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4 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Boating Vacation

4 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Boating Vacation

on October 24, 2021

4 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Boating Vacation

Eco friendly boating
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Pre-pandemic, the global transportation sector contributed over a quarter of the total carbon emissions globally. Boats and ships, in particular, contribute over 40.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. However, after seeing how fish returned to Venetian canals and other outstanding natural sights when leisure travel decreased last year, people re-evaluated their travel habits amidst a global health crisis.

Consequently, more travel organizations are investing in eco-friendly products and services, as they plan to perpetuate sustainability beyond the pandemic. There is even a growing need for professionals in the field, with sustainability-related careers like urban/regional planning growing 5% above other jobs. The demand is being resolved by sustainability degree programs that produce experts with foundational interdisciplinary knowledge about the environmental, social, and health-related issues surrounding sustainability. Most of these professionals specialize in conservation and ecology, which qualifies them to work for the tourism sector — including sea travel — and develop concrete plans for sustainable practices in the field.

However, travel organizations can only do so much in the fight to preserve our waters. So as a tourist, you need to play your part as well. And if you are aiming to be a sustainable traveler, here are four tips on planning your next eco-friendly vacation by boat.

Choose a much “greener” method of travel

Instead of traveling by gasoline- or diesel-powered boats, it’s worth considering choosing a tour package that offers a greener method of transport, such as sailboats and electric boats. These boats use renewable energy, so they are emission-free, meaning no harmful substances are released into the environment. They also contribute less noise, and air pollution.

One of the best eco-friendly options is the Kalmar Nyckel, for example, which is also called the Tall Ship of Delaware. It’s a replica of a Swedish sail ship, and the trips last 2.5-hours each day, traveling from the historic New Castle and making appearances on the Wilmington Riverfront.

Dispose of your waste properly

Another way of making sure your boating trip is sustainable is by ensuring that your waste is disposed of properly. While there are cruise companies, such as Sand Dollar, that handle clean-up and trash removal aboard their boats, you should still be responsible for bringing a trash bag. This way, you can guarantee you don’t disturb the water's ecosystem. If possible, avoid single-use paper and plastic items as well and identify recycling centers close to your destination, so you know where to dispose of all your recyclable items.

Moreover, most boats have installed bathrooms in them, so check how boating companies empty their waste. You need to look for the ones that have a holding tank, which holds the sewage until it is time to drain it, or companies that treat the sewage on board before it is safely released into the water.

Clean your boat with eco-friendly products

Lastly, before leaving, make sure that the engine is checked, there isn’t any fuel leaking or cracks in any of the tanks. Another thing you can do is make sure you only use natural products, such as vinegar and baking soda to scrub your boat. These products can also remove any fishy smells from your boat once you are done fishing. Of course, there are also sustainable cleaning products available on the market, such as green boat wash gels and Green Shield's all-purpose degreasers. Although a bit pricey, they will be more effective in getting that grime off your vessel.

Sustainable travel, whether on a boat or other vessels, is a lifestyle and not just a trend. Be mindful of your every action on board and how it affects the nearby wildlife and surrounding ecosystem.

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