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Eco friendly boater

How to be a Eco-Friendly Boater?

on September 18, 2021

Nature and marine life are beautiful! We should do everything we can to protect it! Starting with changes we make!

Eco friendly boater


11 tips on being an Eco-Friendly Boater

 invasive species

Many of us are water babies. Going offshore, onboard the ocean, boaters enjoy fishing and seeing the marine wildlife.

Sailing out on the open water gives boaters a chance to get away from city pollution, carbon chemicals, untreated sewage waste.

While most boating enthusiasts are environmentally cautious, most tourists don't join in these green practices.

Boaters are finding water bodies polluted, with empty plastic bottles, oil spills, sewage that impact many fish species and the marine environment.

The remnants form a significant part of boaters' carbon footprint.

If boaters don't change their ways and become greener, they will not be able to hand over a healthy ecosystem for the next generation.

To help boaters go green and make their carbon footprint smaller we have set out a few green boating tips:

Tips for Eco-Friendly boating

practices that have an environmental impact

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle onboard

Efficient recycling is the perfect play to start on your going green journey.

Items on your vessel that can be recycled, include boat batteries, plastic bottles, cans, aluminum foil, old rags, other plastic materials, and many glass items.

Items can be properly recycled at designated local recycling centers offshore.

2. Dispose of garbage in an environmentally friendly way.

To avoid trash from going overboard:
  1. Keep a trash bag on board, and point the bag out to all passengers.
  2. Keep the garbage safe and secure until you get to the docks and dispose of the waste in an appropriate bin.
  3. Never allow scattered trash.


To dispose of your waste properly lessens plastic pollution in the waters.

toxic environmental impact

3. Do routine maintenance on fuel tanks and engines

Always make sure your engine system is well maintained. Keep your engine clean, by doing so, boat owners can avoid oil spills.

If you do not tune it correctly, the fuel requirement will increase, using more fuel and energy creates greater pollution. This will also make you spend more on filling up your fuel tanks.

Make sure you take your boat for routine maintenance and ensure your engine system works efficiently.

Besides having a well-maintained engine, regular maintenance on your vessel is needed to avoid any type of leakage that may occur.

Also, repaint your boat often. Be sure to use waterproof paint and paints that are safe for the environment. The smallest changes in your engine and even paint can make the biggest difference.  

Visit our Boat maintenance blog.

4. Be a responsible boat cleaner

The boat owner and their passengers on board must be responsible cleaners.

Always, always try to avoid toxic products and paints that could damage the local marine environment.

Use non-toxic cleaning products to wash your boat with.

Vinegar and baking soda straight out of the kitchen can be used as green products to clean and wash your vessel with. After fishing these are great to get that fishing smell off your boat. These are also cost-effective and safe for the environment.

Also, check out these sustainable products below:

Holding Tank Deodorant

Gel Coat Compound,
Bio-Based Earth Soap Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrated,
#54 Boat Wash Gel.

bilge, sustainable products safe for aquatic  species in ocean

5. Use caution while you dock

Many boating enthusiasts transfer their boats from one body of water to another.

As a result, oil spills, paints, fuel, and other waste may be transferred from the vessel to the water.

Thus, it is the boat owner's responsibility is to hose out the bilge, spray down the boat and trailer with fresh water after every outing.

They should try and avoid trailering when moving their boat to keep water pollution at bay.

We recommend this Bilge Cleaner to clean your boats.


bilge, clean boats while helping the environment

6. Check the Fuel

Before sailing off from the dock, ensure you fill your fuel tanks and make sure they aren't overflowing.

There is always the chance that the tank is filled up over the line and so fuel will waste. Always keep an absorbent cloth on the boat, ready in case a tank overflows or the engines get flooded.

Fuel and oil spills contaminate the water and impacts fish, marine, and other aquatic wildlife.

Boat users must ensure that the hull is clean to improve the efficiency of the boat.

The only solution is to reduce the weight in the boat. Conserved fuel and energy translate into a safer environment.

We recommend the Fuel Data Manager.

It comes in handy on the boat to ensure spill reduction.


efficient fuel tank manager, avoid fuel spill

7. Use chemical-free products on your boat

Unfortunately, not all products we use out on the water are eco-friendly.

However, there are many non-toxic, chemical-free products boat owners can invest in.

Always use eco-friendly, sustainable products and paints on your boat, along with recyclable products.

8. Hull cleaning

The best way to properly clean your boat hull is to haul your boat to a marina instead of cleaning it in the water where paint and oil can flow from the boat into the water.

The oil and paint residue can harm fish and other marine wild

9. Don't pump out raw sewage in the ocean

Holding tanks should be emptied at local pump-out facilities ashore. This will ensure that the water stays clean and safe for the wildlife living in it.

10. Keep oil absorbent products onboard

While out on your boat, it is always possible for your boat to leak oil. Make sure you have oil absorbent products onboard to clean up any spill if needed.

11. Understand the importance of marine life.

Create awareness of how important it is to protect the beautiful marine creatures. Just changing the paint or cleaning materials you use on your boat can lead to a cleaner environment and crystal clear clean water.

By doing these little things, every boater does their part to help stop pollution and save millions of marine creatures from suffering and eventually extinction!


Sea turtle  under the ocean

By taking care of your boat, you help take care environment, all at the same time.

If all boat owners make these small changes, it can make the biggest difference to our planet and our lives.

Go out and educate your friends and family members, who own boats, on the importance of marine species. Educate them on the role environmentally friendly products have in reducing the world's carbon footprint.

Just by following these easy Eco-friendly suggestions, you and your boating buddies have made a change already.

We all enjoy boating and the wildlife experience and connecting with nature, and we want all future generations to be able to experience the same and even better.

extraordinary ocean floor

Eco-Friendly is a word and action that should be a part of our daily life, meaning we think about the earth, we think about marine life, we care, and we protect.

Go green with Marine Supplies US!

Supplying non-toxic chemicals and cleaning products for green boating!


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