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Is boating during covid-19 allowed?

Is boating during covid-19 allowed?

on November 22, 2021

The Covid pandemic leaves us with many questions, planning a boating trip during this time is one of them. How can we make "boating safety" during covid?

Is boating during covid-19 allowed?



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Is boating during covid-19 allowed?

We all enjoy the outdoors, taking a day trip out on the lake or the ocean, but with the worldwide covid-19 pandemic comes many questions. Are we still allowed to go out boating? What are the rules, restrictions, and regulations? Since many parks, boating access areas, launches, docks, and marinas are closed or restricted, many of us feel trapped; where can we go to enjoy a day of boating? In this blog, we will answer most of your questions. 

people aboard, local guidelines, us coast guard


Where can we boat during the covid-19 pandemic?

Most boating access areas and marinas are closed or restricted; areas where the spread of covid-19 is high or increasing, will most likely be closed. First, do research on all marinas in your area, contact them to find out if they are open for boaters, and if there are any special requirements.

Can I boat with my family during the covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, you can! The only family within the same household, unfortunately, you cannot accommodate any guest. Keep in mind this is for your own health and safety, not only yours but your family as well. 

Is it safe to go out boating with my family during covid-19?

Yes, it is safe when you follow the rules.

The only boat with your household, do not invite friends. Boating is safe and a great way to practice social distancing, just you and your family and your boat, chances of you getting into contact with other boats are unlikely, and besides, you know not to get into close contact with anyone other than your family.

Where your mask if there are people in the area or while you wait your turn to launch, and keep your distance.

Stay safe and healthy while boating during the covid-19 pandemic.

  • Social distancing is vital; with only you and your household going out boating, it is essential not to come into contact with anyone else. So stay away from other boats, don’t get too close. Keep your distance and don’ anchor close to others.
  • Extra caution while operating your boat is vital; you do not need any emergencies, as you will put yourself and your family at risk of exposure. 
  • Wash your hands, carry sanitizer with you at all times, and sanitize everywhere you touch. Avoid touching your face!
  • Do not use boat launches or access areas that are closed, as you will get a fine!
  • Make sure your fuel tank is full before heading out!
  • Don’t boat in areas you are not familiar with; stay local.
  • Disinfect your boat after your day trip; this is just for extra caution.
  • Where your mask if, there are other people in the area, and keep your distance. 

Boating during Covid-19

Emergencies are always possible; even when we try our best to avoid them, they can happen at any given time. Before you go out boating, make sure of the following:

  • In case of mechanical problems: Are there any water towing assistance available during covid-19? Make a list with numbers of all “on water towing assistance” that is open during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Coast guard emergencies: They will remain open for emergencies. Fortunately, rescue teams never get too close!

What product to use to disinfect your boat?

Since it is only you and your family that went out boating because no guests are allowed, your boat should be safe, but being extra cautious never hurts.

Avoid chemicals like bleach, as this can harm your boat surface! Wash your boat with Marine disinfect products


Rules and regulations when boating during covid-19

The same boating rules and regulations apply; the only difference now is to take extra precaution and safety measures to keep you and your family safe and those around you. Check the rules and regulations with the Marina or boating access areas, as each will have additional rules applied to protect themselves and their employees, you might have to launch at certain times or book your time to launch, and there might be a closing time, meaning you need to be out of the water a specific time.

All the usual rules must be applied everywhere for safe boating.

  • Follow social distancing practices by keeping a safe distance from others.
  • Wear a mask
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Wash your hand regularly for at least 20 seconds


Spending quality time with your family during this covid-19 pandemic is vital. Spending time out on the water is good for the mind, body, and soul! Being outdoors and inhaling fresh air, feeling the wind breeze, and living marine life is an excellent way to appreciate life and nature!

Spending all this time indoors, isolating ourselves shows you how much fun the outdoors are and how important it is for us to appreciate every moment! Have fun with your family and enjoy your day out boating!

Rules and regulations are in place to protect you and those around you! The covid-19 pandemic is a difficult time for the whole world; let’s fight this together by following the rules, keeping our distance, sanitize and wearing our masks! 

safety pack, safe distance, safety

All beaches and areas have different regulations so be sure to plan ahead. Due to some restrictions like curfew, there does come a time that the beach is close and it can safely open in the morning depending on different municipalities.

Double-checking everything is a good idea with things like extra face coverings on board, hand sanitizer as hand sanitizer should be kept in close proximity at all times, a clean boat, wear gloves when interacting with other boaters, disinfecting surfaces. Don't forget your life jacket when following all the other rules.

Remain active onboard end encourage your family members to do the same. Keeping active and healthy can make your body stronger to fight this virus if ever you do end up with it. Always get your information and do research from a reliable resource.

If you get off the vessel at a fuel dock or harbor during boating season do remember usual rules apply and do maintain social distancing even if you run into a family member or friend.

If you find that your boat interior is starting to get dirty, there are several ways of cleaning it. The first option would be using water flushes or wipes with an acidic solution such as vinegar which can remove dirt dried by sweat stains from clothes quickly and easily because they have acids in them so this type will actually remove things like spilled coke without damaging any fabrics! If these cleaners don't do the job then follow up by applying a natural sea sponge across all surfaces being careful not to scratch anything too much just keep going back over areas where more stubborn messes may exist until everything looks shiny again.

What's the best way to greet people on a ship while following covid-19 regulations? A question we get all of the time, and for good reason! So how do you follow proper safety procedures without being overbearing or annoying your fellow passengers with excessive talking? The key is in knowing what tone of voice will work best – friendly yet informative sounds just right.

Always check the latest covid-19 updates before you go out sailing. It's important that your boat is in proper working order for this event, so get ready!

A few simple steps are all it takes to prepare:

1.) Make sure there won't be any leaking or spills of any kind onboard since water can damage equipment badly.

2.)Inspect every nook and cranny carefully, make certain nothing has fallen off.

3.)Rotteres sides.

4.) disassemble the engine if necessary.

5.) Drain fuel tank.

6.) Put up warning flags.

7.) Fill with fresh drinking.

The covid-19 vaccine is a good idea if you want to go sailing often, but there are some factors that might influence your decision.

I've heard people say they don't recommend the injection for anyone who plans on taking more than two weeks off without illness or injury because of its high impact on joints and muscle strength loss in these cases it would probably not be worth getting vaccinated at all!

Plus when it comes down right away being susceptible means risking contracting something nasty so make sure before signing up with any shots take time, weigh pros and cons, and be wise.

Things you hear is not always true and there may be more benefits to this, do your research on your own and make the choice on your own do not lend out your ears or get the wrong opinions and take it as information.

Stay safe, Stay healthy! Shop online with your number one Marine supply store Boat Parts and Accessories | Marine Supply Store | Marine Supplies Us 

Thank you!




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