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Boating Safety Tips to Remember

8 Boating Safety Tips to Remember

on October 05, 2020


Enjoy a day out boating, and follow boating safety tips and keep your family safe!

Boating safety


The boating season is finally here! With all the excitement and fun, you need to remember a few things for safe boating. So here we are to help you with that! 

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know before going boating, along with the boating safety tips and how you can enjoy the most out of your trip with all fun and zero worries! 

So without any delay, let’s get started!

1.   Always wear a life jacket

life jacket


This is not just for boating! You must wear a life jacket at all times whenever you go for any water sports activity. These are the first and foremost safety precautions that every boater must follow. Especially if the water is cold, a life jacket can save you from hypothermia which is one of the major causes of death while boating. Thus, you must make sure that you have a good supply of life jackets that are of an appropriate size and fit properly. You can purchase some really good-quality life jackets from here.

The best part about these life jackets is that they have amazing quality and they are delivered to you on your doorstep, avoid any hassle, just order online

2.   Make a plan and inform someone about it

Before you go boating, make a schedule and inform someone about it. They must know the timings for your departure and arrival, the persons you are taking with you, the equipment details, and must have the emergency contact numbers. 

3.   Never drink alcohol

This has been another leading cause of death during boating. You must never drink alcohol or take it with you in the boat.

Family boating


4.   Follow the boating safety rules

Before planning a trip, go through the boating safety rules and make sure you know them well before you go boating. Improper lookout or high speed can lead to boating accidents, so you must be very careful about that.

You can learn more about this here!

5.   Check the weather forecast before leaving

Weather can be unpredictable at any time so you must note down the weather forecast and choose the right time for boating. Rain or thunderstorm can ruin your plan and can even lead to an accident, so it is important to check the weather forecast and plan only if the weather is dry and clear. 

boating in a good weather


6.   Learn CPR and have an emergency kit

You must know how to perform the CPR in case any emergency occurs. Also, an emergency kit having the first aid medicines and emergency contact numbers is another necessary thing that you must keep with you whenever you decide to go boating. 

Here are a few emergency kits that you can easily purchase online. 

7.   Wear proper footwear 

If you are wearing some slippery shoes, there are chances that you might fall overboard. Hence, it is important to always check your shoes and make sure they are non-slippery to avoid any accidents. 

8.   Educate all the members of the boat about the safety precautions

Educating kids about boating


Each passenger must know everything about:

What to do in case of an emergency?

What are the emergency numbers?

How to properly use the radio devices?

Where is the first aid kit located?

And all that is required to keep everyone safe!

To learn more about safe boating and the common mistakes that new boaters often make, watch this short but interesting video!



So that is it! It is all very easy and simple, but remember that any negligence can lead to an irreparable loss and that is something nobody wants! So just be safe, follow the instructions, and enjoy your marine adventures! Cheers!

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