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Marine boat restoration

Marine Boat restoration tips!

on November 22, 2021

Boat restoration is not for everyone! It is a time-consuming task and you need proper project planning.

Marine boat restoration

Marine boat restoration tips.

Boat restoration is hard work, but it is an excellent way to keep you busy while doing necessary repairs. But it is exciting and very rewarding once you see the end result!

Restoring your boat is better than buying a new one because your boat probably has sentimental value.

When you have repaired and restored an old boat or broken boat, you feel good and proud of what you have accomplished and for finishing a project.

Where to start?

1. Prepare

You always need to prepare before you can start working on any project. If you prepare and plan you might be done quickly, as restoring a boat usually takes longer than expected.

First, you need to find a workspace, you will spend a lot of your time in your workspace, so make sure it is clean and a comfortable space for you to work in, your workspace needs good lighting and electricity plugs.

Make sure that you have the right tools and materials for each specific job. Get more information on which tools to use for each restoration job.

2. Clean your boat

It's the best time to clean your boat before you go and make all those expensive repairs. Your boat is a lot like your car: it needs regular maintenance in order for it to perform well and be safe.

It does not matter if you are thinking of buying a new boat or just want to maintain the one that you have, these tips will help keep your boat in top shape!

This will help you to see what you are working with. You will be able to see scratches, old wood, rotting wood, and any other part of the boat that might need restoring.

Remove all the water, leaves, and debris from your boat deck floor. Also, remove all equipment from the boat, and inspect the equipment. Fix or replace all tools that cannot be restored.

3. Make a list

After you clean your boat, go around and inspect the boat and make a list of all the work that needs repairing and restoring and write it down, from the smallest thing to the largest.

Working from a plan makes the process easier, as you might forget about certain small repairs. Remember to check the interior and exterior of the boat, and the rest of the boat from top to bottom.

restoration effort, working correctly

6. Prioritize tasks

It is important to prioritize, know where you will start with repairs, starting with structural damages is good, save the idea. Getting the boat to float and replacing rotten wood, start with the engine, electrical system, etc.

Starting with the boat's exterior is a good place to start, then moving to the interior of the boat, then all electrical systems and equipment. 

1. Check the windows for cracked glass?

Have you noticed any water seeping into your boat? Cracked glass and a broken window are not something we want to deal with so check for this during your project.

2. Replace old fuel and old oil from the engine.

The old fuel and old oil can make your boat engine fail, so be sure to change them out for new ones.

As you probably already know by now: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound (or ton)of cure." In other words - if there are any concerns or doubts about how best to approach this task then I would recommend doing some research first just as one good practice before taking action!

3. Remove and replace old belts and hoses on the engine.

Old belts and hoses can cause a lot of problems. You should remove them from your engine to make sure you don't have any leakage or other issues with the belt system!

4 . Check hull fittings and seacocks, replace if necessary.

9. Check electrical systems; you need to check everything on the boat!

Suppose you do not have the skills or it is your first time restoring, get a professional that can assist you.

Five necessary steps to repair or replace a rotting wood yacht floor.

First, you need at least two people to assist you.

You might need these tools and materials to restore a boat:

Hammer, Chisel, Drill with screw and drill bits; Measuring tape, fiberglass and resin, a sander, sandpaper, paintbrushes, and rollers, mixing tubs, measuring cups, and latex gloves.

Mark the rotten area you want to replace/repair. You need to set the saw blade before you start, drill a hole in the rotten area and use a probe to measure the floor thickness; taking this step is vital and will help avoid cutting too deep, causing damage to the hull.

Now that your saw blade is set, cut around the marked rotten area; once the rotten area is cut free, it is easy to rip out the rotting wood.

deck floor restoration

You might find some places where pieces need to be chipped away from fiberglass putty; on the stringers and/or bulkheads, for this, you need a hammer and chisel, use the hammer to chip fiberglass resin out of the screw heads that secure the deck, this way you can remove the old fasteners using the driver bit.

Cut new marine plywood to fit the rotten area. Paint the bottom with a thick coat of resin; this will protect the bottom against moisture; while you are at it, paint stringers and bulkheads.

Use fiberglass putty and bed the floor along stringers and bulkheads. Screw the decking in place and fill the seams with fiberglass putty. leave it to harden, and then sand until the wood is smooth.

Glass, the floor with at least 2 layers of fiberglass, read the resin/hardener mixing directions and use measured amounts, do not guess, you can watch a YouTube video for more assistance on how to lay down fiberglass and wet it out.

When you replace a piece of rotten deck, always prep; sand, and clean the fiberglass surfaces a couple of inches beyond repair itself so you can overlay the glass around the edges.

Working with Fiberglass tips

Before you start working with fiberglass, it is important to understand it! 

Fiberglass is a composite material made from strands of glass fibers, randomly distributed in a plastic resin. It's one of the most popular materials for boat building because it's strong and relatively lightweight.

However, it can be challenging to work with because unlike wood which you can sand off any mistakes, fiberglass doesn't give back if you mess up.

You have to buy expensive products that are specifically designed for repairing fiberglass or take your chances using household items like acetone or dish soap mixed with water.

fiberglass for boat restoration

-Always wear protective clothing when handling fiberglass as it can be easily abrasive if not handled properly

-When cutting or shaping fiberglass pieces use extra caution because this process can release harmful dust particles into the air

-Another important tip is to always wear protective eyewear when working with fiber light because its "fibers" can get very close to your eyes and can damage them.

total cost of resale value

When it comes to boat restoration, the sky is the limit. We hope these tips have been helpful and that you are excited about getting started on your next project!

If they have piqued your interest in extra boat restoration tips for different types of boats or topics not covered here, we highly recommend checking out our other blogs.

There are a variety of blogs on there, you will definitely find something on there that will interest you.

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