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Guide to Planning a Weekend Getaway on Your Boat

on May 10, 2022

You might think that organizing a weekend on a boat is as simple as planning a weekend trip on land. However, there are many differences and limitations to account for, some of which can easily slip your mind. So, take the time to check out our guide to planning a weekend getaway on your boat!

Know what your boat is capable of

Firstly, make sure your boat is suited to what you are planning to do. It should be pretty obvious, but it still needs to be said. Even with an actual cabin, a fishing boat is not one you want to have a lot of people on. A cuddy cabin boat is not very good for large gatherings, either. And you do not want to spend extended periods on a pontoon boat. So, your range of activities will definitely be limited depending on the kind of boat you own. Of course, it is wise to choose the right boat for your needs initially, but that requires a lot of foresight and future planning from the get-go.

A guy chilling on a boat in the ocean with blue canopy

Planning a weekend getaway on your boat changes a lot depending on the number of participants.

Make sure you have everything you will need

Being on the boat in the middle of the sea means you will not have a lot of the conveniences you are used to. Without considerable time and effort, it is impossible to pop over to a store and get something you'd forgotten. So, plan ahead! Will you need any medications while out on the sea? Are there allergies or sicknesses which you ought to plan for? Do you have all the toiletries you'll want to have on hand? It is just as important to know which of your things you ought to leave behind and rent storage while traveling to keep your belongings safe because some things do not handle humidity and heat well, such as some electronics. If you do not have a place on your boat to put them where they will be safe, stash them in storage.

Plan for every passenger

Focusing on your own needs is all good and well. However, remember that everyone joining you on your weekend getaway will be in the same position. They, too, will be cut off from the convenience of stores. If you want to avoid arguments that can spoil the mood over having to go back to buy or get something, impress upon them the importance of such prep work. Similarly, lots of people love boating with pets. However, they underestimate just how difficult it can be to care for their fluffy friends while on a boat. If you are not sure that you can make the proper preparations needed to keep them and yourself safe and comfortable, please consider leaving them at home.

Look into the upcoming weather conditions

The weather can make or break your weekend, so planning a weekend getaway on your boat needs to account for it. Even the experts from Spyder Moving agree that be it for moving or fun, checking the weather is crucial. Of course, lots of people argue that weather forecasts are unreliable. However, it is much better to try and fail than not to have tried at all. Besides, even if the forecast is slightly off, it will still give you an idea of what to expect. Going in with the mindset that the sky will be cloudless and sunny only to be met with torrential downpours would alter your plans or cut them short.

A boat party on a sunny day

You want to have as much fun as possible, to plan thoroughly!

Have all the required safety equipment

It is impossible to overstate how important having safety equipment is. You need to understand that things can go wrong at any moment. This goes double if alcohol and parties are involved. Even if having the safety vests for everyone cuts into the amount of booze and snacks you can bring along, make that sacrifice! Naturally, it is just as crucial to have people use the safety equipment you had brought along. Perhaps you can get away with being slightly lax on a large boat like a yacht with enough space to maneuver. But if you are organizing a party on a more cramped boat, force those vests on your friends if you must. And, of course, try to make purchases from a reliable marine supplies store to ensure their quality.

Make sure you understand what to do in case of an emergency

If you are leasing out a boat for the weekend, you are likely not familiar with safety procedures or what to do in an emergency. However, if something does happen, you need to know how to react. There are plenty of classes and tutorials you can take or watch on handling emergencies on a boat. So, take the time and do your studying. It could end up being a 'waste of time.' But if something does happen, you will be incredibly grateful to have done it.

A yacht on the water wth large mountain

A yacht or cruiser are typically safer boats to spend a lot of time on.

Be realistic with the provisions

Finally, when planning a weekend getaway on your boat, you need to be realistic with the food and other provisions you will be bringing along. This does not only mean the amount you're planning to buy. More important is knowing which kind of provisions can keep on a boat. Even with all the precautions you can take, you will still be taking that food into a very humid, often hot, environment. If you bring something that quickly spoils, you may have to cut your weekend short due to an urgent visit to a doctor.

Final comment

With our guide to planning a weekend getaway on your boat, you can avoid most mistakes. Apply the knowledge you have gained and have a blast with your friends or family!


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