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5 Best sailing destinations and best seasons to sail

on September 13, 2021

Ready set sail! Plan your sailing journey with the best sailing destinations and seasons!sailing destination with marine supply store



Sailing destinations and seasons.


sailing destinations around the world


year round sailing destinations

Thailand is a beautiful place and one of the best sailing destinations for many holiday goers from around the world. Surrounded by mountains, hills, and beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, the scenery is absolutely stunning!

The meaning of Thailand is “Land of the free”. Decorated by the beauty of nature every person visiting will experience the feeling of being free.

It is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It has a tropical climate, meaning it is generally very hot! The average seasonal temperature here varies between 23.0 °C and 32.2 °C.

With over 300 islands, this should definitely be one of your sailing destinations. Explore hundreds of secluded beaches while island hopping. Enjoy great weather combined with beautiful scenery, swimming in the ocean, and connecting with nature and marine life.

Besides relaxing and enjoying every moment, there are a lot of fun things to do while here. Rock climbing in Railay, kayaking in Krabi, Snorkeling.

Hop in a tuk-tuk and go visit the elephant sanctuary. Here are many extraordinary waterfalls, these waterfalls can be seen by taking a hiking trail to them.

best time to sail year round

Sailing Seasons.

This is an all-year-round sailing destination. She has two main seasons; wet season, also referred to as North East Monsoon & dry season also referred to as South West Monsoon. A Monsoon is a seasonal wind.

North-East Monsoon (Dry Season) 

The dry season is during the winter months from November to April. With stable winds and temperatures of 30 °C.

The dry season is ideal for sailing with dry and sunny weather.

South West Monsoon (Wet Season) 

The wet season is during the summer months from May to October; during this season, the winds pick up making sailing easier and more accelerating. During these months one can expect some rainy days.

The weather is ideal for sailing, both during the wet season and during the dry season.

The most popular islands to visit.

With over 300 islands, visiting all of them is nearly impossible. Here are some of the best islands to visit:

  • Koh Yao twin islands; Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi
  • Koh Samui
  • Koh Pha Ngan
  • Phuket
  • Koh Lanta
  • Koh Phi Phi


Greece, the Greek Islands

sailing destinations

Located in southeast Europe, Greece has the longest coastline in Europe. The mainland is decorated with mountains, forests and lakes. The country is well known for its thousands of islands. These islands make it perfect for sailing and exploring.

While having a relaxing sailing trip, you can enjoy swimming, diving and snorkeling, and some fun in the sun. Gaze upon beautiful sunsets while mountain. Greece is definitely the place for romance, fun, and relaxation for many people from around the world.

Sailing Seasons in Greece.

The sailing season starts in mid-April and ends around late September. If the weather allows it, the sailing season can sometimes continue until October. 

Spring Sailing

During the months of March, April and May it is the peak season to explore the Greek islands while sailing. Nature lovers will most definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery of flowers, green hillsides. You can take in and enjoy spring in all its beauty while you sail from island to island. Springtime is the best time to sail in Greece.

This time of year, sailors can expect smooth sailing conditions with calmer seas with fine, dry weather with temperatures ranging around 20-30 °C.

Greece is also less crowded during the springtime, making it the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Summer Sailing

From around mid-June until mid-August the weather is very hot. This time of year the winds in the Aegean are very very strong, thus sailing for inexperienced, first-time sailors is not recommended.

The beaches are full of life during the day with people soaking up the sun and after a nice day on the beach, the nightlife parties are on the rise. 

year round sailing destinations

Autumn Sailing – September and November

Autumn is another great time to sail in Greece. Enjoy the months of September and November while avoiding the crowds and enjoying a relaxing holiday with hot weather, but not too hot that you will overheat.

Enjoy swimming and snorkeling while the sea temperatures range from 22°C-24°C. Expect some rainy days during the month of November, but that won't hold up any of the exploring you can do!

8 of the best islands to visit while you sail through Greece:

  • Santorini
  • Amorgos
  • Sifnos
  • Symi
  • Kos & Nisyros
  • Patmos
  • Hydra
  • Tinos & Andros


The French Riviera

The French Riviera is the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France. With beautiful beaches, clear blue skies, picture-perfect water landscapes, and palm trees all around you; this is just absolutely the best and most beautiful place to sail through.

