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Handling Seasickness

Handling Seasickness

on January 15, 2022

A Boater's Guide to Handling Seasickness

boat on water Handling Seasickness

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The sea is a beautiful sight, but unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy it equally. Of course, you can stick to the shores and do just fine. But there is something mesmerizing about enjoying the vast azure expanse while drifting in the middle of it on a ship or a boat. And seasickness would make an otherwise fantastic experience into a nightmare very, very quickly. The worst part about it all is the fact that you can’t even tell whether it would be an issue until you actually find yourself out at sea, feeling queasy. Still, there is some good news! There are several ways you can mitigate the effects of the sea on your body, at least to an extent. To help you learn how to do that, we present the boater’s guide to handling seasickness.

Keep your eyes on the horizon

Part of what causes seasickness is the dissonance between what you are seeing and what your body is going through. Due to subtle motions and the rocking of a boat, your body will be convinced that the world should be rocking along. However, your mind thinks that you should be standing still. Add to that the shifting of water, boat, and the activity on board, and your nausea will get worse. In such moments, the best way of handling seasickness is to stare straight at the horizon. It is the only stationary point you are likely to find, and that can help deal with the deluge of visual information making your state worse.ocean Handling Seasickness

Caption: Relaxing and water gazing is very calming after a stressful day.

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Bring along some medicine

There is absolutely nothing wrong with relying on medicine while getting used to life at sea. In fact, when looking for marine supplies, it is helpful to include them on the list of things you should keep on a boat. Even if you have long since gotten your sea legs. Note, however, that such medicine is best used as prevention. It might take a bit for it to kick in, and they can also cause drowsiness. It is best you consult with a doctor before taking any.

Eat a measured meal

Lots of people think that handling seasickness is easier on an empty stomach. However, this can, ironically, upset your stomach even more than if you'd had a reasonably sized meal. This means that it's best to act normally when it comes to food. Do not overeat and experiment with food you've never had before. And definitely do not do something as silly as skipping meals or forcefully limiting your portions.

plate of food Handling Seasickness

Caption: It is still smart to avoid heavy food.

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Stay around the middle of the deck

As we have already mentioned, the cause of seasickness is the boat's rocking. The worst of it happens around the edges, while the middle of the deck is the 'calmest' area. In addition, going to the railing can be dangerous for you if the seasickness is making you dizzy. Not to mention that the motion of waves breaking against the sides of the ship might only make things worse.

Stay in fresh air

Do not sequester yourself in your cabin while trying to deal with seasickness. The cramped, likely stuffy interior of it will only make you feel worse. It can worsen the dizziness and nausea you are feeling, which could, in turn, even make you pass out. At the very least, it would likely cause you to quickly lose the contents of your stomach.

Bring along some gum

While not precisely a must-have tool on a boat, gum or anything you can chew on is extremely useful when handling seasickness. Now, you might think that having something in your mouth would worsen the situation. However, the repetitive movement of chewing and the slight yet not overwhelming taste of gum can have a calming effect.

gum Handling Seasickness

Caption: Mint or gum will also help if your sickness does win out.

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Try to distract yourself and avoid stress

Seasickness does not happen due to fear and anxiety. But once it starts, its effects can be transformed from mildly inconvenient to downright incapacitating if you let panic take over. In fact, with how much stress can worsen your condition, you want to make sure every part of your adventure at sea is as calm and organized as possible. Including the one where you need to transport your boat or yacht and ensure a simple and stress-free transfer. Always bring along something to distract yourself with! Be it a good book, a video game console, or a board game you can play in a common area.

Breathe deeply and slowly

Once seasickness sets in, no matter how prepared you might be for it or how much you try to distract yourself, it is still possible to experience anxiety. This can quickly lead to a spiral, and you might start having a panic attack, which would most definitely not improve your chances of handling seasickness well. To prevent this, focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Try to even out your breath, as this will do wonders to keep you calm and prevent your body from triggering a panic attack due to shortness of breath. In addition, this is also excellent advice if you are still trying to stay in shape on a boat since post-workout shortness of breath can also worsen your condition when suffering from mild seasickness.

Final Advice

Having gone through a boater's guide to handling seasickness, we hope that you will be able to handle yourself well. Just remember that you should always do a small test to see if you might suffer from seasickness before you sign yourself up for a week at sea! Not being able to get off a ship after finding out you suffer from severe seasickness is not a fun way to spend a vacation.

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