Children should apply sunscreen from head to toe even putting some behind their ears and necks.

Adults should be sure to pack extra sunscreen on the boat before going aboard and cruising out on the water. Adult supervision is needed for the kids and makes sure they are applying their sun protection.

keep sunscreen near on your sailing trip

A related topic, make sure the children drink enough water so they don't get dehydrated.

6.  Knowing how to work the VHF-radio

It is not only important for the captain of the boat to know how to work the radio. For safety reasons, it is important for all passengers on board to know how to operate the VHF radio.

In case of an emergency, if no one else is able to use the radio and call for help, and one of the children is able to. It would be helpful if they already knew how to work this boating gear.

7.  Get the basic navigational understanding

To cast off a sailing boat in the desired direction, your kids must know the basic navigational to get the right orientations. Your kids need to enhance their mapping skills through the use of a compass to hold a course. Once they learn to orient correctly in their sailings they can serve as ideal autopilots in case of a much-needed lifesaving necessity.

8.  Identify the Wind direction

In the course of boating, knowing the wind direction is the topmost skill that has got an obvious influence on the boat movement. A good sailor is well capable of manipulating the direction of the wind into proper motion adjustment as a course of action by the use of physics. This factor can also be considered as a major determinant of becoming a good sailor.

children sailing, kids

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9.  Analyzing the sailing drive through windy drives

 Once they are coped with the knowledge of the direction of the wind blowing. They must be taught about the impacts of wind direction upon the moving boat. Unless they don’t conquer this concept of winds direction in compelling the moving boat they should never be allowed to take over any major sailing course.

10.  Add on the Peer groups

Group learning helps to refine a deep understanding of the material. By adding on the peer groups in the sail learning activity, you can facilitate your kids with a quick and effective learning process. Above all sailing is an exciting social activity that would help your kids to boost up their confidence and give ample exposure towards nature.

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