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Boating in the Bahamas

Boating in the Bahamas (A complete guide)

on December 05, 2020

Beautiful beach, fish swimming all around, many islands to visit! The Bahamas, here we come! Follow this guide and enjoy your boating trip!

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Boating in the Bahamas (a complete guide)

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About the Bahamas.

With around 2,400 islands scattered around the Bahamas, the closest ones are as little as a day's boat journey in the gulf stream of Florida's Atlantic ocean away. A gulf stream is a warm and swift drift of the Atlantic ocean together with its northern extensions.

The Bahamas are made up of the Out Islands, with the New Providence Island as an exception. Nassau, the capital and largest city, is located on New Providence Island. Freeport is located on Grand Bahama Island. Among the Out Islands, you will find the Eleuthera Islands and the Abaco Islands.

Interesting facts about the Bahamas

  1. Blue holes can be found all around and within these major islands, blue holes are openings to the surface caused by sinkholes or a large marine cavern, which develops in an island composed of a carbonate bedrock or in a bank.
  2. Have you heard of the devil's backbone? About 1.4 miles northeast of Spanish Wells, you will find a jagged-edge reef and shallow reef called the Devil's Backbone.


Fishing in the Bahamas out islands.

Are you in need of a great fishing experience? The multiple islands of the Bahamas might be the answer for you. There is a wide variety of fishing and Fishing Products to choose from.

Here are some examples.

Deep-sea fishing;

The Bahamas requires a trip into the deep waters of the Atlantic ocean to the Intercoastal Waterway far from the island. For it to be considered deep sea fishing, the water depth must be at least 30 meters.

Offshore fishing;

waters as deep as 50 to several hundred feet deep out into the ocean where you can't see land anymore, although, after 300 feet, it's considered deep sea fishing.

Reef fishing;

a very popular form of fishing as the reef attracts loads of fish; you will always get a good catch while reef fishing.

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Always be sure to have a fishing permit with you when you go fishing on any Bahamas island. If you are a big fan of fishing, some of the Bahamas island fishing tournaments should definitely be on your bucket list.

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Undoubtedly, there's no place as uniquely magnificent as the Bahamas with some of the clearest water and ethnic, Caribbean ambiance, no wonder anyone with a boat would like to cruise amidst the Atlantic beauty.

Know your way around

Ensure you have a good sense of direction and some essential skills up your sleeve to avoid getting lost. Use features on islands such as oddly shaped rocks, trees, and other unique landmarks to keep track of where you've been.

It would help if you learned to read the tidal currents by noticing which direction seagrass is swimming from and towards your boat and other tricks like the colors of the water. These skills are all useful for when boat gear malfunctions and you're left with no sight of an island and no GPS in a worst-case emergency scenario.

Equip yourself with a high-quality GPS chart plotter, preferably one with features such as radar and marine thermal camera. Marine GPS - Chartplotters

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Anticipate seeing incredible breathtaking wildlife

The Bahamas is a boiling pot of sea life and nature. One of the best sights is the armies of iguanas roaming the beach of Sandy Cay just waiting for you to feed them some bananas and meat, and hermit crabs too with their shell homes mounted on their backs. If you're into bird watching, you'll find some stunning winged beauties such as the Inagua flamingos or Abaco parrots.


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The real magic, though, is under the water. The Brain Coral lurks the most exotic fish such as moray eel, lobster, rock beauty, and giant spider crabs.

The carnivorous Starfish also thrives in the seagrasses and coral reefs and can be seen doing the most unbelievable of actions such as growing new limbs and feeding on oysters. Other wildlife such as Sharks, Bimini Dolphins, Spider Crabs, and Eleuthera Turtles also inhabit the crystal waters.

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You may ask, how do you get to experience these once-in-a-lifetime sightings? If you have a boat, equip your boat with an underwater camera, and capture the beautiful marine life, and dive into the secrets of the underwater wildlife, you'll never want to come back.


Be sure to have a cruising permit when sailing into the Bahamas; having a cruising permit makes your experience much easier en saves you lots of time. There is no need to make a formal entrance into each place or port for private, foreign-flagged vessels when you have a cruising permit.


Three easy steps can be taken to obtain your cruising permit.

1. When reaching your port immediately report to Border Patrol U.S. Customs.

2. Pay all your application fees within 48 hours and make a formal vessel entry Form 1300.

3. Request a cruising license from Border Patrol and Custom Port Director.

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Never leave the anchor behind!

