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Organize your boat

How to organize your boat?

on August 15, 2021

Want to get organized this summer? Check out these tips on how to organize your boat. Get the most of your space and products to help you with just one click!

Get organized


What if I told you there is a better way. That all of this could be avoided with just a little bit of organization. Wouldn't that make life easier? So what can we do about it? First off let me tell you why the good organization is so important. It will help keep things from getting lost, reduce clutter and give everything its place. Allowing us to spend more quality time enjoying our boat instead of digging through piles looking for the item we need.

Can you feel the sun on your skin, the water lapping against the hull of your boat, and a salty breeze in your hair? If not then it might be time to take a little vacation. Summer is here and now is a good time as any for boaters to do some spring cleaning!

Are you tired of being on your boat not knowing where anything is? Do you constantly have to search for items you need when it's time to clean up or prepare dinner?


Boat organization is a great way to save up space, keep your boat neat and clean, and clutter-free!

In this blog we will discuss boat organization, give you some tips on how to free up space, and great storage ideas from Storage bags, to storage bins, lets get going and get your boat organized!

declutter boats

Boat organization, Boat storage

To organize your boat means you need storage items; instead of items all over the place, you can secure all goods in one place with storage boxes, buckets, and plastic bags. Before you get started, clear up some space, remove unnecessary items from the boat. You are in charge you are the organizer of your boat so get ready and don't hold back!

  • The number one rule to organize your boat is to remove all items that you do not use. Items such as safety equipment are vital and should always remain on your boat.
  • Start with the large items first.
  • Clear out cabinet, cabin, and drawers
  • Categorize your items, grouping your items for storage; for example, you would want all the (A) fishing gear together and all you’re (B) cleaning materials together. Fishing gear; Cleaning equipment, Personal items, Safety equipment, Towels, Tools, etc.
  • Now that you have grouped/categorized your items choose the storage type you want to use, Bucket, bag, box, drawers, racks, bins, plastic bags, etc.


It is best to remove all items from the boat, from the smallest items to the largest, clear out the boat completely! Once you plan boat organization, it is best to clear out everything and see just how much space you have, and how many unnecessary items you have "cluttering"

Boat storage ideas and storage categories

Grouping/ categorizing your items is an important step to create the best storage on your boat, by grouping your items you will know the amount of space you need to add them together and where to place the items. Below are storage organization and categorization ideas.

Deck Storage: Label all the items you want on the deck, Remember to add plastic bags for all the trash if you plan a boating trip, this will keep the deck clean. If you have specific cleaning materials for the deck keeping them on the deck is a good idea if there is enough space!

Safety equipment storage: It is vital for all safety equipment to be placed in the same spot, it should be easily accessible and all passengers aboard should know where to find it.

Toolbox storage: You don't want your stuff to lie around, your tools should be separated, you can also use bins for larger storage in case you need to work on your boat, it is always good to have the right tool, especially if you need to work on your engine, the right equipment always comes in handy!

Galley storage: You don't need too much stuff here, the galley should be neat and clean.

Blankets: Emergency blankets, should go with your safety equipment, keeping a spare set of blankets is a good idea in case someone falls in the water and are wet or if their clothes are wet and they feel cold, cover them for warmth.

Marine rack: feel free to install a rack, this way you can keep things like paddles in a secure place and easy to access.

always ensure you have all the goods you need on the boat; If you have stuff that is not necessary to keep on the boat at all time, you can store them at your house, create another inventory checklist “Items not on the boat” The lists will remind you of the items on your boat and the items, not on your boat.

Clean & Pack

1. Clean the boat

2. Store tools and supplies in places that are easy to find

3. Put things back where they belong after you use them

4. Use baskets or boxes to store small items, like fishing gear

5. Label everything with a piece of masking tape so it's easy to tell what goes where

6. Keep the boat organized by storing similar items together

Check your list: 

  • every time you plan a trip, if you need goods that are not on your boat, you can add them.
  • Tip: Always keep plastic bags on your boat for trash.


Boat Storage ideas/tips

Boat storage is one of the best ways to clear, clean, and organize your boat! There are so many creative ideas out there for storing anything you want on a vessel. You can get really creative with it because every boat has different needs based on what's inside.

Buckets Boat storage

This is a great way to store cleaning products; you can really use this as multipurpose storage. Another way to use this is to store all your covers, such as fender covers, boat covers, etc. Keep your boat organized. With this bucket, there is a bucket base an added option for you; the bucket base keeps the bucket from moving around your boat, so you can secure your buckets. This bucket is handy, and there is enough room for your cleaning products and other items. All boats can use this storage bucket, it works perfectly! With all the boat storage ideas you can add a bucket, they store easily work well, you can store anything in there, even some extra canned food, create an "emergency bucket aboard", if you ever get lost at sea, you know you have canned food stored!

Now you can effortlessly store all of your marine supplies in one convenient location with the Shurhold Bucket Kit. Simple and easy to use, this bucket is designed for storage on boat floors or benches as well as storing cleaning materials during boating trips. Best of all, it’s made durable!

Shurhold One Bucket Kit

Shurhold Bucket Base [240] (

buckets for boats

Hook holders boat storage

Install hook holders on your boat to hang items like towels, or life jackets, or shoes keep your deck clean don't have shoes lying around waiting for someone to trip over them! Boating is more fun when you organize! Everyone will know where to get what they need! Hanging wet towels are also a fast way to get dry, and with no towels on the deck or floor, you can rest assure no one will trip and fall.