The French Riviera offers many events throughout the year, that bring people from around the world together. The best time for the best sailing is during the summer and spring seasons.

French Riviera, best Mediterranean destination

Seasons for sailing

Summer Season

From June until August the beaches are packed with locals and tourists from around the world, this time of year is peak season. During this time of year, the temperatures are at their highest with light winds, making it ideal weather to sail in.

The summer season is the best time to visit the French Riviera, high temperatures make swimming all the more fun!  

Spring Season

From March until about June, the ocean is still pretty cold and isn't ideal for swimming. However, the weather is still warm and quite enjoyable. During this time rain is very scarce but luckily sunshine is still available.

Fall Season

From September up until November, fall season, it is not the best sailing conditions. The weather is still nice and warm, but sailors should expect storms and many rainy days. 

Winter Season

The Winter season, is from December until February, this is not the best time to go. The weather is not so warm. Making it less ideal weather to sail in.

sail to the best Mediterranean destination in the world

Some of the best islands to visit while sailing through the French Riviera

  • Ile Saint-Honorat
  • Iles de Lerins
  • Ile des Embiez
  • Île Sainte-Marguerite
  • Ile de Bendor


New Zealand Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is on the North-Eastern coast of New Zealand, with white sand beaches and amazing marine life, like dolphins, whales, and seals. The Bay of Islands is one of the best sailing destinations in New Zealand.

New Zealand is definitely one of many sailing destinations that gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as fishing, kayaking, diving, and hiking, and of course, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

best seasons to sail with winds

Summer season

The summer season is from December until February. This time of year it is pleasantly hot and the most popular time to visit. Average temperatures vary from 24.8°C to 26.4°C. Enjoy perfect sunshine with a pleasant wind. Perfect for a nice sail and exploring.


From March until May it is Autumn season with cooler weather than summer; the average temperature varies from a high of 21°C to a low of 11°C. Not the best time for sailors.

Winter Season

Winter season, from June to August is perfect for exploring; just make sure you are dressed for the occasion, with average temperatures of 16°C to a low of 7°C. The Winter season is a popular time to swim with the dolphins.

Spring Season

From September until November it is Springtime and it is a magical season, with flowers blooming filling the earth with beautiful colors, this makes it the best time to go.

The average temperature varies from a high of 19°C to a low of 9°C, and you can expect rain during this season.

The best time for sailing in New Zealand, The Bay of Islands is in November and April; weather conditions can change, so sailors are sure to check the weathercast prior to your trip. 

Popular places to visit

  • Paihia
  • Motuarohia Island 
  • Waipao Bay on Moturua Island
  • Urupukapuka Island
  • Otehei Bay

best time to sail

One of the popular destinations is  Cape Brett hiking track, sail northeast to Deep Water Cove. 

Zanzibar; Tanzania

Zanzibar is a dream beach destination, where you will have lots of travel inspiration. A tropical paradise is known for beautiful scenery and pleasantly warm weather and the best tropical waters. Activities include snorkeling, Big Game fishing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, (check out some of our kayaks out here) kite surfing, beach walks, cultural visits.

Sailing Conditions are good with mild to moderate winds. The sailing season begins in Mid-June and ends at the end of March, early June, and mid to end of December; and April and May are not recommended for sailing as you can expect heavy rainfall. 


The Wet Season (March to May) and (November to the First week of December)

Expect plenty of rains, you can still enjoy your vacation time, with temperatures around 29°C you can still go scuba diving off the coast of the island and explore coral reefs up close and connect with nature while swimming with the marine life. 

Winds are moderate, making it the perfect wind to sail in.

The Dry Season (July and September) (December and February)

Zanzibar has two dry seasons; July and September with temperatures around 26°C; most days are pleasantly warm, and the Second dry season between December and February is known as the Holiday season and is considered to be the summer season with temperatures at 29°C, you can enjoy both dry seasons the second dry season is more crowded the first dry season.



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