It's extremely important to keep anchoring equipment on the boat at all times, even if you're not planning to stay at the spot overnight; it could be needed at any time, such as if the boat breaks down and requires maintenance. 

Unfortunately, anchoring is a very tough job out in the Bahamas. The ground will most likely be either hard or soft sand, and in some areas, it can be heavy grass, hard rock, or reef bottom. Do not anchor in coral.

It's essential to have an anchor that can do well in different bottom types when sailing the Bahamas, or keep two different types of anchors, though weight can be an issue. A chain rode is highly recommended as other materials can easily get cut by sharp rocks or debris. Anchors

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You'll need enhanced safety backups.

There is no U.S. Coast Guard like government-run search-and-rescue service in the Bahamas, so you'll need to stay extra prepared for emergencies. Investing in a GPS is a good way to stay connected to the rest of the world via satellite messaging to any email address or phone number, no matter where you are beyond cellular service. It also has GPS tracking features with a compass and SOS feature to alert search and rescue services, and it can connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. You can even use it as a standalone device as it has its own U.S. phone number.


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If you need a trip, set sail to the Bahamas and explore. Take a road trip to your nearest airport, start at your closest point and enjoy sightseeing of some amazing, unique fish and sea life, rent a boat or take your own boat, pack some fishing rods and enjoy the wonders that these islands hold.


With these great tips to have your back, you're bound to have a great time out in the Bahamas. Just be sure to follow our advice wisely and stock up on the very important gear you'll need. The Bahamas is just as wild of a place as it is beautiful, so safety is a must there to fully experience the best of the country's islands and waters without running into trouble.

So, don't miss out on seeing one of the world's clearest waters and vast, picturesque wildlife. And always remember to check the weather forecast before sailing out, as things can get rough out in the Atlantic Ocean!

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Something to explore.

Definitely explore this popular destination in the Bahamas with your boat soon, the Great Abaco island or, shall I say, islands.


In the northern Bahamas, east of southern Florida, there are a group of islands and barrier cays to explore along with;

-Chub Cay Chub Cay is the definition of an out-island oasis adventure.

-Staniel Cay, Located in The Great Exuma Cay, The Great Exuma Cay is a district of the Bahamas you'll find The Staniel Cay island, an island with less than 118 residents full-time.

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About the Grand Bahama Island.

Are you in need of a much-deserved vacation and some pretty pictures to post? Visiting The Grand Bahama island might be the perfect spot for you, and you will be able to capture hours of fun to post all over your social media.


You can spend quality time with friends and family, learning to surf, spending the day at the beach, or go diving; there are many types of diving to choose from like, scuba diving, backward diving, deep-sea diving, and many more.

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The nearest coast towards the Bahamas is the Florida beach; it's only a 45-minute boat ride away; tourists love to spend the beginning day of their vacation in the warm sun of Florida beach.

After spending the day at Florida beach filled with a swim in the waves, snorkeling at the beach, or snorkeling at the reef, tourists head back to the harbour to heading towards some of the island's most famous resorts.

There are many luxury and exotic resorts to chooses from. If you have your own boat or renting one, there is a safe harbour at all of the islands; when reaching the harbour, anchor and tie your boat to one of the poles and anchor your boat at the harbour.

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When visiting these exotic destinations, expect unforgettable memories. The Bahamas is one of the best-known destinations to visit. If you think of going to the Bahamas you think expensive and outrages budgets but this does not have to be the case. You can actually go on great vacations in the Bahamas with low-budget costs.

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Every Bahamas beach is something extraordinary, the water is so clear it almost seems as if you are walking on glass. There are great places to eat among the beach and you can lay out in the sun on the sand all day and get your summer glow.

Always remember sunscreen; the Bahama islands can become extremely hot in the summertime. The heat can even cause blisters in some cases. Do some research on marinas around.

All Bahama marinas will welcome you with open arms, there are many marina clubs and events that are once in a lifetime opportunities so you should not pass up on the experience.

Some amazing things the Bahamas is known for.

Did you know you can go swimming with pigs? Yes, pigs! In the Big Major Cay Island, the island most known for its interesting pirate history, You can have this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The island is a boat ride away and is also known as pig island.

All the islands in the Bahamas has beautiful turquoise water and snow white sand. The Bahamas has been called "The most beautiful place from space." Have you ever gone beach hopping? The Bahamas is a great opportunity to do so.

The Bahamas is known as the playground for the super-rich; they can even buy some of their own islands. Most vacations of the wealthy are held in the Bahamas.

Did you know that one of Christopher Columbus first islands were the Bahamas, where he and his crew made landfall.

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