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Boat in ocean

How to care for your boat

on September 18, 2021

Get ready, prepare your boat maintenance checklist! Follow our boat maintenance tips and care for your boat!

Boat in ocean


It has become increasingly easier for boat owners to care for their boats. Thanks to advanced technology, there are thousands of new products available to boat owners for maintenance.

Most modern boats you find these days are fiberglass boats, with gel coat surfaces. Compared to the traditional wooden boats, the upkeep and maintenance on modern boats are not as much or as expensive.

Although maintenance is needed less frequently, you should still perform basic boat maintenance regularly. It's a lot like taking care of a car and, as with a car, if not kept in good shape and maintained, you'll likely suffer damages.

Follow these easy boat maintenance tips:

boat maintenance checklist

Clean your boat!

The first and most obvious maintenance tip is to wash your boat. Although it might seem simple this is a very crucial step for you to maintain your boat.

After a day of boating or fishing on the salty seawater, hose your boat down with fresh water, every time! The freshwater will get most of the salt, sand, and dirt off the boat.

clean your boat

After you hose your boat down, be sure to properly wipe the boat down to ensure it dries. This prevents rust, mold, and mildew from growing and spreading.

Your boat's body will very quickly oxidize, putting a damper on your prized possession if not kept salt and dirt free.

Remember to also hose important places such as the hull and around the wheels to ensure that your whole boat is rid of salt and dirt.

Start by giving a good clean using a high-quality soft brush, which prevents scratches on the windows, hull, and fiberglass exterior.

Shurhold soft brush

We recommend this Shurhold 8" Nylon brush.

This will help get rid of any salt leftover after you hose the boat down.

After you hose, wipe and properly dry the boat, follow that a coat of wax.

We recommend Meguiar's Flagship Premium Marine Wax.

This boat wax is insane! It breathes life into your boat by dramatically enriching color and glossiness, using the highest grade of carnauba to protect the paint, and even has UV protection to ensure your boat never even hints at any shade of brown or dullness.

regular maintenance

Apply the wax with a polisher such as the Meguiar's Professional Dual Action Polisher.

These will give professional-grade detailing results and save you a lot of time and effort too.

This specific polisher offers an ergonomic design, a Meguiar's Digital Torque Management speed controller, and a flawless result.


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Another convenient yet simple necessity to keep on your boat at all times is a water blade. Not mopping up spills or dealing with the hassle of messy wet towels often left in the wrong places lead to heavy rusting stains and corrosion.

The Shurhold Shur-DRY Water Blade is the holy grail of water blades; made of medical-grade silicone.

The Shurhold Shur-DRY Water Blade is one of the gentlest substances; this blade molds itself to any contour and dries in just one swipe. It won't scratch even the most delicate surfaces and is extremely comfortable using fatigue, minimizing design.

Marine dry water blade

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If you ever are faced with any mold build-up anywhere, such as on carpets, plastic, sails, woodwork, vinyl or cushions, and more, Shurhold Moldaway quickly gets rid of the stains caused by mildew, algae, mold. It even tackles blood, dirt, and food and drinks perfectly.

It doesn't contain any bleach or chlorine, so it's safe on all colors and most fabrics, so be sure to stock up on these.

Shurhold moldaway

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Take care of your engine.

The same as a car, a boat needs regular oil changes. Always use marine-grade engine oil to protect your boat's engine, which works much harder than a vehicle.

Use engine fogging fluid every time you top up your engine oil to protect the engine from corrosion. Engine fogging fluid will prolong engine life: a little investment, significant future saving.

A great pick is the CRC Engine Stor Fogging Oilwhich protects outboard motors, marine engines, and internal combustion engines. It even protects the electrical connections in use or storage.

Engine fogging oil

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An engine degreaser such as the CRC Engine Degreaser can be used to lift grease and grime off of engines, giving you a cooler and more efficient running.

Engine degreaser

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Check on your propeller often.

Check the propeller for waste or fishing lines and remove it, as it can cause serious gearcase leaks that require professional help and cost you a lot.

It's important to check for damage, too, as the smallest dent drastically lowers your boat's performance and fuel consumption efficiency.

Protect your battery in the off-season

When left unused for too long, especially in the winters, battery life falls, and it's very likely to come face to face with a dead battery the next time you're up for a cruise.

Avoid this dilemma and protect your battery life by storing them away in a safe, clean place at room temperature after cleaning any corrosion off of them. It'll save you a lot of unwanted hassles and money.

Final Words:

Following these recommendations will ensure you run into much fewer problems related to your boat health.

You'll spend much less money and stress on maintenance than you will on getting issues diagnosed and fixed, so it's always best to prevent than repair.

You'll also feel great knowing you're taking good care of your aquatic beauty.

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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

Awesome tips for a new boat owner. I’ve been thinking of getting one!


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