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How to Stay in Shape While Living on a Boat

How to Stay in Shape While Living on a Boat

on December 16, 2021

How to Stay in Shape While Living on a Boat

There are many reasons one would decide to live on a boat: save or earn some money, combine hobby and work, enjoy life on the water, etc. Life on a boat doesn't differ much from life in a traditional dwelling. You still have to take care of your body, for instance. Your body needs proper food and constant exercise to stay healthy (both physically and emotionally). Of course, proper food can be acquired easily, but what about exercising? Can you exercise and stay in shape while living on a boat? The answer is YES! And, we are here to tell you how.

Choose What You Eat 

The number one fitness rule is that you do not become healthy and fit in the gym; you become healthy and fit in the kitchen. In other words, you are what you eat. So, if you live on the boat and eat only processed food from the microwave or fast food, you will surely not be in shape. You need to eat healthy foods packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins. This means preparing your own meals with fruit, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products, etc. Nowadays, the Internet is full of healthy recipes for which you do not need many products or a lot of kitchen 'equipment', so take advantage of that. Choose what you eat, and you will not only be in shape, but you will also stay in shape while living on a boat.

A salad showing that a healthy diet is the best way to stay in shape while living on a boat

Caption: You can prepare the healthiest meals in the tiniest kitchens - do not let living on a boat be your excuse.

Swim as Often as Possible 

Living on a boat, of course, means being close to the water at all times. So, if you are in the waters where the weather is nice, you know what to do to stay in shape - go swimming. This is the easiest and the cheapest way to exercise. And, not only that - swimming is one of the exercises that, according to scientists, improves your immune system, works on every muscle and enhances your good mood. Thus, what are you waiting for - you are already on the water! However, before taking that jump, be sure that the water you are 'on' is safe. This means that there are no sea predators near, that the water is chemically unpolluted, and that it is not too cold. Never jump into the water without checking these things! 

Find a Safe Place to Exercise 

If swimming is not an option, do not worry, all boats are big enough for exercising. You need a tiny piece of a safe place where you can stretch, run in place, and preferably, do some exercise with or without equipment. All it takes is a little bit of boat organizing, and you will be able to exercise. If you live on a smaller boat, we suggest exercising inside. Exercising outside may be better (after all, you get to enjoy the fresh air and the vitamin D coming from the sun), but it may also be unsafe as you may slip and fall into the water. Of course, if you live on a bigger boat, this should not be the problem - exercise anywhere you find fit, just make sure not to do it close to the edges. And, a bonus tip - if you live on one of those giant cruise ships, look around; there is probably a gym somewhere.

A woman exercising

Caption: You do not need a lot of space to exercise - find a safe spot that is the size of your body, and you have nothing to worry about.

Gather Some Basic Exercising Equipment 

If you are traveling by sea and want to stay in shape while living on a boat, you only need a tiny piece of safe space where you can do basic exercises. On different fitness sites and even on YouTube, you can find workouts that work for any kind of trip and place. Do some googling, and you will be surprised at what you can achieve while living somewhere unconventionally. You can even hire a personal trainer to show you some suitable exercises for exercising on a boat. But, if you are lucky enough to have a bigger space to exercise, be sure to gather some basic gym equipment. Of course, you should not get anything big that would take half of the boat. You need something simple and compact like a mat, dumbbells, elastic bands, etc. With these items, you can do an excellent, full-body workout!

And, we also have to add that the essential gym equipment you need when exercising on a boat is your shoewear. It would be best if you had fitness sneakers that will protect you from injuries and those that are slip-free. You can find trainers with rubber at the bottom and bendable fabric at the top anywhere.

Boat Exercising Equipment

Caption: Keep your exercising equipment simple when living on a boat.

Meditate On a Boat

Many people think that meditating has nothing to do with staying in shape. But they are wrong. Meditating helps you stay mentally healthy. If you are not mentally healthy, you cannot be physically healthy either! Everything starts from the head. Thus, devote some time to exercise your mind. Meditation can be an excellent thing for that. Living on a boat can be exhausting, and meditation is what will keep you sane. You can do it in those stressful situations, for example, when you do not know what to do in bad weather while boating. Or, you can do it after your shift, or before bed, etc. Just try it. If you do not know how to start meditating, turn to the Internet.

There are many ways to stay in shape while living on a boat. And the mighty Internet has them all. So, do some ‘googling’. Who knows what piece of advice you may find. 



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