Perko Stainless Steel Boat Hook Holders 

Storage holders


Dock Lines, fenders, and a ring buoy boat storage

Keep your fenders and dock lines secured and easily accessible. Don’t let your dock lines tangle up; instead, use line straps to keep your lines straight and secured. Store your fenders in one place; whether you keep them on the boat or in your garage, having your fenders in one place means you will not lose them, and when you need them, they are easily accessible. Dock Lines, fenders, and ring buoys are important so rather keep them onboard instead of the garage, if you have a spare you can keep that in the garage. Tip: Hanging dock lines and fenders on the outside of your boat create more space on the boat!

Dock Edge Line & Utility Holder

Barton Marine Line Tamer

Polyform #75 Boat Line Strap 

Fender holders - Budget Boat Things

Ring Buoy Holder 

dock line and fender storage


Holders Boat storage

Holders are great for holding various boat items such as hooks and mops. There are a variety of holders, beverage holders to avoid making a mess on your boat; it is best to have drink holders/beverage holders; this will keep all beverages secured. Avoid spilling by one easy step: Installing beverage holders—Rod holders, binocular holders, knife holders, soap holders, radio holders, etc. Keep your items secured and keep them from flying around when boating. Holders are a great way to organize items on your boat. Create a safe boating environment.

Drink holders

Beverage holder 

Rod holders 

Beckson Soft-Mate Binocular Holder - White [HH-4]

Radio holders 

Knife holder and tables 

Soap Holder 

Handy Bins and holders

Life jackets storage bags

Keep your life jackets in one place, easy to access. Life jackets are part of your safety equipment, so it is vital to keep them in one place and for everyone to know the location. Never go out boating without life jackets, keep them stored on your boat at all times! Hanging your life jackets is also a great idea, before you pack them away into the storage bag, you should hang them first. always keep more than one spare in the storage bag.

Kent 4-Pack of Adult Type II Vests in Stowage Bag

Onyx Vinyl PFD Life Jacket Stowage bag 

Life jackets storage bag


Storage caddies

Great for organizing fishing gear or personal items. The Bucket caddy can be used to store cleaning products, and accessories. You can use storage caddies for whatever you need! Store away!

Attwood Cockpit Caddy [11849-2] 

Attwood Cell Phone/GPS Caddy [11850-2]

Shurhold Bucket Caddy [2404]


Organize your fishing gear

You can keep your fishing gear well organized with racks and rod holders. Keep your fishing rods safe and secured.

Rod hanger 

Rod holders 

TACO Deluxe 4-Rod Pontoon Boat Tackle Rack 

Storage box - 

 Fishing boat sorage

Tackle bags & Storage boxes

Tackle bags and storage boxes a variety of uses, you can pack your fishing gear, store your tools, or you can pack the items you need for the day. Storage boxes are great to help keep all your small items in one place, especially fishing such as hooks.

tackle bag 

storage box 

 Plastic box storage


Hose canvas bucket and side mount

A great way to store and carry your expandable hose, keep it out of the way and keep it from tangling up. 

HoseCoil Side Mount Expandable Enclosure 

HoseCoil Canvas Bucket w/75 Expandable Hose

 To create more storage space, especially if you have a large boat with a cabin, galley, etc. Install drawers, or use a plastic box and build your own plastic drawer, which can stand upright against the wall.

Plastic drawer

Clear out your galley and install a drawer if you need more space or feel like you don't have enough storage. The most important food to keep in the galley is canned foods since that's what will be taken with every boat trip so items such as knives, forks, spoons should go in there but try not to overdo it because after all, everything needs to stay nice and tidy! Installing small racks or plastic drawers in the galley to hold kitchen supplies is also a great option!

Extra boat storage ideas

  • 1. put your life jackets in one place
  • 2. make sure you have a first aid kit on board, with the following supplies- ibuprofen, Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment and burn cream
  • 3. keep all of your boating tools together in a bucket or bag that is easy to find
  • 4. store extra gas cans for your boat near the back so they are easily accessible when needed
  • 5. use painter's tape to label drawers/cabinets for quick identification of what is stored inside them
  • 6. pack clothes into plastic bins and stack them neatly under beds or in closets to save space

The Benefits of organizing your boat:

  • Create more room to move around
  • Your boat is neat and clean
  • easy to clean
  • Easy access, no need to search for goods
  • Your items are safe and secure.
  • Easy to see items you need, and no longer need and items you wish to upgrade.
  • Cleaning is easier.
  • You don’t have to worry about items flying around while boating or even get lost.
  • You have space, you feel great, you feel like an organizer! With space around you, you just feel better!


We hope that these suggestions and products have helped you get your boat back in shape. If you need any more help, please let us know! What are some of the storage ideas or tips you use for organizing? Do you find our products useful? Let me know by leaving a comment below this post!

Our products are guaranteed to keep everything onboard organized and easily accessible. Not only do our organizers make it easier to find what you need when you need it, but they also save space by keeping items off the deck of your boat or in containers below decks. What type of organization is most helpful for organizing your boat? Do any of these storage ideas or tips work well with how you currently store things on board? We would love to hear from you!

 It is your duty to keep your boat clean! Marine supplies are here to help you!

You can do this! Get organized with Marine Supplies US your online US boat store, Buy boat parts, boat accessories, and boat products!


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