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Boating in florida

Boating in Florida

on December 01, 2020

Florida's west coast, Tampa Bay, palm beach, Florida keys the Boating paradise! Popular for offshore fishing, and a fun vacation for the whole family, truly a boater's paradise.

Florida waters


What's not to love about Florida? The sun, beautiful beaches, and calm waters are just some of the reasons people come here seeking adventure. If you have your own boat in mind for when summer finally arrives then be sure to take advantage because there are so many places that offer scenic views as well.

As a vessel operator always be sure to sail at your own pace and avoid being part of a reckless operation. Taking a boating education course or approved safe boating course and obtaining a Florida-approved boater education will be in your favor of the state and federal law to travel and sail with more freedom.

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Without any doubt, Florida, being the boating capital of the world, is the best place to take your boat out. There are some minimum requirements needed for your own boating safety in Florida on any Class A recreational boat that is under 16 feet, so make sure you’re well prepared, and we’ll guide you towards the best way to get ready for the time of your life. With any criminal boating violation, the federal and state law won't allow you to sail the gulf coast even with a boater safety course certificate or boating education id card.

And we’ll give you some great pointers towards some great destinations to chart too with amazing Florida fish and wildlife to experience.

Florida Fish and wildlife are some of the most beautiful and exotic experiences you will ever have. Some of the Florida fish and wildlife can't be found in any other place of the world like Green Sea Turtles so due to the rare Florida fish and wildlife, you definitely want to go and see as much as you can.

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Life jacket.

The first requirement is a coast guard-approved type I, II, or III life jacket for every passenger on board. Make the right choice when purchasing life jackets, there are even some available which automatically inflate in water or when the handle is pulled, has reflective material for added safety, and looks terrific whilst having your back too.  

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Personal flotation device.

If you’d like to go for a cheaper option, try out the Type II Kent Adult Type II Life Jacket which is excellent for non-swimmers and turns most unconscious wearers head side up with minimum buoyancy; the price is extremely affordable too.

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Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.

The next requirement is a fire extinguisher, which should be present on board. You can better judge which size and type are appropriate for your boat and equip yourself accordingly. If you’d like to also have a smoke alarm system onboard, the Xintex SS-775 Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm - 9V Battery Powered [SS-775] is the right choice for any vessel.


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Boat Lighting.

Next, make sure you have a good boat lighting system to keep you well-lit and visually enhanced. A good set of deck lights is the RIGID Industries A-Series 6 Boat Deck Light Kit - Red [400873].

Distress signal

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Visual distress signal.

It’s vital and a requirement to also have a visual distress signal when you’re on the high sea and coastal waters. The ACR Firefly PRO Waterbug LED Strobe [3971.4] is a SOLAS-approved light used to alert Search and Rescue of your location.

It automatically activates the ultra-bright strobe when submerged in water so you can be sure you’re safe; the light is visible from more than 3 miles away.

You can attach it to your life jacket, and the light can stay active for more time than any other competitors’, so know you’re buying the best possible equipment hands down.

Along with a visual distress signal, you also need to keep a sound-producing device such as a horn, whistle, or bell.

More requirements are, backfire flame control and, lastly, a proper ventilation system. For more information on safety equipment, visit our blog: Safety equipment in case of emergencies

Now that you’ve covered the basics, you’re ready to sail on. Crystal River has an excellent family-friendly environment where you can spend the day fishing or break at the three revitalizing freshwater springs. If you’d instead go on your own for some serious relaxation, Stuart, which is known as the sailfish capital of the world, is an incredible place for finding the biggest snook in Florida and then unwinding at the Stuart Sandbar.

Destin is another honorable mention said to have emerald-like water and pristine beaches. The world-renowned sandbar makes it a top destination, and the other boat-friendly diners are absolutely out of this world too. If you’d like to go for a more fun outing, visit the St. John’s river. They host game-day boating activities and water sports for professional and college events, and the many country towns are enjoyable to discover too. You’ll have a great time being active and exploring the areas here.

Lastly, Tampa Bay will offer you a great mix of all activities, whether it be secluded, relaxing at Beer Can Island, Caladesi, Island Passage key, and more, or dressing up as a pirate to conquer the Tampa waters on your boat alongside hundreds more during the annual Gasparilla Weekend!

Now you’re all set to fully enjoy your time boating in Florida, and you can be sure that you won’t run into any trouble with failing to keep up with safety requirements. So go on and explore the beautiful places we’ve listed and you won’t be disappointed at all; take our word for it!

The person operating the vessel has many responsibilities.

A chemical test should be performed regularly to ensure a suitable environment. If a physical or chemical test is performed and the vessel operator fails due to alcohol intake their license can be suspended.

Checking for light green marks in the chart as can indicate manatees and green sea turtles to go and experience this wildlife.

Always keep your photo identification card with you. Avoid hunting or killing any mammal, manatees as it can result in a huge fine. Do not destroy any plants such as seagrasses as it is the principal food of the above animals.

Things to do when sailing in Florida.

Dock your boat at the shore of any of the islands. There is so much to explore on these islands and there are so many adventures to go on. After you explore the city you can go diving and swim in this paradise ocean. It is the perfect spot for snorkeling.

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