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Lake Vacation

How to enjoy a Lake vacation? What are the best boats for lakes?

on August 15, 2021

Want to go to the lakes this summer? Find all you need in this blog, how to entertain your kids, the best boats for the lake, and activities!

Lake vacation



How to enjoy the lake without owning a boat? Fun lake activities, and best boats for lakes.

Are you planning a trip out to the lake? This article is all about how to enjoy the lake without owning a boat, and if you plan to purchase a boat, we listed some of the best boats for lakes! This article is all about Lake vacation and fun activities to entertain your kids at the lake! What you need to pack for a lake vacation? and essentials you need to be reminded of! Visit our blog for Top ten Fishing lakes in the U.S.


Just imagine getting up in the morning going outside, drinking your morning coffee, looking over the lake, breathing in the fresh air, taking a walk along side the lake, even jogging a long side the lake, the relaxing feeling you experience, the calmness of the water! I feel like going to the lake now! There are so many ways to experience the best lake summer vacation, even during winter times a lake vacation can be very rewarding! We all need that moment of peace and quiet, a day at the lake can give you that! We do our best and give our best in the everyday city/work life, and we sometimes need to stop and take a break of our busy life's, and focus on what is important, like family! Regain strength, clear your mind, start your search for a lake you would like to visit, plan a trip and have the best time at the lake with your family!

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Lake Activities

Rent a boat

Many lakes, if not all of them, have marinas where you can rent a boat by the hour or for the day, even for the weekend. Take a cruise on the lake, enjoy the beauty of nature, you can look at houses "Lake House" around the lake. Enjoy the sound of water and the wind blowing through your hair; if the lake is safe for swimming, you can anchor the boat and take a swim. Explore the outdoor!


Rent a kayak

This is probably the most affordable, and there are many things you can do on a kayak like; line fishing, Spend quality time and relax. Kayaking is a great healthy way to exercise, and the best part is it's an exercise you will enjoy. Imagine looking at the sun rising while you are on the kayak, enjoy the wind breeze and the sound of water around you. Enjoy a peaceful moment, a moment of silence with only the sound of nature around you.  Taking a trip to the lake, rent your kayak pack a cooler and start your outdoor adventure, Add drinks to your cooler and enjoy a sundowner! Find your inspiration out on the water, be inspired by country life!

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Take a dinner cruise.

Get personal with your love one and take a dinner cruise! The perfect romantic evening, love and appreciate the sunset, take pleasure with a dinner meal for you and your love one, or family and friends. Wine and dine and love and live the moment! At night it can become a little bit chili on the water, so be sure to take a sweater with you.



Champaign dinner  lake cruise


Lunch or dinner at the dockside.

You don't have to be in the water to enjoy the water, visit the dockside and enjoy a lunch or dinner meal, looking over the water, the birds in the sky, and all the boats that are passing by. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water, the summer sunset, life is great at the dockside!


lake Dock side


Hiking, swimming, camping, horse riding

Many lakes offer inland activities, like hiking or horse riding; before you plan your trip, you can find out about all the inland activities, inland activities differ from one lake to another. Hiking, camping and horse riding trips is awesome, the perfect way to explore outdoor, and a great experience for the kids! The best part about camping is the camp site, the fire, the food and the music, surrounded by family everyone sitting around the fire, listening to the music most often played on a guitar and everyone singing songs!  Find your camping products Here

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Hiking alongside the lake

Fun lake activities

Taking a trip to lake this summer you need a plan to entertain your kids and keep them entertained this summer! Boating; Water sports; Jet Skiing; Kayaking; canoe; paddle boarding; Fishing, hiking and swimming are great activities your kids can enjoy, activities are important for kids, and on a rainy day you need to spend the day inside the lake house and that can become boring quickly, so be shore to pack some board games for the kids to play and make the day fun inside the house!

Site seeing "Lake house"

Take a trip down the lake and explore, there are beautiful lake houses ! Find the perfect lake house!

Lake house

Lake house

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What to pack for a lake vacation? 

There is a lot to pack, and of course, you will know what you want and what you need to take on your lake vacation; between the packing of clothing and bathroom goodies, you might forget other essential items, below is just a few items you need to be reminded of. Be prepared for anything and everything or at least try to be! Create and plan a packing list and make sure you list the essentials! Pack extra! Summer days can change into a cold rainy day in just a second so always pack some warm clothes!

