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7 Things Your Kids Must Know

7 Things Your Kids Must Know Before You Take Them for Boating

on August 22, 2021

Boating with your kids, family fun, and entertainment!

boating with kids



The boating season is finally here!

boating with kids, wearing life jacket aboard vessel

It is that time of year, it is finally time to get ready for your trip with the family. You are planning on taking the whole family on a boat trip. Everyone is very excited! But before the teens head off to go pack and the young ones start asking all sorts of questions, the adults should make sure everyone knows basic boating safety;

While on a relaxing vacation, no one wants to think of anything thing going wrong. This can cause fewer people to be prepared for an emergency.

In our opinion, passengers of all ages should know these basic safety rules before lifting the anchor and heading on to water:

1.  Life jackets

Just like children are taught seatbelts must be worn while driving, because they keep us safe, life jackets keep us safe while we are cruising on the water. This should be one of the rules on family boats.

Make sure your kids know the importance of life jackets and make sure they secure those life jackets before the children climb aboard the vessel.

It is essential for the life jacket to fit the body of the child who has to wear it. They should fit like a nice dinner shirt, not too big and not too small.

Make sure the whole family tries on their life jackets before leaving for your trip, just in case someone outgrew their life jacket.

We recommend taking a look at these Life Jackets from Marine Supplies US website.

Kids do not like wearing life jackets, they feel restricted. But parents need to explain to their kids that if something happens and they go overboard the life jacket will keep them floating and probably save their life.

Kids should be taught to call for help if something is wrong or in case of an emergency.

Adults should always watch the kids and make sure they wear their boat gear.

boating with kids safety course, fishing

2.  Swimming lessons

While wearing a life jacket will keep you safe, kids should be taught to swim from a young age, especially if their parents are boaters. Swimming is one of many key skills to have.

Keep in mind that all passengers, no matter what age, should know how to swim before climbing aboard a boat.

Knowing how to swim can save your toddlers, young children, and teens' life. Also, let your kids practice swimming while they call for help.

Children are also taught safety rules at swim class. Adults should watch toddlers and other kids while the kids are in the water.

 kids practice swimming, behind anchor,

3.  Sun protection

A key practice to teach kids, is to apply sunscreen and to wear a hat, this should actually be a part of the family boating rules. Out on the water, it gets very hot on the boat, and there is no place to hide from the sun and scorching weather offshore.

Make sure kids understand that when they get wet from swimming, sunscreen washes off. Teaching them to apply sunscreen from a young age will ensure their skin safety.

People of all ages should apply sunscreen regularly and cover their heads with a hat.

kids boating safety tips

Children should apply sunscreen from head to toe even putting some behind their ears and necks.

Adults should be sure to pack extra sunscreen on the boat before going aboard and cruising out on the water. Adults should also be sure to watch the kids and make sure they are applying their sun protection.

4. A change of clothes

While the children are playing and having fun, their dry clothes are bound to get wet offshore. Or they might fall overboard and these dry resources will be needed while boating with kids.

When your children are still toddlers, you should pack for them. A great way to teach them to do it themselves is to show them. Use this to create bonding time where you and your kids can have fun bonding while learning.

kids going boating, get cold on boat

One of the unwritten rules of boating is to check the weather and always keep in mind to pack a jacket, in case it gets cold out on the boat.

We recommend taking a look at these floating, reflective jackets available at Marine Supplies US website.

5.  Preventing seasickness on the boat

Calm waters are not always guaranteed when lifting the anchor and heading out onto the water.

Another one of the tips I have is taking sea sickness prevention aboard your boats. Bumpy water can be lots of fun for kids but the fun is all over when one of the children gets seasick.

Don't keep your kids from having fun by not being prepared on the boat. Make sure children know to call for help when they are not feeling well while on the boat.


6.  First aid kits

You can not go boating and have kids on the boats without a first aid kit. Kids are always getting hurt. If they get hurt, another of our great tips is to pack a first aid kit.

When owning boats this should be a rule when out on the water for safety, especially if you have kids.

This marine website has plenty of resources you can keep on your boats while cruising Marine Supplies US.

create first aid features  while docking

7. Practice fishing with your kids

Fishing is always fun for kids while on a boat on the water.

Planning on fishing with your kids gives you a chance to explain the safety procedures and rules to them. Fishing is another one of the great skills to teach a child.

While on the water the kids can have a safe place to develop these skills and always point out how good they are getting.

Teach your kid's boat safety while on the water.

kids fishing safe on boats water

We hope you follow these boating safety tips while on the boat with your kids.

If you plan on heading out on one of your boats, visit the website Marine Supplies Us.

Get access to the best-quality boat products on this website at the most reasonable prices near you!

Happy boating and keep the little ones safe on deck!

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