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Marine navigation

Don't get lost in the ocean, know your location with Garmin marine navigation with up to 5000 accurate waypoints, choosing your next location just got easy!

on November 22, 2021

Marine navigation is vital and with improved technology, we now have marine navigation with amazing safety features. The best part is the data fields, you can keep an active log, view maps, safe locations, and many more.

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Maps accessories and compatible devices are a must for any real adventurers out there. This company offers the latest in maps technology, from navigation software to batteries that double as earplugs on long car rides!


This is an exciting time at Maps adpetsories because they have been expanding their line up of products lately including new styles by popular brands like TomTom so you can explore more places while still getting great customer service when your device needs some love.

Marine Navigation

Marine navigation is essential to all boaters; if you are out on the ocean, it would be nice to know exactly where you are and how to get to your next stop/waypoint. Marine navigation systems have more to offer than just location. Check out this fantastic Garmin GPS & fishfinder combo  

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Garmin Fishfinder & GPS Combo

Not only will you be safer on the open waters with a clear idea of where you are going but you will know exactly how to guide your boat towards the fish and shore with the sync waypoints. The battery life of the device is also designed to last a good amount of time so that you don't get stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Getting solar chargers with an external power source or USB cable is a great idea for your device so that you will always be able to keep the battery life of your device charged and on with a sustainable energy source.

The GPS signals are also trackable so that if you ever need to be tracked after a serious incident your GPS device could be your lifesaver. It has the ability to create routes for your trip and an internet connection is not constantly a need as there will be times that you are without a signal. The device has great admin features and you will always be able to find all information where the files belong.


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 Why is a GPS important when going sailing?

A GPS is a must-have while sailing because it can give you certain information about your surroundings. For instance, a marine weather system might be out and if this happens then the boat will lack power or even worse sink at sea without knowing.

If someone does not have their own navigational aids they're relying solely on whatever local knowledge there may be which could lead them into danger from pirates as well as natural hazards like currents that change rapidly overnight due to tides etcetera. Some devices can even receive messages and a safety lock can be activated within the main menu.


When you are out on the water, your most valuable tool is your GPS. It's how you'll know where all of those pesky buoys are so that when you come within range they'll be easy to spot.

You can also use Google Earth for planning future trips and marking waypoints with meaningful names or landmarks in case any friends join you later down the line. Lastly, tracking your current location allows you to maintain awareness about what exactly you are doing at all times without having an ocean ahead, behind, beside myself trying simultaneously navigate through tricky seas.

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GPS Safety Tips

Using TOPO maps is a very good idea as the GPS signals allow you to share your location with your friends and family. It can be paired with your mobile devices using an app called The Free Earthmate. Your map settings are secured with a firewall so it is safe to use.

Wind and Weather

The wind and waves of the ocean combined with weather patterns form what is called barometric pressure. This affects how we feel as well as our bodies' ability to function properly, so it's important not only for those who live near water but also for everyone on earth. So be sure to check these things for your own safety as you go sailing. Using this application can help you with the data fields of these predictions. All the navigation features are just a plus.

Weather and barometric pressure can have a huge effect on one’s mood. When the weather is bad, people seem to be more irritable than usual which leads them into being angry or sad about what's going wrong in their lives rather than happy as opposed to when you're out enjoying a sunny day with blue sky above All this science jargon may sound confusing but there truly isn't anything else quite like experiencing those conditions for yourself.

Avoid getting lost at sea.

If you want to avoid getting lost at sea, it is important that your senses are tuned in and working properly. You need more than just what's on land or underwater too! One way of doing this would be with a buddy system where two people go out together - one person navigates while another watches over them from above as a guidepost if needed; however, this may not always work depending upon conditions so make sure both members know how each other will keep themselves safe

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Know-How To Read a Map.

Map reading can be difficult, but luckily there are several tricks that will help you read the map like a pro. Don't worry about getting all of these details right, they're just for practice purposes and shouldn't matter in an emergency situation where time matters most. Here's what I do, first off, always remember which way is upon your own personal compass otherwise known as direction north or magnetic east then locate any states located along this border by following their outlines until one edge connects with another or else find some other landmark.

Always follow the sailing safety tips.

Always remember that if you're out on the water, it's just as easy for things not to go according to plan. Here are some tips from Safe Sailor International about how best to ensure your safety when sailing:

Perform regular checks of equipment and rest assured knowing all boats were created equal- no matter their size or shape!. Check weather reports before setting sail; stay alert at all times especially during storms where strong winds can create waves higher than usual which could knock down even seasoned sailors like us into depths too deep without warning! Make sure everyone is appropriately dressed (including life jackets) know what actions need to be taken in case

Never go sailing in the fog.

The weather is unpredictable and navigating by the stars can be difficult. You may not see any other boats or landmarks for miles, which could lead to seasickness

AFOOT AND SOGGY: When there's zero visibility on the water it becomes even more crucial that you know how your boat handles these conditions before venturing out into treacherous seas! If possible stay close shore until things clear up-even if this means waiting days (or weeks) because foggy mornings aren't ideal either way; we'll let those clouds cover us while they roll away

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Know what to do when you get trapped in the fog.

You might think that getting caught in the fog would be an ominous omen for your voyage, but there are many precautions you can take before it becomes too late. The first step is to turn on all available lights and approach slowly from different angles so as not just give up out of fear or frustration! If this doesn't work then try yelling "Land Ho!" This should alert other boats nearby because they may have seen what happened last time someone said these words...

If you want to know more about a foggy ocean go read our 10 tips to sail smoothly in the fog blog.


Before you step onto the boat, make sure to gather all of your belongings. You never know what might happen! The last thing that anyone wants is for their trip on water not only to be ruined but also turn out really poorly too because they didn't pack enough supplies or weren’t prepared at all; these types of situations can lead people into panic mode pretty quickly which usually results in them doing things without thinking first- otherwise known as "putting themselves into harm's way". So before taking off with nothing more than some clothes and catching waves from whatever direction comes along next - take this advice Americans: invest now so tomorrow doesn't.


always have flares and bright lights aboard for if you get stuck at sea

A few valuable tips when it comes to safety on the high seas: always stay informed, know where your destination is in case of emergency (flares are key), keep up with local customs so as not to cause any problems; these can make all the difference between a life saved or lost!



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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

A good quality navigation system for the boat is a must have!


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