For the trip to the lake, include the following while packing: Always pack food, drinks, and ice!

Life jackets, life jackets are extremely important if you spend the the day on the lake, never take the risk of being without a life jacket! If you don't have life jackets you should be able to rent a life jacket or you can visit our store and find the perfect life jacket for you!

Life jacket

Life vest for your dog

Camping - Coolers: planning to spend the day at the lake, you need water coolers to pack your drinks and keep them cold.



camping cooler for the lake

Foam super soakers: This is a fun activity for your kids and for the whole family, a friendly water fight. Foam soakers are fun to play with, so if you don't have one visit a store near you and buy some, this is awesome to have and you can take this on every holiday, weather it is for the lake vacation or if you are going to the beach.


foam soaker, lake activity


Sunscreen, you need sunscreen to protect your precious skin from burning in the sun. Waterproof sunscreen is best since kids do not want to come out of the water for mom or dad to put sunscreen on every 30 minutes. 
Board games the next best thing when the rain comes down and you find yourself stuck inside the house! This is the opportunity to get personal and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

board games, lake activity


Bug repellent to keep those bugs away, especially mosquitos, bug repellent is vital, make sure you take one that is kid friendly.
Dry bags protect your clothes, towels, wallets, phones, cameras, etc., from water. This is the perfect bag to take on a boating trip.



dry bag, lake life



Sunglasses and hats – you need a hat for extra protection from the sun, and sunglasses to protect your eyes and stop you from glaring all the time, which will give you wrinkles. Sunglasses


Swimming towels – if you are planning to swim or even just to get in a nice tan, you need swimming towels. 




towels , hats, sunglasses trip to the lake

Fishing Poles – we can't plan to fish without our fishing poles; if you do not have one and want to fish, the fishing charters will be able to help you, and you can rent one. 

Toys, toys and toys! Kids can have plenty of fun and find their own way to entertain themselves when they have a toy to play with.


Stainless steel tumbler instead of using cups where your drink can spill, use tumblers instead, stainless steel tumblers can keep your drink cold for longer, and if it is a warm drink like coffee, it will keep it warm for longer. 



Stainless steel tumbler for the lake




Best boats for lakes

Lake vessels, summer life

Ski boats & wakeboard boats

These boats are mainly used for water sports; the wakeboard boats offer more room for the passengers and create a bigger wake, a bigger wake is precisely what you want when wakeboarding, and the ski boat provides a flatter wake for the person skiing. You can use the boats for a cruise; however, the primary purpose of both boats are water sports.


Pontoon boats

Pontoon boats are safe and easy for beginners. Pontoon boats are more spacious and have a lot more storage space. The vessel can be used for fishing, entertaining, taking a cruise on the lake, having dinners on the boat. This is the perfect boat for families. Read this article Pontoon

boats explained


Fishing boats

There are a variety of fishing vessel, from small vessels to large vessels. Fishing vessels are mainly used for fishing, it's quite apparent, but what else can you do on fishing vessels besides fishing? You can enjoy the cruise to your fishing spot; it all about fishing; there is not much else to do besides fishing and catching a nice tan. Top ten Fishing lakes in the U.S. – Marine Supplies US


Bowrider boats

Bowrider boats are one of the most popular vessels for lakes; they are perfect for cruising and perfect for families. These boats are very versatile; you can use them for towable water sports, and there is space on the boat. 


Cabin Cruisers

These boats are great for day time and night time; you can spend the night or the whole weekend on your boat. Cabin cruisers are equipped for spending long periods of time aboard. You can even get private rooms depending on the size of the boat. 


Sail Boats

 Sailing is a fun and full-on activity. There are many different types of sailboats; choosing the right one depends on what you want to do, cruising sailboats, racing sailboats, sailing dinghies, etc. Keep in mind that when selecting a sailboat, ask yourself do you want to use it just on the lake or on the ocean too. Sailing boats for the lake are smaller than Sailing boats for the ocean.


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The best part about lake trips, is the time you have with your family, whether you are inside the lake house or out on the lake, you have all the tips you need to make this summer memorable with your family! Family life is important! What to expect during your time at the lake; peace and quiet, beautiful country life, best sunset views

Start your lake trips with Marine Supplies US

 the marine store for you and your family.


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