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8 Must-Have Tools for Boat Owners

8 Must-Have Tools for Boat Owners

on November 25, 2021

8 Must-Have Tools for Boat Owners


If you have just bought a boat, it is only natural that you might not know everything about the equipment that one such purchase necessitates. Now, of course, it is impossible to cover every bit you might have use of on a boat. However, it is very much possible to cover the essentials that you need to own. If you do not have some of these, you could put yourself and any visitors at risk. Or you might considerably increase your chances of getting stranded on the water if something goes wrong! And there is nothing worse than the feeling of helplessness when you realize you can do absolutely nothing for your boat in such a situation. To help you avoid such a scenario, we have prepared a list of 8 must-have tools for boat owners.

A set of wrenches and screwdrivers

You most probably do not want to try doing any serious repairs on the water, especially if you are a fresh boat owner who is still inexperienced. However, this does not diminish the usefulness of having a good set of basic wrenches and screwdrivers. There are a whole host of things you can use them for. Tightening bolts and screws, opening compartments you need to inspect before setting off, performing routine maintenance, etc. So, even if you have no professional training, prior experience, or much knowledge, such a set is still one of our 8 must-have tools for boat owners.

A fire extinguisher

Sounds like an odd thing to have on a boat, doesn’t it? After all, you would be surrounded by water on all sides anyway. However, consider this - boats, particularly the new types, have delicate electrical equipment. If something gets damaged, sparks start flying, and something catches fire. You can’t just jump out of your boat and hope things work out, can you? And even if this is not your concern, a boat is a lot trickier to navigate than stable ground is. This means that even something as innocent as candles for a romantic picnic can end in disaster. And, if you do not have the proper equipment, you would, once more, be left with no choice but to watch your belongings go up in flames. And you would end up stranded, too.


Fire extinguisher


Flares and/or flare gun

There are well-cataloged health benefits of sailing and the outdoors. But our previous entries should have proven to you that there are some hazards to your health and safety as well. And one of the worst ones is getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no idea when help might be coming or when you would be noticed. Thankfully, one of our must-have tools for boat owners can help with this! Flares, or a flare gun, serve only one purpose - making it easy for rescuers to locate you. So, if you do not like the idea of leaving such an eventuality to chance, grab some and stash them in a dry spot on your boat!

Jumper cables

Generator batteries can fail on you. That’s just the reality of the matter, and there’s no way to help it. What you can do is be prepared for the eventuality! Jumper cables are not expensive. And yet, they can bail you out of a situation where you might have eventually gotten stranded with no other way to fix things. You can use any backup generators or whatever other option you might have to jumpstart your main one. Or recharge the backups if you are worried you would need them. All without ever having to go back on land!

Jumper cables


A water-proof flashlight

Never, ever discard the importance of a quality flashlight! It is always hard to keep in mind, at least at first, but you can’t count on all the advantages and conveniences you would have enjoyed in your home while on a boat. Unless you are binging along spares (and you should), a broken bulb cannot be fixed by a quick jaunt to the nearest store. And you only realize how dark night can get when you are not surrounded by streetlights and the comforting sounds of bustle in the background. If you get stranded, you will likely be without power on your boat, too, which would mean no light. In all these scenarios, a flashlight will be your best and most reassuring friend.

A pair of scissors

Ah, scissors. You never know how useful they are until you need them and don’t have them. They are, incidentally, also one of the items you tend not to think of yet need living on a small boat! The versatility and usefulness of scissors put them at the forefront of most tools. They can be used for a lot of things they were not even intended for! And, best of all, they are small and do not take up much space.

A tow line

If you need to transport your boat, you can ensure your boat is transferred with ease by hiring professionals. However, if you are stranded in the middle of enjoying your time with friends, that might not be an option. Or you might be unwilling to wait long enough for professionals to reach you. And yet, if you are there with someone else who has taken out their boat, you have a ready solution! If you own a tow line, that is. So make sure to include it in your kit!

Rope and zip ties

We’ve mentioned it before, but ships tend to be wobbly and can be hard to get used to. However, what this means in practical terms is that you want to have your items secured. One part of learning how to care for your boat is figuring out how to get everything tied down. And rope and zip ties will help with this task!

Final advice

You now know about the 8 must-have tools for boat owners and why they are essential, which is a great start! Just remember that, no matter what, when you are on a boat, your safety is the most important thing. If you keep that in mind and bring along your emergency kit, you will be just fine.

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