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Inflatable Kayaking Tips for Beginners

on September 18, 2021

 Are you new to kayaking? Planning to try out this adventure? Follow our Inflatable kayaking tips for beginners.


Inflatable Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Inflatable kayaking tips for beginners

Kick off your new love and addiction for Kayaking with these great tips and must-haves to keep you afloat.

The key to venturing into a new hobby, whether it be sports or anything else, is to be well prepared, minimizing the risk of disappointment and dropping out from what could have been a splendidly new and enjoyable regular activity!

Safety is always first, as always.

Of course, you'd know to ensure you have a life jacket on, but there are different jackets made for different sports.

Don't struggle with an uncomfortable jacket; get a life jacket designed for sports.

Have a look at our fail-proof Life Jackets options.

Providing exceptional mobility for paddle sports, such as Kayaking, it has a mesh in the lower back that perfectly fits high back seats and sit-on-top kayaks; the sculpted design conforms to you and stays in place.

There are many pockets, a whistle, and SOLAS grade reflective material for your safety too.

Safety sorted!!

Life vest watersport


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Invest in a Good Kayak

Your first Kayak should be of sturdy quality beforehand to avoid unpleasant experiences while getting into the wonderful sport. 


Go for a Kayak Stabilizer to Avoid Toppling

Feel safe and steady by attaching suitable quality stabilizers to your Kayak.

It's great for standing up and moving around comfortably in your inflatable Kayak without the risk or fear of tipping it over.

The Scotty 302 Kayak Stabilizers are an excellently reviewed choice by many kayakers.

With a straightforward install and remove design, the easily inflatable inner bladders offer over 30 lb. of extra buoyancy.

Kayak stabilzer

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Know how deep the waters are

It's a good idea to keep a depth sounder to make sure you're paddling in a depth you're comfortable with to avoid unsolicited surprises. 

Hawkeye DepthTrax 1H Handheld Depth Sounder is perfect for a kayak as it's the most versatile handheld sonar system ever.

Not only does it give depth readings, but also water and air temperature readings and even fish readings. The unit has an LCD backlight for nighttime viewing, and it is waterproof.

Depth sounder

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Keep a good, waterproof storage system for valuables.

Especially as a beginner, you should have your phone with you for emergencies.

Also, you probably can't wait to start building your gear collection.

Make it easy to take your valuables with you by investing in a useful waterproof crate.

It should be a soft, Kayak compatible one such as the Plano Kayak Soft Crate, which fits in just about any kayak or can rest on the kayak deck.

It has many handy and customizable compartments and ultimate storage power.


Waterproof crate

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Never lose your way.

With a handy kayaker compass on hand, you won't be getting lost any time soon.

It takes time to understand navigation on open waters, and even then, it's tough if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. So invest in a good compass before you set out on your own.

A great choice is the Ritchie XP-99W Kayaker Compass - Surface Mount, which remembers your way, so you don't have to.

Thanks to the Course Minder Movable Bezel with Heading Memory Indicator.

It's effortless to install and simple to use—a no-brainer.



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Don't lose your paddles.

Your arms are bound to get tired while paddling, especially if they aren't very used to the exercise as a beginner, so it's essential to have a paddle clip to snap your paddles into for support.

The Scotty 342 Glue-On Paddle Clip is excellent for an inflatable Kayak.

Where you can't drill a hole as it has a mounting pad made of marine-grade adhesive with which you can stick the clip onto wherever you like.


kayaking paddle clip

Pros of inflatable kayaks.

1. Many of us has wasted so much time roping down your hard shell kayak to be transported when hitting the waters for the day or a weekend away.

Having an inflatable kayak saves so much time and effort and can be tucked away in your trunk or behind your seats so that you can still enjoy all the fun of kayaking on your vacation.

Having an inflatable kayak still enables you to have that thrill with a much more convenient way of getting it.


2. An inflatable kayak stores easily in small spaces and can be packed away into the storage when you deflate it after having a fun day out on the water.


3. There are many inflatable kayak manufacturers that make high-quality products that can take heavy impact and do not wear easily even though many people believe that inflatable kayaks are low quality or a temporary fix for a fun day out when indeed they can last for very long.

Inflatable kayaks can endure a lot of abuse and are now considered real boats and no longer just water toys.


4. When it comes to a tight budget or cutting costs an inflatable kayak may be just the answer for you seeing that it costs much less than a hard-shell kayak and will be a much more convenient purchase for people who wants the same level of thrill and fun but has a way smaller budget.


5. Depending on the brand and quality of the inflatable kayak you will still get a great performance out of your purchase and for kayaks that are on the cheaper side, you will at least get decent performance.

If you are looking to reach high speeds it is best to buy a bit more expensive and well-known brand of inflatable kayak.

The hard shell kayaks can be given a run for their money by some of these great inflatable kayaks.


6. Inflatable kayaks can weigh a fair amount but do not weigh a lot, it does indeed weigh much less than a hard-shell kayak.

One person will easily be able to carry an inflatable kayak by themselves as this will not be an easy task if it was a hard shell kayak so it is indeed much easier for the inflatable kayak to reach the waters.


7. Inflatable kayaks are loads of fun and there are many different types depending on the type of water you will be visiting.

An inflatable kayak can be paddled and enjoyed by everyone and all age groups just always ensure the safety of your loved ones with good quality life jackets.

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