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Great Loop Boating – A Complete Guide

by Monique Pretorius on February 01, 2021

Great Loop Boating – A Complete Guide

great loop boating


Traveling the 6000 miles of the great loop across America is one of the biggest adventures any boater can embark on. Boaters who have traveled across this beautiful route suggest that it is like no other, the idea of fabulous looping is fascinating, and however, it does come with a set of challenges and safety concerns. With the help of veteran great loppers, we've come up with information that is critical to the safety and convenience of those embarking on this journey.

Be courteous and aware while great looping.

There are many situations where you approach a narrow way, and you have other boaters coming from both sides, and since you may already be tired from sailing for prolonged periods, it is always a good idea to abide by the driving laws and give way to other boaters to prevent any accidents and keep not only yourself but everyone on board safe and sound. 

While the sailors have to drive, staying alert for so long is not possible on long routes; hence it is recommended that not only the sailor but every single person on board has a pair of binoculars adjusted to their size so they can all look around at the same time, this allows for better detection of any upcoming boats, logs or unexpected dangers. 

Bushnell binocular

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We found the Bushnell Spectator 12 x 50 Binocular [BS11250] to be a fantastic option to use onboard, with its fantastic focus capability and adjustment options. It is made with top-notch materials it is guaranteed to serve you for years!

During the dark, however, binoculars are not the most efficient; hence you must use navigation lights at all times so that you can have better visibility while making sure other boaters can see you. The Sea-Dog White LED Navigation Lights - Port Starboard [400071-1] are a great and affordable option for those looking for navigation lights.

led marine navigation lights

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Always inspect your boat beforehand.

Sometimes all it takes is a loose nut or neglected meter or gauge that can cause disasters while boating; hence, it is essential that you always inspect your boat and determine if it needs any repair or tuning; it is also advisable that you check all your gauges before you embark on the loop to make sure you don't run into any engine troubles during your travels. You should tighten your boat's nuts and make sure everything is appropriately functional and operational before you leave for the sake of safety and convenience, not only yourself but the others sailing with you as well.

Don't forget the kill switch.

It is always recommended that you have a kill switch in case your boat's engine malfunctions; as the name suggests, this simple yet lifesaving technology switches your engine off when engaged, this could prove to be lifesaving while sailing, especially on busy routes like the great loop. Our expert friends recommend the FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch Basepack - Grey ], unlike traditional models, this is an entirely wireless kill switch that can be simply engaged from anywhere on the boat; it engages automatically if you fall over the board as you hit the water and the 300 hours long-lasting battery ensures that it is operational on the longest of routes, with the great loop being no exception.

Marine wireless kill switch + MOB

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Be sure that you are educated enough.

Being knowledgeable about boating is very important before embarking on a long journey; hence, we recommend that you get a boating safety course from your nearest boating school. Even though it may not seem like it is important, yet something you learned in boating class can potentially make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

Make sure you have insurance.

On longer routes like the great loop, you are bound to come to a halt, and towing and repair costs can burn a hole in your pocket; hence it is recommended that you get insurance before you leave so you don't go broke in case you get into engine troubles. 

Make sure that your boat is equipped with a radio.

On longer routes, having a radio can be very handy since you don't always have a reception for cell phones. You can remain updated with any upcoming hazards through radio alerts and communicate with authorities in case of an emergency. We recommend the Icom M803 Recreational SSB Radio [M803]which is a reliable and high-quality radio system to fulfill all your communication and update needs. It has an exceptional range and superior build quality, making it the best option for radio communication devices.

Icom ssb radio

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For the sake of a smooth sailing experience, I hope that you make use of these tips while you embark on this one of a kind journey. We hope that this article has made you more aware and ready for your incredible loop journey! We wish you an amazing journey across this breathtaking route.



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