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Bass boat Safety

How to drive a bass boat safely?

on September 18, 2021

A Bass boat is a popular fishing boat to have! They are perfect in size, driving safely is vital!

Bass boat

How to drive a bass boat safely?

The average bass boat's speed is between 41-75 mph. It is definitely thrilling to take a ride on this high-performance fishing boat.

During all the fun, bass fishing, driving over rough waves, keep in mind that safety is an important part of the bass boat and bass fishing experience.

They may look small but these bass fishing boats have a lot of power. High speed combined with rough water, waves, or wind could lead to disaster.

Below, we have listed some of our top safety tips and precautions after collecting information from professional bass anglers.

Bass boat in rough water

Do not drive under the influence!

Having a drink while on the boat is fun; however, if you plan on sailing the boat, it becomes your responsibility to be alert, keep others and yourself out of harm’s way.

There are set BUI (Boating Under Influence) laws all across the US prohibiting boaters from operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and illegal narcotics; even if your local area does not have any regulations or supervision, it is always a good practice to not indulge in drinking or use of narcotics while sailing, as being impaired lessens your ability to deal with an unforeseen disaster.


Always keep your eyes ahead.

It is very easy to get distracted on the GPS screen and other electronics, making you inattentive towards other boats and obstacles in your way; hence you must always keep an eye not only on your GPS and fishing electronics but also on your surroundings, mainly because bass boats move fast and the odds of you ending up in a dangerous situation are higher.

Using a radar can help you be more aware of your surrounding vessels and dangers.

Not only does it help you track nearby objects, but it can also help you track the weather and locate the game fish.


Be well educated!

Even though it may not be required, is it recommended that you take a bass boating course either from your local boating school or online.

It’s the very nature of these boats that make them very different from the rest.

They are engineered for specific water conditions and pack a lot of horsepower in a relatively smaller form factor; hence, you must always attain as much knowledge about bass boats before sailing one.

Something you learned in a boating class sticks with you, and even though you may not need it in the short run, it can potentially make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

Always stay up to date with the water conditions.

Bass boats are designed for flat waters, they cannot withstand rough waters and could potentially eject people on board if it hits one, and hence you must always test the waters before you sail to keep yourself and your vehicle out of danger.

Use running lights in low visibility.

When visibility is poor, you should keep your running lights on to have a better idea of your surroundings; it is also advised to keep your running lights on when your boat is at a halt while you are fishing.

Our top pick of navigation lights is the Sea-Dog Stainless Steel LED Navigation Lights - Port Starboard [400070-1].

Its premium and durable build are guaranteed to make your bass boating adventures safer and allow for easier navigation! 

Navigation lights

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Slow down!

As we all know to speed on a bass boat, having wind going through your hair can be a thrilling experience; however, it can prove to be deadly as well since bass boats can reach very high speeds, and it is harder to identify any upcoming dangers or obstacles of dangerous waves coming your way; hence you should always keep an eye on your picometer and stay within the speed limits!

Be courteous while on the waters.

For everyone’s safety, you must give way and avoid getting too close to fishermen and boaters around you to prevent collisions and accidents!

Seat adjustment

Ensure that your pedestal seat is lowered for best visibility, and don’t ever let a passenger ride in it to ensure the safety of everyone on board!

Always wear a life jacket.

Wearing a life jacket is a must when you are on a boat; it helps you float on top of the water in case you get into an accident.

We found the Crewsaver ErgoFit Offshore 190N Automatic Life Jacket [55-9125BKAP] to be an amazing option.

With its ergonomic design, top-notch build quality, and insane comfort levels.

Life Jacket

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Never overload your bass boat.

It is advised that you comply with your boat’s weight capacity and do not carry additional equipment or passengers to keep your boat performing at its best while being safe as well!

Do not forget to have a kill switch.

 Imagine your leaver gets stuck and you can’t stop your boat; a kill switch enables you to stop your engine in case it malfunctions; this can prevent accidents and save lives!

The FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch Basepack - Grey [72.380.206] is a modern wireless kill switch that allows you to wirelessly kill your boat’s engine!

Its 300-hour long battery life will ensure that it is always active and running while you are out, even for the longest routes!

Wireless kill switch

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Nothing is more precious than life; hence, you must incorporate these safety measures while you are out on your next bass boating experiences to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way.

We hope that you have learned something new regarding bass boat safety from this article and wish you good luck on your next bass boat adventure!


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