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How to get your boat ready for summer? De-Winterizing your boat

on November 21, 2021

It is time to get your boat out of winter storage! The cold winter months have come to an end, it is time to get your boat ready for summer!

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After a long winter, it is finally over, and it is time to get your boat out of storage and prepare for summer! The best time to de-winterize your boat is in spring wait for the last spring freeze, and as temperatures rise, you can start preparing your boat. 

If you followed our winterize blog, most of your work is done; you need to follow the next steps to get your boat ready for summer. Get out the battery tester and ensure that your boat battery is still in good condition to prevent yourself from getting stuck out on the waters and having to pay loads of money to be towed in. Boat owners seem to get very excited about boating season and overlook some things on their boats. Do an oil change after the winter, an oil change is very important as oil becomes sticky over time and can clog up your boat. Check all your safety gear and fishing equipment on the boat. Fuel separation is a possibility after months in storage so see to make use of a fuel stabilizer


Inspect your boat

  • Check the boat exterior for damages. Exterior damage is a big possibility in freezing temperatures as paint tends to crack and peel when temperatures drop and spike too much due to to the swelling of the materials used to build the boat.
  • Check the safety equipment like ensuring that there are no worn belts on life jackets, ensure all items are up to date and in working condition like your oil filter, distributor cap, outboard motor, and all of that.
  • Inspect the boat trailer: Lights, frame, rollers and pads, safety change, tires, and brakes. Check for corrosion 
  • Check your engine for water; creamy oil indicates water. Make sure there are no missing pieces on your boat and make this a routine all throughout the year.
  • Check your battery for corrosion; if you store your battery at home, re-install your battery.
  • Inspect the well, belts, and cables check for damages. Test the bilge pump, and make sure your drain plug is secured.
  • Check your VHF radio, make sure it is charged. Check all your sound signaling devices. For all items on board that uses batteries, be sure to check them and replace batteries where needed.
  • Fuel system inspection; check for damages and leaks; check fuel tank surface, hoses and connections. Check clamp, nuts, and bolts for corrosion.
  • Inspect belts and cables, check for any sign of corrosion; damages like cracks and brittles. Not checking on things like this can be very dangerous as it can snap, tear, or break at any time.
  • Check Fluid Levels, including engine oil, power trim reservoir, coolant, and fuel levels, replace oil filters, and change the oil; if you did not do this prior to storage, check out our winterizblog for all necessary changes.
  • Check the electrical system, get it inspected by a qualified electrician. Check for corrosion on all connections. 
  • Check your propeller for cracks, and check the propeller bearing. 
  • Inspect the hull for cracks and damages


Now that you have completed your inspection checklist be sure to fix everything that needs fixing. Visit our winterize blog.


Cleaning your boat

Your boat needs a good cleaning before going back into the water. Give your boat cleaning, and get ready for summer adventures! 

Marine Cleaning materials


  • Shurhold Moldaway is a powdered, oxygenated cleaner. It quickly removes stains caused by Mold; Mildew; Algae, Dirt; Blood; Food & drink and is safe to use on the following Vinyl; Canvas; Plastic; Carpeting; Interior, and exterior cushions; Sails; Wood, and boating accessories.





 CRC Marine Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor - 10oz - #06026 *Case of 12 [1003891]


De winterizes the engine – engine start-up for summer.

  • Flush the engine to get rid of all the fogging oil you added during winterizing.
  • When you start the engine, make sure you see water coming out. If not, switch the engine off; it means the impeller is not properly puling in the water and cooling the engine.
  • The engine will smoke due to the fogging oil added during winterizing; it is normal.
  • Let your engine run for about five minutes in idle to verify it will run in idle, then shift it to forward to make sure the prop moves, then shift to neutral to make sure the prop stops, then shift into reverse to make sure the prop spins the opposite way.

For more information on how to flush your engine, please visit our blog:

Boat maintenance daily, weekly, and monthly


 The whole family will have a ball this summer with the many water-based activities available. Summer boating is especially exciting because of all that it has to offer, including fishing trips on calm lakes or rivers you never know what you might catch. There’s also swimming and sunbathing at sunset, ocean cruises during which time children can play games like tug o' war while adults relax by drinking their favorite beverage or even cocktails.

You don't have to be in the water with a rod and reel, you just need some bait. Beaches are usually crowded during summer which means there's more competition for that delicious piece of fish than ever before. To get ahead on your game plan avoid getting psyched out by other anglers who might already have their hands full or looking at them funny because they're not using long poles like everyone else does when it gets hot outside. Get off easy this season instead, go boat fishing where people can watch from shore as you cast alluringly towards passing boats.

Careful boat preparation begins with a clean surface. The first thing that you want for your new or old vessel is to be sure it has ample water nearby in order to avoid damaging anything attached at seas like ropes and sails during transport; but also because there's nothing worse than dealing with all sorts of pesky saltwater getting inside while riding out high winds at anchor. Once this critical step has been taken care of, then it's onto cleaning away any weeds and grass growing on top near cliffsides these would only end up pulling attention away from where we need focus. Getting our craft ready before heading offshore.

The most recent advances in engine technology have led to an increase in the demand for cooling systems on boats.

A water-cooling system can be found at almost any marina, usually near gasoline pumps where you will find distributors who sell oils and other marine products as well! The best time of year is when lakes are low because then they're easier scooping up fresh lake water which has been filtered through sand or gravel before it enters your yacht's tanks this makes filtering very easy due to how coarse these particles tend not only to look but feel underfoot too since there isn't much current beneath us while we stand waist-deep inside our own boatyard working hard maintaining all aspects, including engines.

When summer is coming and there's no better time than now to get your boat in good shape. make sure you follow these steps before the weather gets hot: enjoy it, ensure safety by following manufacturer recommendations on care for metal surfaces like decks or masts as well as other important tips such as regular maintenance and checking fuel levels so that when summer rolls around again next year we're ready.

For those who enjoy summertime activities like boating, it's important to make sure your boat is in good working condition before taking off. The first step of this process includes ensuring that you put the vessel into storage with proper procedures during the winter months so everything will be ready when warmer weather arrives again.

Why are flotation devices on boats important?

Photographs of floating in calm water with nothing but blue skies above, sunsets behind you, and stars twinkling below are what my mind conjures up when I think about life at sea. The salty air fills my lungs as the sound dulls to almost non-existent levels around us; this way or that it's hard to tell which direction we're heading everything looks exactly equal distances away until one thing moves closer than anticipated by either party involved...I'm not really sure how long had passed nor did any measurements seem relevant so far since they were all "calculations" performed during moments free from work pressures.


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