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Camping hacks.

Camping hacks.

on December 23, 2021

If you're a camper, the thought of going to sleep outside in a tent may be scary. But if you have these camping hacks, it'll make for a much more pleasant experience! These tips will help keep bugs away and keep your food fresh.

Camping is one of the most popular summer activities for families and friends, but it can get pretty hot out there! We've compiled some camping tips and tricks to make your next outing more enjoyable.

Camping can be an enjoyable activity for anyone, but it does require some preparation to make the experience more memorable. There are many different ways that people get creative when they go camping.

If you're a camper, you know that camping can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But it also comes with its fair share of challenges. To make your camping trip easier to manage, here are some hacks to help prepare you for the great outdoors!

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DIY flytrap.

Are you tired of files all over your food and in your tent while camping? Camping is an activity that everyone enjoys, but flies can turn this fun outing into a nightmare when they are all up in your face and food. You can create a fly trap by using some natural products that you might have on hand.

Save that cardboard roll left when you use all your paper towels, toilet paper, or even a cardboard egg carton. Soak the cardboard roll in some honey and hang it around your tent using bread tags or place them around your food. The sweet honey will attract all pests, and they will stick to roll, acting as a flytrap.

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Padding for your sleeping bag?

Pillows are an essential part of camping and can be used in many different ways. After a couple of days of camping or hiking, does your back start to ache from sleeping on the ground? Pack a couple of extra pillows to put in or under your sleeping bag for some added padding. This way, you have something soft to sleep on, and you avoid all the body pains that come with sleeping on the hard ground.

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DIY waterproof shoes.

Are you tired of slipping in rainy puddles and muddy socks? We all know one of the worst things is walking all day long with wet shoes on. There are many amazing waterproof shoes to choose from. If you ever find yourself on a camping trip or during a hike and rain starts to fall, prepare in advance for this hack.

Pack some heavy-duty garbage bags and a set of rubber bands. Pull the plastic bag over your feet above your socks and secure it with some rubber bands around your leg. If you are afraid of water still getting through, you can double bag by putting another trash bag over your feet under your socks. For some extra waterproof coverage, you can even rub candle wax all over your shoes, and this will make the water and mud roll-off.

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DIY camping toilet.

Are you forced to use nature itself as your toilet while camping when no restrooms are at your campsite? Try this disposable toilet hack. Make sure to have a bucket, plastic bag, and pool noodle on hand. Make a slit in your pool noodle and push it down on the rim of an open bucket. Put a plastic bag in your bucket like you would in your trash can. Your bucket with a layer of plastic can now act as a portable toilet with a soft pool noodle seat to sit on.

Once you are done with your homemade portable toilet, you can take the bag out and secure it tightly to avoid any leaking. Remember to be eco-friendly and dispose of the bags correctly.

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Prepare ingredients in advance.

Having prepped food with you on your adventure will make planning what you eat and cooking much more effortless. For example, eggs can be pre-scrambled, so they don't need stirring and cracking before cooking is done.

Veggies should already have been chopped, ready to cook and eat, and if not, a vegetable peeler is a great thing to have on hand while camping. You might also want the pancake mix ready if there isn't enough time for them to be made from scratch. Premix some of your favorite spices and use a mason jar to store spices. Remember to use some frozen silica gel packs to keep these prepared foods like scrambled eggs fresh in your cooler.


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Wash your camping clothes while camping.

Do you always get back home after camping with loads of dirty clothes? Pack your empty laundry detergent dispenser on your camping trip with a couple of extra water cans and a bucket. Aloe vera plant can be cut fine and put in your empty dispenser. Aloe vera acts as a natural cleaner and won't cause any harm to nature.

Mix some water with your aloe vera and apply some of your homemade soap to your dirty clothes. Rub the aloe vera mixture through the clothes for a couple of minutes and raise your washing in a bucket of clean water.

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DIY fire starters.

Make your own fire starters. This one ingredient firestarter is an easy and natural fire starter and makes for a sweet scent while burning. All you need are oranges, enjoy the juicy fruit and save the peel. Leave the peels out overnight so they can dry completely before burning them up to start your campfire!

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DIY water bottle.

Are you tired of losing water bottles or breaking them? Not only can you make as many water bottles as you need for free, but you are also recycling. Save all your milk carton caps and cut out the top of your milk carton so you can screw the lid back on. Collect as many of these as you might need and take them on your camping trip along with some plastic bags.

Put a plastic bag through the ring of your milk carton that you cut out and fold the sides over the cap. Fill your plastic bag with water, be sure to use a heavy-duty plastic bag. Screw the lid back on over the plastic and secure the cap tightly to avoid leaking.

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DIY air conditioner.

Are you tired of the extreme heat exhausting you while camping? What if I told you that you could build your own air conditioner on a budget. Purchase a mini solar chargeable fan and a styrofoam cooler. Cut two to three holes in the top front of your cooler and one on the lid big enough to stick the fan face down. Secure the fan with some tape.

Put some ice in your cooler and turn the fan on. Cold air will blow out the front holes and have your tent cooler within a couple of minutes.

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Why do we love camping so much? For many reasons? Whether you're going on an adventure with your family or want to get away from it all, there's nothing better than camping. But when we go outside of our everyday routine and spend time in nature, things can get hard. Hacks can help make sure that the experience goes smoothly.

Camping is a great way to get out of town and spend time with friends. But what if you don't have access or permission for an outside space? Well, there's always the campsite! These camping hacks can help make your experience more enjoyable, and some may even solve a couple of problems you could run into.

Camping is all about roughing it, but that doesn't mean you should be disqualified from enjoying your time in nature. Get a little more comfortable with these clever camping hacks for when the weather gets too hot or there are bugs galore!

The great outdoors is a beautiful place to get away from it all. But with so many things that can go wrong and ruin your perfect camping trip, you need some tricks up your sleeve of yours! These were some of our helpful hacks to ensure every aspect of your camping trip goes smoothly.

Bring enough water & snacks even if it's hot outside because people often forget how hungry and thirsty they might get while active and out in the sun all day. Don't camp too close to any streams because there could be snakes and dangerous spiders.


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